Bikini’d Runners, Virtual High Five & I Don’t Need No Selfie-Stick!

Whew, I’ve finally recovered from being chased by dinosaurs!!!!

So back to more rockin n rollin (Or something like that). This past week’s long run was a 16 miler. Once again I ran with the WRRC as part of their Run My Hood summer fun.

I think I heard someone yell,

I think I heard someone yell, “Get off my lawn!”

Here’s how it broke down: 5:30am, small group ran 3 miles. 6am, joined bigger group ran 6 more. 7am joined full group for another 7.

By the end the sun was up. I was struggling. So hot and humid. So much. And yes, I probably should’ve eaten better before hand. But we’re runners…We like self inflicted punishment, right?

Luckily doe, some of my #runbooze helped me through it!

Three shaded, one hatted.

Three throwin shade, one mad hatter.

And yes, this run did end with another POOL PARTY!!! Woo to the hoo (Or something like that).

The rest of this week has been more more of the same. Basically keepin it real (Or somethin). Let’s go through it in a series of awesome post run selfies (no stick used, thank you very much)!

Run dun b4 da sun.

Run dun b4 da sun.

Towering above the competition. Unless that tower is my competition, then it towers over me.

Towering above the competition. Unless that tower is my competition, then it towers over me.

This is proper run fuel, right?

This is proper run fuel, right?

Five on Friyay!

Virtual High Five! Go ahead, slap your computer screen. I’m keeping my hand up until you do…Do it already!

Chicago Marathon trainings has me feeling good so far. For the month of July we went 172 miles! I’m trying to remember back to my Dopey Challenge training, but that could be one of my highest months ever. Duh duh duh duh duh, I’M LOVING IT! Bring on August!!!*

How bout you? Selfies – use a stick or no? Did you slap your computer screen yet? Any post run photo requests/ideas? 

*Actually, Mr. August…I’m sorry…Mr. Texas August, please be kind to me. I want to be your friend. I really do. Maybe you could be a little cooler than normal? What do you think? Hello? Ok, I’ll let you think on it. Hugs!

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12 thoughts on “Bikini’d Runners, Virtual High Five & I Don’t Need No Selfie-Stick!

  1. Another excellent week! And yeah, the whole selfie stick thing is crazy. When we went to Prague last month, they were EVERYWHERE. I have long monkey arms, so I don’t need a selfie stick.

    • Thank you!!! Really, they were a big hit in Prague? They seem to keep popping up more and more around here. Not sure how I feel about that. Hahaha, well put those monkey arms to use!

  2. Great week!! I don’t use selfie sticks but I think they are hilarious. My friend got one as a gag gift in the mail and we had a blast acting like total dorks with it. I wouldn’t use it seriously, though!

    • Hahaha, that’s hilarious! After the Key West Half, a gal was taking a pic with one and a bunch of us jumped in it. Even the lead singer of the band that was playing!!!

  3. That’s some awesome mileage!! You take great selfies! I suck at selfies, but my dog doesn’t. I haven’t used a stick yet as the ol’ GoPro works pretty good for the long arm shots!

    • Thank you!!! And ha, I know you don’t like the selfies, but the ones of your dog are AMAZING! Be honest, how long does it take you to get a good shot?

      • In all honesty I typically get the awesome shots of her on the first 1to 2 tries. Then I figure I can do better and spend 15 minutes taking more photos.

      • Haha, well the ones you post always look amazing!!!!

  4. Great week! I’m terrible at taking selfies but can’t say I’m in rush to get a selfie stick.

  5. I slapped the computer screen, but you kept your hand up. Why?

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