Runner vs Dog…AGAIN!

A while back I posted about a dog encounter on my run, along with my tips for those situations. This morning I got to use my own advice again.

It was early this morning.  Still dark.  I was 3 miles into my 5 miler.  All of the sudden about 20 yards in front of me these two loose dogs that I hadn’t seen in the darkness just went nuts barking at me.

I immediately paused my gps watch running.  But I did not run away.  Whosever house I was in front of had left their trash and recycling bins by the sidewalk for collection.  I began pounding on the bins to make loud noises.  I yelled at the dogs in a loud deep voice.

One was obviously the leader, and the other stayed behind him.  I did not pay the other any attention, I focused on the leader.

Photo break - here's another neighbor's house.  He likes this time of year, I guess.

Photo break – here’s another neighbor’s house. He likes this time of year, I guess.

Now they didn’t immediately retreat, but they did stop in their tracks.  We had a good ole fashioned stand off for a few minutes (or at least it seemed like).  Neither of us budged…they kept barking and I kept yelling at them and banging on the bin.  I’m sure I must’ve woke up some of the neighbors.  I did not care.  I was secretly hoping to wake up the owners of the dogs (if they lived in one of the houses there).

I then took my jacket up in my arms stretched over my head to make myself look bigger.  I started to take steps toward them, and the leader held strong.  The other dog backed up some into the street, and luckily a car came from behind it that spooked it.  When I took more steps, the other dog ran off.  Then the leader finally submitted when I took a few aggressive steps toward them.  I picked up a newspaper to throw at them, but after a defiant final bark, he retreated with the other.

I waited a few seconds to make sure they didn’t return, dropped the paper, and ran in another direction.

I’ve encountered countless dogs on my runs, but this was the first time I faced a pair.  They definitely took longer to back down, but they did.

I know I’ve asked this before, but what do you do when confronting a hound?  Ever come across a pack?  Ever banged on a neighbor’s trash can at 6 am?

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29 thoughts on “Runner vs Dog…AGAIN!

  1. I run the other way! WAY faster than the dog!

  2. That sounds awful! I’ve had a few dog problems, one with a growly aggressive dog as well when I was running in a nearby park. Luckily the owner was (somewhat) close by, so I just stopped running until he got there.

  3. I’ve had many run-ins with dogs, mostly because of Kobi. I certainly don’t turn my back on the mean ones. I mostly yell at them to “go home” and try to stay confident, but not overly threatening. I also carry bear spray up in this neck of the woods because of the issues with bears, but haven’t had to use it on a dog yet.

    • Good plan! Have you had to use the spray on bears?

      • Once I came very close to having to use it on a bear. I insisted on running by the bear (stupid) and it didn’t really want me doing that, it was making this huffing sound at me. It was in the tree-line and I was on the trail about 8m over. I was ready to spray as I sprinted by but it didn’t charge. When you use that stuff, you always get a dose yourself and it hurts so I don’t use it unless I have to.

      • Wow, that is so crazy!!!

  4. Glad you are okay. That is one way to guarantee a max heart rate during a run.

  5. Not a comment about packs but one is enough to do some serious damage or even kill neighbors, as has been the case here. It’s a loose bulldog epidemic. Most aggravating. At the park, owners don’t even always leash their dogs. You never know what an animal might do. Just can’t take chances with kids and people around. It’s among the rudest things people can do, not being vigilant about their pets.

  6. LOL OMG you have the worst luck with dogs on runs! I’ve never encountered loose dogs on runs (knock on wood). I guess it’s good you know what to do! And I’m glad I read your posts cause I would run screaming and make things worse.

  7. Remind me never to run in your part of town. I haven’t had that problem here yet.

  8. This is why I am glad where there are aggressive dog control laws. I feel for the animals, because a situation like this is a clear reflection on the owners, but it ultimately ends up with an out of control and dangerous animal … sad.

    • Yeah, I’ve actually had to call the local animal control department before because of dogs that have gotten loose and then come after me. It is sad.

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