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Social Run & It’s Half Marathon Race Weekend!

I always love to run with the Thursday Night Social Run club, but I hadn’t been able to join them in a hot minute. Last night changed all that.

Some of last night's gang.

Some of last night’s gang.

It’s a good group. They always have someone to push you a little faster or further.  This was true last night too.

Me and speedy friend Rob.

Me and speedy friend, Rob.

I ended up going a little over 4 miles. Good run. That’s in addition to my morning run earlier that day.

Yellow? Can you hear me? Yellow? Is anyone there? Yellow, yellow?

Yellow? Can you hear me? Yellow? Is anyone there? Yellow…yellow?

Of course, half of the social run is the social part. This one was hosted at a new bar/grill/bowling/climbing wall/bumper cars/laser tag/video game/obstacle course joint in town. It was wild!

Outside the place.

Outside the place.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics inside. But trust me, the place is wild. Anyway, the pics might not come out too well cause they also pump some kind of fog in the dimly lit place.

Besides, we spent most of the time on the patio!

This was probably my last run before the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon this coming weekend. I’m not going to do a race preview this time because I’m not sure how it’s going to go. They’ve changed the course up dramatically. The weather forecasts are all over the map – currently they’re predicting rain. Aaand, I missed almost 2 weeks of running due to illness/iceness.

rnr_dal_2015If you combined all the above, you can see why I really have no idea what to expect from this weekend’s race. I shall do my best though! And of course, have fun!

How bout you? Racing this weekend? Any social runs lately? Does Pinstack sound fun or crazy to you (or both)?


PS – I want to thank all my blogger friends for the comments on my race and birthday posts. I’ve been reading them, but haven’t had time to respond…YET. I will!

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Final Key West Picture Purge – Run & Relax

Thanks for everyone’s great response to my recap of the Key West Half Marathon. It really was a great time! But like most good things, this racecation had to come to an end. Not before we got all touristy though…

Reppin Torchy's Tacos

Reppin Torchy’s Tacos in the Conch Republic.

In key West you walk. A lot. According to my pedometer app, we were averaging around 9 miles a day. How that’s possible on such a small island is beyond me. Anyway, because of that, I only went on one other run while there.

A quick 3 miler.

A quick 3 miler.

Then of course, I had to shower. Why not do it publicly.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Then we had to eat (and drink).

Sure, I'll sit on the patio.

Sure, I’ll sit on the patio.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

And hang out on the beach and play with animals.

My shirt fit in there.

My shirt fit in there.

Yes we pelican.

Yes we pelican.

Iguana know what he's doing in that tree.

Iguana know what he’s doing in that tree.

And of course, hang out with the chickens.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Like a boss!

Like a boss!

And shop for a new outfit.

I think I can pull it off.

I think I can pull it off.

Eat some more.

You must take a pic at every meal.

You must take a pic at every meal.

And of course, get turnt up in da club…

What's the age restriction in Sloppy Joe's?

What’s the age restriction in Sloppy Joe’s?

Capt. Tony's was a regular spot.

Capt. Tony’s was a regular spot.

In the men's restroom - protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

In the men’s restroom – protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

Get a little churchin.

That's a pretty stain.

That’s a pretty stain.

Eat by the sea again.

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Watch more sunsets.

I'm super kewl.

I’m sewper kewl.

They're on a boat!

They’re on a boat!


So are they.

And drive back to Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Stop by Key Biscayne.

Look, an old lighthouse.

Look, an old lighthouse.

I was down there before.

I was down there before.

Before finally flying home.

We flew over New Orleans, where I tried to leave a little luck for all my friends running the Rock n Roll NOLA 1/2 & 26.2 a couple days later.

French Quarter from above.

French Quarter from above.

So there ya go kids. A crazy good time. Now back to life, back to reality. Luckily I brought some of the south Florida weather back with me to Texas. Time to run!

How bout you?

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Ft Lauderdale Warm-Up Runs

We made it to sunny Florida. Immediately after stepping off the plane, I defrosted. It’s nice and muggy here. So naturally, I went for a run to warm up even more.

I ran along A1A (Beachfront Avenue). Girls were hawt (wearin less than bikinis).

Then it was time to enjoy some boat drinks and ballads along the strip.


Next morning my seestah joined me for another beach run. Total for the two days: 11 sweaty miles. And we even got some hill work in by running over the giant draw bridge next to the cruise ship port.


And ha, after the runs my calves were bangin in the hotel light.

It’s nice to be in tanks/shorts again. Just two days ago in Dallas I was running in pants, gloves, hats & triple layered shirts. Hopefully I’ll acclimatize to the heat in time for the Key West Half Marathon on Sunday.
Until then, fins up!

On to the Keys, and racing time!
How bout you – Keepin warm? Sick of wearing pants? Ever run a tropical race?

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Disney Marathon Weekend – Complete Guide from Expo to All Races (incl. Kids’ & Dopey)

This weekend is the Disney Marathon Weekend. I have run the 26.2 magical miles x’s 4. And last year I ran the inaugural Dopey Challenge – 4 straight days, 4 straight races – Thurs 5k, Fri 10k, Sat 13.1, Sun 26.2. For all those running any of the events this weekend, or thinking about running in the future, here’s my official guide.


The 6 Dopey Challenge Medals.

The 6 Dopey Challenge Medals.

1. The Expo!

Yup, that's an expo.

Yup, that’s an expo.

The Expo is Huuuuuuge. It’s takes over three buildings at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. You pick up your race packets, you get to see famous expert speakers, and you shop. You can shop for miles. It can be pretty overwhelming, but luckily there is a bar on hand where you can relax with a cold one, if you so desire.

To read my full in depth Expo recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

2. The Kids’ Races

Medals for everyone!

Medals for everyone!

Our boy has run the Kids’ Race x’s 3. The races also take place at the ESPN sports complex. Distances depend on age and desire, from the 100 to a mile. And yes, parents can run with their kids. And yes, it can be pretty chaotic. The start times, corrals, etc. can AND DO change at the drop of a hat. My advice: Be early, be ready, be flexible. They are a lot of fun though, and it’s great to get kids involved in the marathon weekend.

To read my full in depth Kids’ Races recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

3. The 5k (or Day 1 of the Dopey Challenge)!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

The 5k takes place on Thursday at the parking lot of Epcot. The race itself basically takes you in and around the theme park. It’s actually kind of neat to be in the park before it’s open. They still have characters you can take pictures with, and tons of volunteers to cheer for you. And just like that, it’s over. A quick 3.1 miles through Epcot.

To read my full in depth 5k recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

4. The 10k (or Day 2 of Dopey)!

Don't really need gloves in Florida heat, but ya know...

Don’t really need gloves in Florida heat, but ya know…

2014 was the also the inaugural 10k. I gotta say, this was probably the least exciting of all the races. Again, you start/end at Epcot, but the first 3 miles you are on the dark roads outside the park. There’s a little entertainment, but mostly it’s silent. The second 3 miles you do run through a resort before entering Epcot to the finish – that part is fun!

To read my full in depth 10k recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

5. The Half Marathon (or Day 3 of Dopey & Day 1 of The Goofy Challenge)

Yes, I wore a child's Snow White apron.

Yes, I wore a child’s Snow White apron.

The half marathon again starts/ends at Epcot. The difference is here that you do an out and back from the park to Magic Kingdom and back. The highlight is running through Magic Kingdom (and thru Cinderella’s Castle), but in between the two parks, again you’re just running on roads. Of course, they do have people cheering, characters, entertainment, and there’s more to see (resorts, etc.). And this race can be a lot of fun.

To read my full in depth Half Marathon recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

6. The Marathon (or Day 4 of Dopey & Day 2 of Goofy)

Medals 6/6 (includes Dopey & Goofy bonus medals)

Medals 6/6 (includes Dopey & Goofy bonus medals)

The marathon is the shining jewel of the whole weekend. The granddaddy. The big kahuna. And it’s my favorite as well. Over the course of 26.2 miles, you go through all the theme parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) as well as through several resorts and also a lap on the race car track and a jaunt through the ESPN sports complex (incl. a lap on the track & baseball stadium). There is excellent support along the course & tons of entertainment. This is Disney at it’s best. They pull out all the bells & whistles. Really a magical marathon.

To read my full in depth Marathon recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

7. Disney Meet-Ups!

We had to refill our carb levels somehow.

We had to refill our carb levels somehow.

Of course, Disney is a big draw. Not only for tourists, but for runners as well. I’m really happy that at the Disney races I’ve run, I’ve been able to meet-up with so many long lost (and new) friends. At the Dopey Challenge, I couldn’t believe how many old friends, fellow bloggers, etc. that I had the fortune to meet up with.

To see my in-depth Meet-Up recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

8. After the Races – Time to Celebrate!

At Magic Kingdom with our medals.

At Magic Kingdom with our medals.

Of course, Orlando is a huge tourist destination. There’s tons to do and see there. Disney World has so much to offer. But so do others, such as Universal. So many rides, foods, drinks, good times.

To see my in depth recap of how we celebrated CLICK HERE NOW!

9. Finally, Be Thankful!

Anyone who runs, knows it takes a lot of support. Months and months of early morning miles can’t happen without the support of family, friends, social media pals, etc. This was not lost on me when I was Dopey last year. And so I made sure to thank everyone – from fellow runners to fellow bloggers to the fams.

To read my in depth thankful recap, CLICK HERE NOW!

Rumors confirmed - I am dopey.

Rumors confirmed – I am dopey.

So to all you who are running in any or all of the races this Disney Marathon Weekend, I wish you the bestest of luck! Whether you’re running or not, or just thinking about running this event in the future – hit me up with any questions you have! I’ll try to help! Soooooo……

Today’s Question: What Disney Marathon Weekend questions do you have for me?


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Animated Running, Trail Nimbleness, Yoga Bliss, & I’m a Sunglassed Winner!

What’s up, Playas? I know the holidays are upon us, but I feel like things are kind of getting settled around here. Not normal, I know. But now that the Dallas Marathon is over, people in these parts are kind of on hiatus, running wise. Not me though!

Before I get to what’s up, lemme wrap up my Dallas race. The proofs came in and I had some fun turning them into animated gifs…

At the finish with a mystery run partner.

At the finish with a mystery run partner.

Me n my mystery run partner.

If the animation was too much for you, here’s a still.

And one funny thing I found: I didn’t know it, but I was running for a while with one of my training buddies. I didn’t realize it until I saw the pics! Ha, I guess we were too focused on being in beast mode.

Me and a not mystery runner.

Me and a not mystery runner.

Me n Liz (Ironman shirt)

Me n Liz (Ironman shirt & visor). We ran many miles together this training season.

Anyway, on to this weekend: 10 solo miles on Saturday, followed by a muddy group trail run on Sunday. The highlight being that I was particularly graceful and nimble as I crossed a creek.

It only took me like 8 minutes to cross, but I didn't want to fall in like my friend did before me!

It only took me like 8 minutes to cross, but I didn’t want to fall in like my friend did before me!

Anywhoodle, after the trail miles, it was on to yoga. I was pumped when I saw which instructor it was – this lady is awesome…and she kicked our booties!

Can you spot me?

Can you spot me?

I am seriously sore after all the yogaing.

I swear we did more than just this pose.

I swear we did more than just this pose.

Oh, and I just got some good news…At the Dallas Marathon Race Expo, I posed for a photo at a local running store’s red carpet. And guess what?!?! They liked it so much they said I won a $50 gift card! Booyah!!!

The winning photo. Luckily I had two sets of shades on me.

The winning photo. As my one friend put it, “two sets of shades because the sun never sets on a badass” Truer words have rarely been spoken.

So there it is, kiddos. Tryin to keep it real in the face of holiday chaoticness. Boom!

How bout you? Ever get surprises when you see a photo? Can you imagine how graceful I was crossing that crick? Yoga much lately?


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Dallas Half Marathon Recap (or…That Time I High Fived Meb)

This past weekend was the Dallas Marathon, Half, & Relay. This was a big one. A sold out event. Live TV coverage. Huge city. Running royalty like Meb, Deena Kastor, Ryan & Sara Hall.

I ran the half. I was hoping to PR, and maybe break 1:40, but it wasn’t in the cards. I still had a decent race and a great time!

Big state, little medal...It's all good in da hood.

Big state, little medal…It’s all good in da hood.

It all started the day before at the Expo. I had carpooled down with three female friends…Mistake!!! They treated it like a shopping outing, hahahaha! We were there for hours. At least it gave me plenty of time for red carpet photos.

White sunglasses.

White sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

After that, it was time to rest up for the race! But like most pre-race nights, I didn’t get much sleep (kept thinking I’d miss the 4 am alarm). But luckily I made it up early to carpool down with another friend. I was glad we were there early to avoid the stress of running late. We chilled for a while before heading to the corrals.

On the way I bumped into Meb! The Meb! But I let him alone so he could focus on his race. I’d see him again later…

I also ran into a bunch of non-Olympians…

Some runner friends before the race.

Some runner friends before the race.

When I got to corral A, I ran into a bunch of members of the WRRC who I trained with most of the summer/fall.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey shirts that day.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey t-shirts that day.

Then it was time to race! After some fireworks and confetti, we were off!

The elites at the starting line.

The elites waiting at the starting line.

There was about a 15 mph wind, and it was in the 60’s and like 90% humidity. There was mist in the air and the streets were wet with slickness. The first 9 miles were generally a long steady incline.

Da course & elevation

Da course & elevation

Conditions weren’t great for a PR, but I gave it a go anyway:

5k ~ 25:08 ~ 8:06 per mile

10k ~ 49:15 ~ 7:46 per mile

Halfway and so far so good. But then the humidity and hills took its toll. I started to slow.

15k ~ 1:14:12 ~ 8:04 per mile.

Finish ~ 1:45:01 ~ 8:01 per mile.

Final Results ~ 501/8441 Overall & 75/510 Division

I was hoping to break the PR I set in October, but wasn’t happening. I was still happy because this was my 2nd fastest half to date!

On da course.

On da course.

I haven’t always viewed this race in the best light. But I gotta say, the changes they made this year were great! Except for a few bail bond and pawn shops, the course was pretty scenic. I like how we went through many Dallas landmark neighborhoods.

And the energy was terrific! In particular the crowd support was AWESOME! And it was great to see so many friendly faces along the way, like my pal Tory who went all out with his cheer station…

Tory the sign master.

Tory, the sign master.

There was definitely a lot of creativity by the spectators.

My pal David and his malfunctioning umbrella.

After the race with my pal David, and his malfunctioning umbrella.

It was also cool during and after the race, where I can’t even count how many racing friends I ran into…

My friend Sylvia..I'm pretty sure that was her first half!!!

My friend Sylvia..I’m pretty sure that was her first half!!!

Another cool thing was my local elite friends had a good showing too. Our friend Brent got 7th place overall in the marathon! And my buddy Logan came in first place overall in the half, with a time of 1:08:20!!!

Logan at the finish!

Logan at the finish!

After the race, it was time to celebrate!

Group shot 1.

Group shot 1.

We had a rotating group of some really strong runners join us for some craft brews.

Group shot 2.

Group shot 2.

But I gotta say, the COOLEST thing that happened that day was Meb giving me a high five! He was running the first leg of the relay. After he passed the baton, he hung around to support the runners. When I saw him, I made a detour to hit that opportunity (literally)! So cool! And what’s even cooler, later on I got to meet him formally!!!!

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots. Or something like that.

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots…or maybe tortoise and hare.

All in all it was quite a whirlwind. I’m still processing it all. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this race. I may have to sign up for next year already!!!

How bout you? Did anyone else race Dallas? Hang out with any Boston Marathon champs recently? Seen any creative race supporters lately?


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156 Mile Month, New Races & Quitting Cold Turkey

So now we’re in December. Around here that means it’s almost time for the Dallas Marathon. I am not running the Full, but I am running the Half. I think I’m in pretty good shape for it. I finished November with a bang, including a 13.1 mile training run.

I ran this one solo. It was windy and lonely.

I ran this one solo. It was windy and lonely.

The next day I ran another 6 or 7 on the trails with friends. I had to leave right after to get to yoga class, so I was missed out on the groupie…

Imagine me in this picture.

Imagine me in this picture.

So for the month of November, I ended up going 156+ miles! I think that’s the furthest I’ve gone in a month…Even more than when I was training for the Dopey Challenge. I think the most I did then was 140+.

With my Dopey Medals.

With my Dopey Medals.

I’ve found that having that many miles on my feet is really helping to get faster. Especially in “short” races like the 5k I PR’d in on Thanksgiving. I feel like it’s much less of a struggle to maintain a faster speed.

Something was fowl.

Something smelled fowl.

Speaking of racing, I have some new race news. I sneakily snuck in at the beginning of this post how I’m running the Dallas Half Marathon in Mid December. That’s new. I’ve only run this race once, but it was a few years ago and the course is cooooompletely different now.

I'm a baloonatic.

A few years ago. I’m a baloonatic.

Aaand I’m also running a 5k this weekend! It’s the Rudolph Run in Allen, TX. I’ve never run this race, but excited to. Only weird thing is that I will be wearing a GoPro camera on my head. Hopefully it won’t mess with me too much. I wore one during the 10k portion of the Dopey, but I was just jogging that race. You can see the video HERE.

With the GoPro camera.

With the GoPro camera (& Mickey ears/hands)

Annnnywaay, I hope everyone had a good American Thanksgiving. I enjoyed many leftovers, until I finally ran out. It was sad to have to quit cold turkey.

Me about to quit cold turkey. (Yes, I went there.)

Me about to quit cold turkey. (Yes, I went there.)

On a side note, things have been crazy around these parts. I know I’ve been somewhat missing around the blog world recently, but I have a good reason. I hope to explain in my next post. I appreciate y’all that have been checking in on me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to most of you yet, but I will. Hope you’re awesome!

How bout you? Got any races coming up? Gettin your miles in? Ever run with a camera on your head?


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Dallas 13.1 Half Marathon Recap – New PR!!!

Well it looks like all the extra mileage I’ve been running is paying off. I set a new 5k PR at Oktoberfest, ran within one second of that PR at last week’s Mavs 5k, and then two days later PR’d by nearly 5 minutes in the Michelob Ultra Dallas 13.1 Marathon.

Shiny new PR, shiny new medal, dull bumpy tongue.

Shiny new PR, shiny new medal, dull bumpy tongue.

My goals going into this race were:


2. Run sub-8 minute miles

3. Negative split

4, Have fun

I’m glad to say that I accomplished each goal – finishing in 1:42:59!!!!

Official results

Official results

The weather was warm – 70 at the start, and fairly humid, and a bit windy. Also they changed the course this year ~ unnicely adding in some rolling hills the first half of the course. There was also a nasty little zig zag of a couple 180 degree turns at on little section. They also feature an unwelcome hill at mile 12.

There was also very little crowd support and entertainment along the course. But overall, it’s still a good course and race. Like I said, I PR’d, and so did several of my friends.

Some of my PR friends. We did it big..until that guy stole our water bottle.

Some of my PR friends. We did it big..until that guy stole our water bottle.

I took it out easy and slowly increased speed as I went. Once we got to the Katy Trail section of the course, I could see the 1:45 pacer off in the distance. I ended up catching him around mile 10 and was able to pass him by a good distance. At the water stops I would look over my shoulder to make sure I was keeping my lead on him.

The White Rock Running Co-op group. Everyone had a great outing!

The White Rock Running Co-op and Thursday Night Social Run folks. Everyone had a great outing!

Unfortunately I dropped my Gu packet around mile 10, so I had to rely on the Gatorade at the water stations. I walked through three of them, but I didn’t lose too much time doing so, luckily.

My buddy Terrance ran his first half marathon!

My buddy Terrance ran his first half marathon! I’m on my tippy toes.

When I got to the last turn, I only saw two people in front of me, and I kicked it in, using them as goals to pass…I did! I even heard a shout out from the race announcer.

My Sunday Runday pal, Serene also PR'd!

My Sunday Runday pal, Serene also PR’d!

I also had two friends in this race who finished 2nd and 1st overall!!! Speedy dudes!

Brent and Logan collecting their hardware.

Brent and Logan collecting their hardware.

After the race they had a fun band playing, but I felt bad for them because it was so hot out that everyone was hiding in the shaded areas. Well, except for one hula hooper…

Besides the bazillion friends I had running this race, I also had a gagillion more who were there to cheer. Great people.

I'm a selfie artist.

I’m a selfie artist.

In the end, this race is known for PR’s. Despite the changes this year, that reputation held true. It was a fun event with lots of fun friends!


How we do.

How bout you? Know any races where people usually PR? Did you know hula hoopers love Bobby Brown music? Anyone else race this weekend? Or do two races???


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38 Mile Weekend, Toe Update, & Tacos

I made it through my last weekend of long runs before the Disney Dopey Challenge!  It technically started Thursday with 3 miles and a weight session.  Friday was 5 miles and I felt good.  Saturday was 10 miles, but lightning and rain forced me to do it on the dreaded treadmill.  Ugh, but my legs felt good.  And I think the boredom I have to fight on that thing will help me mentally come race day!

Sunday was the 20 miler.  Luckily the rain stopped, but it was replaced by 15-20 mph winds from the cold North.  Temps were around freezing and with the wind chill it said it felt like 25 degrees (American).  And I did the run at Dallas’ White Rock Lake.  The wind was really whipping off the lake and I was really fighting it.

I did not have a great run.  I felt sluggish (like a wet sponge) and wanted it to be over 3 miles in.  But I powered through it and got er done!  38 miles over 4 days!!!

I even ran into my mom who was also running, as well as a couple friends who wanted to meet me down there.

One of my friends. Pic taken by another one.

One of my friends. Pic taken by another one.

After finishing that tough tough run and our body temps cooled off, we got really cold!  How to warm up?  TACOS!

Mmmmm tacos.  That's how you feel better, right there!

Mmmmm tacos. That’s how you feel better, right there!

I was pretty worn down afterwards.  I wasn’t able to get off the couch all that much.  I think part of the issue is that I did that whole 20 miles on a little water, 1 Gu and 1 Honey Stinger.  200 calories ingested during a 20 mile run don’t really make up for the 3,000 or so I burned!  I’ll be better about this come race day.  Hopefully running on empty will make me stronger.  I hope.

WARNING:  While on the couch, I couldn’t help taking a pic of the progressing bruising/blistering ole toe.



It doesn’t really bother me at all, just looks gross.  But I kind of like it because it reminds me of my all time fave movie: “Lost in Translation”.  It has a scene where ScarJo stubs her toe and later on shows it to Bill “effin” Murray while they eat sushi, and he calls it “Brack toe” and says it’s probably a delicacy in Japan.  I can’t help but keep calling it my bracktoe.  You can see the short movie clip HERE.

So there we go, now it’s TAPER-TIME!

What’s your go-to post long run meal?  How bad do your feet get blistered and bruised by the end of training season?  What’s your fave movie?

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Dopey Challenge Training Week 15 – The Big One!

I’ve circled this week in my head months ago.  This is the final simulation week for the Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 in 4 days).  I’m following the plan Hal Higdon created for this event.

Bring it on, mister dwarf!

Bring it on, mister dwarf!

Here’s what this week looks like:

Mon: rest

Tue: 5 miles (+ weights)

Wed: rest

Thu: 2.5 miles (I’ll do 3 + weights)

Fri: 5 miles

Sat: 10 miles

Sun: 20 miles

I feel pretty good going into it.  My knee feels the best it’s felt in weeks, I didn’t even tape it before my 5 miler today.  We’ve also had a warm front come through, so it’s patio weather right now, but they say the weekend will get cold again.

True words.  It takes a lot of work.

True words. It takes a lot of work.

Either way, I’m ready to knock it out!  I’m already trying to figure out which taco joint I’m going to hit up after the 20 miler.  That is good motivation right?  Tacos?

After that it will be all taper time until the main event!  We’re getting close!  When I was putting in the miles for this back in July and August, it felt like we’d never get here, but now we are!  Let’s do this!

I know most of my friends are in the off season right now, but is anyone training for anything?  How difficult is it to train this time of year…what with all the darkness, coldness, & rich foodness going on?

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