Holiday Recap: Runnin & Funnin

One year ago, I went out on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping.  It was awful – the crowds, the traffic, etc.  This year I did the same thing.  Apparently I’m not smart enough to learn from my mistakes.

The Murrayest time of year!

The Murrayest time of year!

But this year, it wasn’t so bad…I was much more calm this time around.  The hoards didn’t bother me.  In fact, I kind of liked all the people watching.  I even had my sense of humor intact, as you can see in this 6 second video I shot in the mall.

How was I able to cope?  I ran before hand, of course!

Following my Disney Dopey Challenge Hal Higdon training plan, I had 5 miles scheduled for Christmas Eve.  I felt pretty good on my run.  After a weekend that saw me run 38 slow miles, it felt good to do a fast five!!!  I really believe that starting the day with a run really helped me cope with the holiday shoppers.  Though it would come back to haunt me later…

My wife’s family always celebrates Christmas right when the clock strikes midnight.  It’s always a night of fun and food, but these days I’m not much of a night owl.  Since I get up so early to run most days, and since I’m always a little tired from said runs, I can’t hang like I used to.  Once again this year, I had to be woken up at midnight to join the celebration.  So I slept at a party, that’s the price runners pay, right?

The little girl was not a fan of the fat man.

The little girl was not a fan of the fat man.

On Christmas Day we had a small gift opening party with our immediate family.  Naturally, I got some running gear.   I always like to wear an Ohio University shirt at big races, as you can see…

Disney Marathon 2012

Disney Marathon 2012

Then it was off to my parents house for a big get together of family and friends.  A highlight was a gag gift exchange.  I originally won this weird Russian box of chocolates, and my fake smile serves to contain my excitement…

If I ate that box, along with that bacon chocolate = me fat indeed!

If I ate that box, along with that bacon chocolate = me fat indeed!

All in all it was a pretty good holiday!  Oh, and the little girl did get into the spirit once away from Santa…

The Santa must've smelled like beef and cheese.

The other Santa must’ve smelled like beef and cheese.

Back to training today.  A short 4 miler plus weights.  Almost time to get Dopey!

Did you have a Murray Christmas?  Get any good gear?  Does Santa make you cry too?  Do you have any go-to race shirts?

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24 thoughts on “Holiday Recap: Runnin & Funnin

  1. Santa brought me some new thermal tights! Now I just need some decent gloves so my fingers don’t fall off. Murray Christmas!

  2. Haha oh man, celebrating at midnight! I guess I am no longer a night owl as well, as I went to bed around 10 PM on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I got some pretty awesome running gear that I cannot wait to try out! All fat men with beards make me cry when they make me sit on their laps.

    • I know it’s their tradition, but come on, I gotta get up and run!!! As long as they don’t mind me napping on the couch, then it’s all good. Haha.
      I’m sure I’ll see your new running gear on Instagram!
      How often do you sit on bearded fat dudes laps? Haha!

  3. Cool photos. It takes a lot of dedication to train during the holidays.

  4. Beef and Cheese! YES!

  5. Awwww. Your poor traumatized baby girl! Bad dad, making her see Santa.

    I got some great gear for Christmas. Santa was good to me, so I won’t cry in fear next time I see him

  6. PS love the Bill Murray pics.

  7. Love love LOVE the picture with Santa. 🙂

  8. I got some Brooks Utopia Arm warmers which are a-mazing and we got some Seat Shield! Are car seats no longer have to fear our sweaty butts after a long run. My family thinks we made the most boring wish-list ever. They just don’t understand man…

    • Haha, I hear you! I saw your seat covers on Facebook…I’ve been thinking about them too. Like you said, the towels are kind of a pain!

      • I just realized my comment is full of typos and incorrect grammar, whoopsy. That’s what I get for early morning commenting. Can’t wait to hear about Disney!

      • Ha, no worries!
        You know, I never did a recap of last year’s Disney marathon. Hmmmm….

  9. Your races sure are coming up quickly! That would be tough to celebrate at midnight, especially after a long day amongst the crowds!
    How sweet is your little lady?! Glad she cheered up after the Santa sighting.
    I got new baselayers and a bosu ball! Can’t wait to use them!

    • Yes, I can’t believe how soon it is now!
      Like Jimmy Buffett said in a song, “Now I get up about the time I used to go to bed.” Truth!
      I’m sure she’ll come around, Griffin was the same way at that age. Haha!
      Enjoy your new toys!!!

  10. These pictures are adorable! I always go Christmas shopping on the last minute too, and every year I promise myself that next year I won’t make the same mistake (doesn’t work). I’m glad to see you and your family are having a great time!

  11. Sounds like a great holiday! I was pumped to open a new pair of reebok fleece lined running tights on Christmas. You can never have too much running gear!

    • Agreed! Only prob is 5/6 shirts they give us for Dopey are long sleeved. Texas doesn’t have much year round need for long sleeves. But I’ll take it!

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