38 Mile Weekend, Toe Update, & Tacos

I made it through my last weekend of long runs before the Disney Dopey Challenge!  It technically started Thursday with 3 miles and a weight session.  Friday was 5 miles and I felt good.  Saturday was 10 miles, but lightning and rain forced me to do it on the dreaded treadmill.  Ugh, but my legs felt good.  And I think the boredom I have to fight on that thing will help me mentally come race day!

Sunday was the 20 miler.  Luckily the rain stopped, but it was replaced by 15-20 mph winds from the cold North.  Temps were around freezing and with the wind chill it said it felt like 25 degrees (American).  And I did the run at Dallas’ White Rock Lake.  The wind was really whipping off the lake and I was really fighting it.

I did not have a great run.  I felt sluggish (like a wet sponge) and wanted it to be over 3 miles in.  But I powered through it and got er done!  38 miles over 4 days!!!

I even ran into my mom who was also running, as well as a couple friends who wanted to meet me down there.

One of my friends. Pic taken by another one.

One of my friends. Pic taken by another one.

After finishing that tough tough run and our body temps cooled off, we got really cold!  How to warm up?  TACOS!

Mmmmm tacos.  That's how you feel better, right there!

Mmmmm tacos. That’s how you feel better, right there!

I was pretty worn down afterwards.  I wasn’t able to get off the couch all that much.  I think part of the issue is that I did that whole 20 miles on a little water, 1 Gu and 1 Honey Stinger.  200 calories ingested during a 20 mile run don’t really make up for the 3,000 or so I burned!  I’ll be better about this come race day.  Hopefully running on empty will make me stronger.  I hope.

WARNING:  While on the couch, I couldn’t help taking a pic of the progressing bruising/blistering ole toe.



It doesn’t really bother me at all, just looks gross.  But I kind of like it because it reminds me of my all time fave movie: “Lost in Translation”.  It has a scene where ScarJo stubs her toe and later on shows it to Bill “effin” Murray while they eat sushi, and he calls it “Brack toe” and says it’s probably a delicacy in Japan.  I can’t help but keep calling it my bracktoe.  You can see the short movie clip HERE.

So there we go, now it’s TAPER-TIME!

What’s your go-to post long run meal?  How bad do your feet get blistered and bruised by the end of training season?  What’s your fave movie?

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24 thoughts on “38 Mile Weekend, Toe Update, & Tacos

  1. My body is crazy weird after long runs. . . sometimes I want sweets, sometimes I just want a huge pretzel and cheese. I try and give my body whatever it is it wants and not worry about a thing 🙂

  2. TartanJogger

    Woo hoo! Taper time! 🙂 those tacos were well earned!

  3. Those tacos look great.
    Favorite movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
    Fav meal after a long run…pretty much anything I can make fast and can get it in my mouth. I love a big breakfast out if that is an option.
    Enjoy taper time.

  4. Bleh. Your toe. It looks super painful but I’m glad it’s not bothering you! Lol I saw the pic of your friend but hadn’t quite scrolled down to the caption and I thought it was your mom! I was like holy shit she aged well or had you when she was -10

    • Hahaha, I won’t tell my friend that you thought she was my mom for a sec! The toe is ok, may have to wrap it up before today’s run tho!

  5. Wow congrats on 38 miles! I’ve done that in a week, but not a weekend before. I loooove Lost in Translation actually, probably one of my top 5 favorite movies. I go back and forth on my absolute favorite, right now I would probably say its In Bruges. I’ve luckily never developed any blisters or bruises from running, that does not look fun!

    • In Bruges eh? I’ve never heard of it. Will have to look it up! The toe is ok, and I have a few other blisters and bruises around my feets, but nothing too bad. I’m glad you get Lost in Translation! I have watched it a billion times!!!

  6. Mmmm tacos, I’m jealous. “Brack toe”, not so jealous. Post-run meal, pancakes with peaches and maple syrup, toes never been that bad after a training season and fave movie – hmmm – I think The Matrix (as I seem to be able to watch it over and over and over).

    • Mmm pancakes! I’m sure you get the good syrup up there!!! I’m just glad the toenail has stayed attached! Yeah, the matrix is pretty bad arse!

  7. Your toe officially looks worse than mine. Congrats!

    I was thinking those tacos looked good, but your photo made me lies my appetite.

  8. Ugh. I usually unfollow people who post gross pictures of their toe blisters. You are lucky I like you. 😉

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