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Free Race Photos, The Emmy’s, & Destination Run

So some more good news to go with the nearly 5 minute PR in a Half Marathon that I ran over the weekend…today they gave us our race photos…FOR FREE! That is rare and most welcome!

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all.

Look, a decent race photo! Feet in the air and all. Shirt looks like it needs ironing.

Not as good, but hey, it's free.

Not as good, but hey, it’s free. At least my shirt is less wrinkly.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so.

OK, this one is awkward. I think I tried to smile, but only half my mouth agreed to do so – either that or I had a mild stroke.

And get this, they also had a short video of me finishing. You can watch it HERE.

Anyway, after the race, I didn’t have much time to celebrate because I had to get to the airport for a flight to Houston. Took a quick video flying over Dallas…

I was off to H-Town for the Emmy Awards Gala. This year we were nominated for two.

Here's looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Here’s looking at you, kid. Hey wait, how did a baby goat get in here?

Anyway, we didn’t win any this year. But that’s more motivation to step up our game! We’ll be back next year!

The next morning I was tired and sore from the previous day. But I looked out the hotel window and saw the Houston Half Marathon going on. Despite the 93% humidity, I decided to lace up my runnin’ shoes and go run along the course for a bit to shake out my legs and to support the racers. I always love running in new places.


I actually went 4 miles, but my GPS had issues amongst the skyscrapers.

What a crazy few days. Such a whrilwind. But would we want it any other way?

How bout you? How would you describe your race photos? Run an any new cities recently? Tell me something!


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Yoga for Runners

So one of the main things I’ve learned running the past several years is that you need to do other stuff just to be able to run.  I’ve found that if you want to avoid the injuries that runners often get – you gots to cross train.  I play soccer, ride a bike, lift weights, swim, trail run, etc. etc.  But I think the most important thing I do for running is going to yoga.  It combines a lot of other cross training elements in one session – stretching, balance, core work, muscle work, strength, flexibility, etc.

One important lesson I’ve learned from going to yoga is the importance of breathing.  Breath is life.  The instructor I go to see really stresses the importance of breathing.  In fact, if you do it right, yoga can become almost a cardio workout.  We also sometimes practice different breathing techniques.  I can’t list them here as I don’t know how to spell them, but it’s still fascinating to me.  One thing I’ve learned is that there are four parts to every breath – and sometimes we work on the different parts.

Why does breathing matter to runners?  I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I run, I get out of breath.  Whenever I do, I try to remember what I’ve learned in yoga about breathing.  Also, I recently read an article about running and it said when you’re out of breath, that’s usually because you haven’t fully exhaled the previous breath.  So you’ve got some dead air in your lungs, basically.  So I try to practice expelling each breath fully.  Seems to help.

Other than that, yoga also forces you to practice clearing your head, calming your mind, and being in the moment.  Something else I take with me when I run.  To me this is the hardest part of yoga – just being in the moment and not thinking about what I have to do after we’re done, or whatever else pops into my mind.  Same in running, it’s hard to just keep in the moment and not think about how much further I have to go.  It makes it easier if you just concentrate on the next step you have to take – one at a time.  After all, we run cause we enjoy it, so might as well be in the moment and enjoy every awful moment of it.  Ha!

Those are just some brief thoughts I’ve got on yoga.  Plenty of physical and mental benefits to it!  I’m positive it’s helped me avoid some running injuries.  And I will tell you this much – I always feel better after class.  I can tell a difference in my body and attitude.  It can be spiritual and emotional…just like like a nice long run.

Give it a chance if you get a chance.  Peace out Internet!

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