My Big Secret Revealed & a Gift for YOU!

I’m sorry I left you hanging in my last post. I had to take several days to align my ducks (by height) (which FYI, didn’t work out so well as they don’t like being crittersized).

But I digest.

So here’s what I was holding back from y’all: I’m running the Chicago Marathon for charity in October!!!

Do what the words say.

Do what the words say.

Yes, I’m raising funds to help end Alzheimer’s. Why did I pick this charity? Well, my grandfather passed away a few years ago from this disease.

The gramps and baby me.

The gramps and baby me.

If you don’t know, Chicago has a lottery system now for registering. But, since I decided to go the charity route, I get a guaranteed entry. But up now I have to raise at least $1000.

My grandparents a few years ago.

My grandparents a few years ago.

So here’s me asking you to donate. You can do so by GOING TO THIS PAGE.

But wait, there’s more!

When you do donate, I will make a personalized Instagram photo or Vine video for you! Just click on those two links to see what you might be getting!

This is one example of my Instagram pics.

This is one example of my Instagram pics.

I also made a super hi-tech short video where I explain all this:

So to sum up:

1. I’m running the Chicago Marathon for charity.

2. If you donate, you get a personalized Instagram photo or Vine video.

3. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Again, you can DONATE HERE.

Thanks so much in advance!


P.S. – If you want to remain anonymous, that’s cool too.

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37 thoughts on “My Big Secret Revealed & a Gift for YOU!

  1. Awesome!!! Chicago was my first marathon!

  2. As soon as I get to a computer, I’m donating dude! I would really like an Instagram reenactment of one of my photos with Kobi.

  3. What a great race and a wonderful charity. Charity running can be a truly wonderful experience. Congrats!

    • It’s my first time going the charity route, but so far I’m having fun with it. Just hard to come up with the IG pics for everyone. Haha!

  4. Ahhhhh!!!! I’m going to finally meet youuuuuu!!!!! (and yeah, I’m def donating!)

    • Yessssssssss! I had seen your comment on my earlier post and was so excited! I was jealous of the other blogger friends that got to meet you, but now it’s our turn! And thanks for donating!! I’ll get working on your reward!

  5. I’m in, you clever fundraiser! 🙂

    • Yaya yaya! Thank you! I’ll have fun coming up with an IG pic for you!

      • I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT. Besides. I think we are on to something with Adult Coloring. We need to make that happen…. Oh and I might be stealing your idea (with full props of course) for my PMC fundraising. Such a fun idea. GOOD LUCK SCOTT!!!

      • Oh wow, now the pressure is on! And I’m with you on Adult Coloring – tho that sounds a bit naughty 😉 And yes, steal away! Let me know when you have it up and running!

  6. CHICAGO! I loved that race. I ran it in October!! You are going to have so much FUN! Good decision, congrats!

  7. Awesome! Such a great cause – good for you!

  8. charissarunning

    Woohoo!! I’ve heard so many good things about Chicago. It’s a speedy race 🙂 It’s awesome that you’re running for charity too. That’s something I’ve yet to do, but I will one day – maybe when I want to run NYC again 🙂 Happy training!!!

    • Everyone says it’s ‘pancake flat’. And the course is supposed to be really good too! This is my first time running for charity, but so far, so good! Feels good to give back! You should totally do it for NYC!
      Thank you!!!

  9. Congrats! And what a great charity. I’ve so many good things about the Chicago marathon – I’m sure you will have a blast.

  10. That is AWESOME and you are so freaking clever!!

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  12. This is great! I’m fundraising for a race right now too. No minimum amount required, but my goal is $1000. Raising money for a charity race is SO rewarding. And I love your incentives. Next paycheck = donation time!

    • Yes!!! Thanks so much!!! I think this Friday is payday here – I’ll donate to you too!! You rock! And yes, it is very rewarding to do this!

  13. That’s awesome you’re running Chicago for charity.
    And I love your creativity for when people donate 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I wanted to give an incentive for people to donate – it was kind of scary signing up because whatever money I don’t raise has to come out of my pocket!!! Luckily I’m almost there!

  14. Great charity! I’m envious… I thought about entering the Chicago lottery but decided to marathon closer to home. One day…

    Good luck with the fundraising. Looks like your almost already there 🙂

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