Running in “Da Hood”, Becoming Fashion/Yoga Expert & Free Lululemon Gear!!!

I’ve been cray cray bizzay. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Chicago Marathon training has kicked in and I’m pretty excited about it. For this, I’m going to continue to do my long runs whenever I can with WRRC. Solid folks.


Last week’s subtle group.

It’s summer now, and that means they do a lil’ thang called “Run My Hood”. Basically, each week we meet at the house of a different runner and run their favorite neighborhood course. It’s pretty cool. I’ve often thought on my own neighborhood runs how I’d like to show other people “my route”.

Anyway, the best part of the run is the after-run. Hey hey, pool part-ay today-hey!






Fresh.  BTW, Snapchat – @piratebobcat – hit me up, fool!

As always, I like to incorporate cross training into my…well, uh, training. The trails are all flooded in North Texas, so that’s a no-go. But it can’t rain in yoga class (well, except maybe rain sweat).

My elf friend and I finally mastered "Partner Chair Pose".

My elf friend and I finally mastered “Partner Chair Pose”.

And I gots to give a big shout out to Lululemon. At yoga practice the other day, the employees called me up to the front. They said they wanted to thank me for being a regular yogi, “Go pick out any yoga mat…it’s yours!” I was so surprised and honored…and PUMPED!

The mat my foot finally chose.

The mat my foot finally chose.

It was so cool of them to do that. And I gotta say, this mat is like night and day compared to my old one…or is it like day and night, IDK. What I do know is the quality of this mat is top notch. No slipping when I sweat, good padding, solid construction – just incredible.

And bonus, my looooooong time friend (you can see her in a couple group run pics above) has been at these yoga seshes because the studio she goes to and teaches at is putting on the classes!

Meet Virginia. She never compromises. Loves babies and surprises. Wears high heels when she exercises. Ain't it beautiful?

Meet Virginia. She never compromises. Loves babies and surprises. Wears high heels when she exercises. Ain’t it beautiful?

Other than that it’s been sweaty doggy walks. And seeing as I’m an fashion expert, I made a quick tutorial on how to look good as you walk the hound.

Of course there’s lots of other stuff goings on, but I’ll save it for the next post…I don’t want to tire your pretty little heads too much today. Have a great weekend, hombres y mujeres!

How bout you? Ever get to run someone else’s “hood”? Ever been rewarded by a business you regular (other than the corner pub)? Ever Meet Virginia?


PS – Best of luck to everyone running Grandma Marathon this weekend! I have a few Dallas friends there – Look for them – They’ll probably be in tops with “WRRC” on the front and “Run Free” on the back. Slap em on the backside for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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24 thoughts on “Running in “Da Hood”, Becoming Fashion/Yoga Expert & Free Lululemon Gear!!!

  1. Melissa

    I love the Run My Hood idea! We’ve sort of done that, except it was Run Coach’s Hood. He has a pool, though, so it didn’t suck. 😉

  2. Mat looks great, but feet gross me out, so that pic was horrifying. Love the ‘hood idea!

  3. Run My Hood is a great idea! Stealing this!

  4. Love your way of living over there! And your fashion sense! Them vibrams? They look wierd but I kind of what to try some….

    • We try to have fun! Haha, yes, the vibrams do creep some people out, but I just wear them on my doggy walks. Pfft, I don’t care who sees!

  5. Love your vibrams. I wear a pair when I paddleboard. Makes me feel cool. I had my friends run in my neck of the woods once. I liked it, I don’t think they did as it was quite hilly and full of bears. Wait, every neighbourhood is full of bears up here.

    • Ha, good for you! Most of my friends hate when I wear them. Hahaha, well I’d love to run your hood someday – is there a time of year when the bears are hibernating but it’s still warm outside?

      • Would you believe there is? Sometimes in the middle of winter we get Chinooks and it warms up to 0 or even +10C?! That probably still isn’t warm by Texas standards though.

  6. You seriously have some awesome group runs!

  7. Your foot is way to pretty – you’re obviously not running enough!

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  9. Trading off neighborhoods is a great idea for running groups. I have a beautiful running route to show off 🙂 And nice score on the yoga mat! I need a new one badly.

    • Agreed! It’s so nice to have a change of scenery and to get to know where our run buds always run at. I know you have a nice one to show off! And yeah, the yoga mat is a huuuuuuuuge step up from my old one!

  10. Those Lulu Mats are the best.

  11. Running from different people’s houses is a way cool idea!!!!

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