Free Race Photos, The Emmy’s, & Destination Run

So some more good news to go with the nearly 5 minute PR in a Half Marathon that I ran over the weekend…today they gave us our race photos…FOR FREE! That is rare and most welcome!

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all.

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all. Shirt looks like it needs ironing.

Not as good, but hey, it's free.

Not as good, but hey, it’s free. At least my shirt is less wrinkly.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so – either that or I had a mild stroke.

And get this, they also had a short video of me finishing. You can watch it HERE.

Anyway, after the race, I didn’t have much time to celebrate because I had to get to the airport for a flight to Houston. Took a quick video flying over Dallas…

I was off to H-Town for the Emmy Awards Gala. This year we were nominated for two.

Here's looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Here’s looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Anyway, we didn’t win any this year. But that’s more motivation to step up our game! We’ll be back next year!

The next morning I was tired and sore from the previous day. But I looked out the hotel window and saw the Houston Half Marathon going on. Despite the 93% humidity, I decided to lace up my runnin’ shoes and go run along the course for a bit to shake out my legs and to support the racers. I always love running in new places.


I actually went 4 miles, but my GPS had issues amongst the skyscrapers.

What a crazy few days. Such a whrilwind. But would we want it any other way?

How bout you? How would you describe your race photos? Run an any new cities recently? Tell me something!


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38 thoughts on “Free Race Photos, The Emmy’s, & Destination Run

  1. Rookienotes

    I haven’t run in a long time. These days I am doing a lot of muscle work. And I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes today. And you’ll get them next year!

  2. How would I describe my race photos? If I know the photog is there: really, really cheesy. If I am caught off guard? I look like I’m going to die every time. So cool that you got some free race photos and hooray for that HUGE PR!! Congrats again, friend!

    Congrats on the nominations as well! Very cool!

    • Haha, nice! I can usually spot them, but not always, so I have my share of dying photos too. Thanks so much buddy!!!!

      And thanks again!!!!!!

  3. I neverrrr have decent race photos! Gross. Then again, I am def my own worst critic. Nice shots! I love running in new cities too… Although not humid ones. Blech

    • Haha, I’m usually with you on the photos, I got lucky here. I’m sure yours are better than you think!
      Yeah, Houston is always humid, so I was expecting it, but it’s still gross. Ugh

  4. Wow, your race photos are pretty good! Mine are awful and make me look like I’m dying. Seriously.

  5. I just have to say I am still laughing at the goat joke. That’s what happens when I spend 3 weeks working with preschoolers. Congrats on the good running stuff. Back to laughing about goats.

  6. Good race pics! Mine are usually horrible. Free photos help make them a little better though!

  7. Houston!!! I have a bunch of friends who did that race.
    Great race photos, stroke and all šŸ™‚ I hope that new thing is free race photos because paying $30 for a picture of me sweating is sort of ridiculous!!
    You do have a great picture in front of the Emmy backdrop, and that is the ultimate cool.

    • Oh really? Are you sure you don’t mean the big one in January? I have a bunch of friends running that one as well.
      Ha, thanks! Agreed – race photos are ridiculous pricey. I hope more races go this route.
      And thanks! We didn’t win this year, but have in the past. Hopefully will again next year!

  8. Those are some excellent pictures, and so nice that they’re free. Sorry that you didn’t win any Emmy’s, but I hope you enjoy your time in Houston!

  9. I always have the most god awful race photos! Never fails! haha BUT at least they are free!! That is exciting!!! It’s the small things in life – lol

  10. TartanJogger

    Good stuff! Free photos! Wow!

  11. I love that you ran along with the runners, the day after an awesome PR in your own half and going to the Emmy’s! What a weekend. Better luck next year – you’ll blow ’em out of the water!

    • Thank you! I was sore, but thought a shakeout run would help with that. Yes, it was a wild weekend for sure! And thanks, I hope we’ll win again next year!

  12. that video of you finishing the race was cool! Thanks for adding that arrow in there. Now I can see why you were nominated for an Emmy. LOL. JK. I love traveling and running, but I;m locked in a stupid office all day. CONGRATS on your new PR!

    • Hahaha, thank you! Yes, it’s those types of advanced video skills that win me emmys! šŸ˜‰ Bummer about the office lock up. I used to travel all the time, but now it’s much less frequent. Thank you!!

  13. charissarunning

    I get some decent pictures…but usually not so good and definitely not worth buying! I’ve had one race where I got to download some free pics, but they weren’t much good. And the only time I actually BOUGHT race photos was for my first marathon last year. How could I not buy pictures to commemorate the first time?! Plus, before starting, my dad was with me too so we got a picture together which I got to give to him šŸ˜€

    • Well you’re lucky to get some decent photos from time to time. Ha, most people never do! Yeah, you gotta buy your first marathon pics! I bought my pics from the Dopey Challenge last year, but it was on sale and it included the pics from all 4 races! Awww, that’s nice about the pic with dad.

  14. Free race photos are the best. I either have my eyes closed, or I look all collapsed or I have the half smile. I checked out the photos for my last race and there are maybe 2 good ones out of several and they want so much money! I did run in a new city last week (well, I hadn’t been there in almost a year so it was kind of new).

    • Yes, much the best! Ha, well that’s a bummer about your bad pics, but most people don’t look very great when running. Yeah, I hate how price the race pics are. If I ever do get a good one, I can’t justify buying it. Congrats again about your race!

  15. How do you get such great race photos? You look so chilled. I think free race photos are awesome and they seem like it’s becoming more common. As for my race photos………yikes! Not attractive at all.

    • Oh wow, thank you! I try to run relaxed, even when I’m hurting. Yes, I’m with you, I hope this trend continues! Haha, sorry about your ‘scary’ race pics!

  16. Free races photos are awesome, it is becoming more common and I hope it is a trend that is here to stay! Yours look great too! 2 Emmy nominations is still super impressive, you will get em next year!

    • I’m sure they’re rollin the price in with the registration fee, but man, I like it better than being charged $30 per. Thank you!!!!!!

  17. I love race photos that are free. I was just looking at my photos by marathonfoto from the marathon and it is such a ridiculous RIP-OFF. So disappointing!! You make racing look so easy in those pics!

    • I know, right!!!! Ha, yeah, it is a rip off! Especially when the photo is out of focus, or has bad composition, or the colors aren’t right, etc. (I’m picky since I’m a TV producer). Thanks so much! I try to run relaxed, even if I’m hurting!

  18. Congrats on the race and the nomination. Nice shirt too. My brother is an Ohio University alum. Keep up the hard work.

    • Thanks so much! Oh really??? Tell him I said ‘Go ‘Cats’! I had a few people on the course yelled that to me, and one said “O-U, Oh-Yeah”!

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