Free Race Photos! Woo to the Hoo!

I like the recent trend I’ve been seeing here and there of races giving you the photos for free! I’m sure it’s included somehow in the registration fee, but it’s much better than them asking for $30 a photo.

If you read my Hot Chocolate 15k Recap, then you know I ran the race, duh. But after I wrote it, they sent me the race photos they said they took of me. Here they are:


Before the race with run buds Julie and Mike!

During the race. OK, not bad, not bad.

During the race. Looks like I was feelin it.

Apparently I had time for a wardrobe change and facelift during the race.

Apparently I had time for a wardrobe change and facelift during the race.

And also gender reassignment surgery.

And also gender reassignment surgery.

Oh look, there I am next to my yellow shirted clone.

Oh look, there I am next to my yellow shirted clone.

Finally, at the finish line!

Finally, at the finish line!

When you think about it, it’s just smart to give out the photos. Then the race photogs know that they’re getting paid instead of hoping to sell a few prints. And since they put a bug on the pics, it’s free advertising every time someone posts them to social media, or ahem, blogs using them.

Speaking of which, a photog associated with the Key West Half Marathon later saw my BLOG RACE RECAP and was kind enough to send me a photo he took of me! So cool!

Boom Shaka-laka!

Boom Shaka-laka!

This is like the 4th time in the past few months that the races have been sending out free photos. Gotta love it! The others that come to mind are the Dallas 13.1 I PR’d also sent Free Photos, as well as the Abby’s Run 5k where I won my age group! who posted All The Pics! Glad to be able to memorialize those races!

I hope this trend continues!

How bout you? Any free race photos lately? Do you even want your race pics? Ever had gender reassignment surgery?


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30 thoughts on “Free Race Photos! Woo to the Hoo!

  1. I love that trend. Personally I never buy pics. I only did once and that was a trail race up a mountain. I figured I needed some documentation of my bloody knees! It is always funny to see who they tag in pics for you.

    • I’m with you. I think the only time I’ve bought them is when Disney had a deal that you get all the photos from the 4 races of the Dopey Challenge. And in the Warrior Dash when I was jumping over a fire pit. That was a cool one. I’d love to see your bloody knee mountain pics!

  2. I love free race photos. I never buy the photos because they’re overpriced. If they were cheaper, I’d buy a few.

    Nope, can’t say that I ever got gender reassignment surgery.

    • Agreed. Their always overpriced. I would buy them too if they were like $5 instead of $30. But free is better!

      You haven’t had gender reassignment surgery?!?! Let me know if you try it out.

  3. I was going to buy photos from my first 10k buy never got round to it. I love your transformations, transformation Tuesday posts would be pretty spectacular ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yeah, I could see buying photos from a first race. I’ve done that. But now I’ve run so many, I don’t really care about all of the pics. Hmmmm, transformation Tuesdays, eh. I’ll think on it!

  4. So awesome to get free race pics!! And you’re right- even if it’s included in the entry fees, you don’t really notice it with the cost of them anyway!
    At the Disney Marathon a girl ran with her previous year’s bib and almost all of my husband’s photos were of her ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say, he made an attractive woman!

    • I love free race pics! You’re right, it’s the way to go!
      Whaaaaaa? She wore the previous year’s bib??!?! That sucks. Did you see the big controversy at Boston this year with all the counterfeit bibs? That’s exactly how they got busted, when the persons with the same bib numbers got their photos.

  5. Nope, sometimes and no. Free photos are the best. Or at least cheaper or included in the registration fee.

  6. I haven’t run a race with free race photos yet, but I hope it happens! I have had really bad luck in my last couple races and there were only one or two pictures taken of me and they were both horrible. I bought two pictures from my race in Ireland though, because duh!

  7. I bought pics from my first full marathon, but normally don’t. Love that you are a triplet? ROFL! Love this post, and your blog.

  8. I’ve only gotten free race photos once and they were pretty great. These are fantastic! I am an occasional photo buyer. I have definitely spent more money on them than I ever really wanted to. Oh and no…no gender reassignments for me.

    • Aren’t free photos the best!!! Yeah, I don’t buy many, but I might if they were reasonably priced. Sheesh. What? No gender rassignments? You don’t know what your missing!

  9. I ran a race in November and was really surprised when they sent me some photos afterwards!

  10. Here is the thing: you look good in your race photos so you are happy to get them. I, on the other hand, look like I got ran over by a train and wish race photos didn’t even exist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Wow, great pics. How did you change clothes so fast???? Insane. Great job. I love free pics. Especially when they don’t actually send you any. So there’s a drawback for that, but the concept is absolutely wonderful when they follow through. Looks like the watermarking is the smart thing to do.

    • Why thank you! The secret is to dress in layers and peel. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, watermarking is common, but I like how how lately the pics are just included in the race entry fees!

  12. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    The local running stores that have race series’ here in DC do free photos. I wish the bigger races would do this. They are such a rip off to buy!

  13. No such luck. Even if they were a bit less expensive I’d be more willing to buy them. But $20 or $30? No way. Glad you got some good ones for free!

  14. You’ve got some mad skills making wardrobe changes during races! Some photography companies will take photo’s of you and you can download them with their logo etc., but bigger races, nothing is free. $30-$50 for photos here.

    • You know it!!! Yeah, I don’t mind if they put a logo on the pic if they want to give us the pics. But normally it’s way too expensive. Love the free trend!

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