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Free Race Photos, The Emmy’s, & Destination Run

So some more good news to go with the nearly 5 minute PR in a Half Marathon that I ran over the weekend…today they gave us our race photos…FOR FREE! That is rare and most welcome!

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all.

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all. Shirt looks like it needs ironing.

Not as good, but hey, it's free.

Not as good, but hey, it’s free. At least my shirt is less wrinkly.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so – either that or I had a mild stroke.

And get this, they also had a short video of me finishing. You can watch it HERE.

Anyway, after the race, I didn’t have much time to celebrate because I had to get to the airport for a flight to Houston. Took a quick video flying over Dallas…

I was off to H-Town for the Emmy Awards Gala. This year we were nominated for two.

Here's looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Here’s looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Anyway, we didn’t win any this year. But that’s more motivation to step up our game! We’ll be back next year!

The next morning I was tired and sore from the previous day. But I looked out the hotel window and saw the Houston Half Marathon going on. Despite the 93% humidity, I decided to lace up my runnin’ shoes and go run along the course for a bit to shake out my legs and to support the racers. I always love running in new places.


I actually went 4 miles, but my GPS had issues amongst the skyscrapers.

What a crazy few days. Such a whrilwind. But would we want it any other way?

How bout you? How would you describe your race photos? Run an any new cities recently? Tell me something!


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Destination Running: San Antonio, TX

So while I was in San Antonio over the weekend winning a couple Emmys (see how I snuck that in there?), I was able to stick to my Dopey Challenge training schedge and squeeze in a run.

Emmy #6!  I'd like to thank the Academy, etc. etc.

So grateful for Emmy #6! I’d like to thank the Academy…

If you’ve never been to San Antonio, it’s a pretty cool town.  Lots of history there.  Of course, you know about the Alamo…

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

But did you know that there are several other “Alamo-style” missions from the same time period around the city?  Probably not, because they didn’t have big battles like this one did.  I looked into running a route that would take me to them all, but it would’ve been too far for me in the short amount of time I had.

I also thought about running around the city proper, as there are plenty of historical landmarks all over the place.  Including this old church….

San Fernando Cathedral - they say the oldest building in Texas.

San Fernando Cathedral – they say the oldest building in Texas.

That church above even hosts the burial tomb of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, among others.  So there’s plenty of stuff like that to see around the city.

But instead, I decided to run along the River Walk.  What is the River Walk?  It’s probably one of the coolest features of the city.  The San Antonio River flows about a story below the city streets.  It’s lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.  There ain’t a lot of room on the sidewalks, because all that stuff in the previous sentence are right on top of it!  Click on the link earlier in this paragraph for better info and pics, but here’s a quick one I snapped…

Don't worry if you fall in, it's not deep much.

Don’t worry if you fall in, it’s not deep much.

For my run, I needed to get in 7 miles.  I did so on a Sunday at 7:30 a.m.  Not many tourists on the river walk that early, which is good, because like I said, sidewalks are skinny as a 4 year old.  Buuuuut, there were several several runners, which colored me surprised and happy.  I don’t think they were all visitors to the city, I think most were locals.  That’s cool.  I’m glad I got to run a popular local spot.

Tour boats boating tourists on tours.

Tour boats boating tourists on tours.

Anyway, since we were below the city and under several trees, bridges, overpasses, etc. my gps watch was having a Charles Dickens of a time tracking me.  But I knew about how long it would take me to run that far, so I switched my watch to “elapsed time” and kept on going.  I was very pleased to learn that it went for several miles.  I was able to get my out and back 7 total miles in no problemo!

My only regrets were that 1) I didn’t have a picture taking device on me, and 2) I was running and could stop to really experience all that I passed.

Here’s why – I passed by tons and tons of artwork, historical landmarks, and other cool things like waterfalls and grottos.  Since it was a few miles away from the heart of the touristy area, most people never walk that far.  They, like me, probably have no idea all that stuff exists.  I just wish I was able to stop and check it all out.  But experiencing it with passing glances will have to do for now.

All in all, a cool place to run!!!

What about you?  Ever been to San Antonio?  Did you find your bike in the Alamo?  Where’s a cool place you ran while on a trip?

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Weekend Whirlwind: Emmys, Running, and American Gladiators!

I’ll try to keep this brief and let the pictures do the talking.  Friday I ran 17 miles and felt good.  Saturday I ran 2 miles and felt like bricks.  But after that run I got on a plane and flew to San Antonio for the Lone Star Emmy Awards Gala where we were nominated for 5 Emmys!

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Then got all gussied up for the brew ha ha.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

Then went to the ballroom for the festivities where I met a couple guys in nude tuxedos.

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

Ran into some of my friends who were also nominated for Emmys.  Here’s my buddy Emily Reppert – host of Chevy Hometown Kids on Fox Sports Southwest.

I almost wore that same, would that have been embarrassing.

I almost wore that same dress…man, would that have been embarrassing.

Out of the 5 nominations, we took home 2 Emmys!

Pretty cool night!

Pretty cool night!

Since we won 2, I got to make 2 speeches.  I think my jokes were funny.  Others might not be as amused.  haha.

Saying something important, I'm sure.

Saying something important, I’m sure.

The next morning I ran a 7 miler around the city.  Had breakfast with a friend, then flew back to Dallas. Ran into Nitro from American Gladiators at the airport.  2nd time I’ve run into him, so figured it was a sign to have a chat with him.  Very nice guy.  Now he promotes the Gladiator Rock n Run.  Worlds colliding!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Once home, the wife and I went to get some veggie burgers.

So my veggie burger wouldn't get lost, the branded it.

So my veggie burger wouldn’t get lost, they branded it.

I then met up with a bunch of my runner friends for a big tree lighting ceremony.  I brought one of my Emmys, people liked taking photos with it.

We don't always run, we sometimes have other fun.

We don’t always run, we sometimes have other fun.

Yes, it was a Christmas tree lighting.  I don’t know why they did it, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  But they lit up the whole square as well.  All the trees are lit, looks nice!

I'm so totally lit right now.

I’m so totally lit right now.

Obviously, it was a tremendous weekend.  I’m still processing it all.  But I’m also very thankful.  I work hard, and appreciate the recognition.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Which American Gladiator would you like to meet?  Tell me something good that happened to you recently! 

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17 Mile Run and Emmy Anticipation

Since I had to rearrange my run Disney Dopey Challenge training schedule this week, that meant I had to do my long run of 17 miles early on Friday before work.  That meant I had to get up pretty darn early.  But I kind of liked it.  I got to run in a part of town I normally don’t because of high auto traffic.  But there were not many cars on the road when my feets hit the streets.  It was kind of cool running through a normally bustling area, that’s temporarily all quiet and asleep.

It was also somewhat cool this morning – temps in the 40’s!  I went out with shorts, tech tee, gloves, and a headband to keep my earsies warm.  I must say, the temps must’ve helped, because the 17 miles seemed relatively easy.  I could’ve kept going.  And my pace increased as I went.  Nice!

I also ran through a part of town I had never run through before – “Why not?” I figured, I’ve got to keep adding miles anyway.  It took me through a new (to me) park that I got to explore the trails of.

It also took me down a dirt road which ended at an old graveyard.  The cemetery was built in 1850 and lots of the grave markers were from around that time.  It’s in an isolated field still to this day.  Now keep in mind that the suburb of Dallas that I now live was nothing more than farm land and a whore house (seriously) until about 15 years ago when the population and construction exploded (they quickly kicked out the cat house).  Back in the 1850’s there couldn’t have been more than a handful of settlers in this area, trying to hack it on their own (and avoid Comanche raids).  I paid my respects and moved on.

All in all, a pretty glorious run!

At Disney's Emmy display after the marathon in January.

At Disney’s Emmy display after the marathon in January.

Now I can enjoy the Emmy Gala tomorrow without worrying about trying to squeeze in a run!  Some of you have been asking, so here’s the deets:  The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has a few regional chapters in the USA.  Texas is so big, it has it’s own – The Lone Star Chapter.  So this is a regional competition.  Most of the winners are from the local PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision, Telemundo, etc. etc. etc. networks.  Every once in a while, one of us smaller guys gets a win.  I’m lucky to have several nominations, and four actual Emmy’s with my name on them.  This year, we’re nominated for five!  We could come home with anywhere from zero to five.  You never know when it’s up to judges.

Please sir, may I have another?

Please sir, may I have another?

Anyway, here’s a couple of the ones that we have nominated this year.  In this first PSA I actually play a runner, but please don’t critique my form as I was extremely stiff from PR’ing in a Half Marathon the morning of the shoot.  You may also recognize my quirky style of writing in the voice over script…

The other video I’ll share with you is one I’m very proud of.  I used to produce training videos for firefighters and paramedics, so I’m glad to still be able to work with them from time to time.  For this video, we shot some of it in Texas and also utilized some footage I had shot in New York City at Ground Zero…

If you can’t wait until my blog recap of what went down, then follow me on the tweeter as I’m sure to be updating it during the Gala.

They’ll also be streaming the event live on their website, which I have linked earlier in this post.

In the meantime, please send good vibes our way!!!

What about you?  What special plans do you have this weekend?  When was the last time you got dressed up?  Any long runs? 

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