20 Miles Runnin, Soccer Time, & Winning Yoga

This weekend I got twenty miles running. Not all at once, but split into two. Saturday I met up with some folks to run 13 miles.

We ran there and there and there and there.

We ran there and there and there and there.

After the run, we got breakfast tacos of course. Sorry, no picture, as I had no time to dilly dally. I had to get to the boy’s soccer match (which I was coaching). And the most important thing, they won! they had fun!

I'm hoping to be named coach of the year.

I’m hoping to be named ‘coach of the year’.

The next morning I was up early again for a trail run sponsored by a local running store. I got in 7 naturistic miles, then got to catch up with friends.

Old runnin buddies. I mean, they're not old, I've just known them for a hot minute.

My old runnin buddies. Er, I mean, they’re not old, I’ve just known them for a hot minute.

I also caught up with folks I don’t know as well.

There was food. And also shadows.

There was food. And also shadows.

Sadly, I couldn’t dilly dally too long (when will I ever get to dilly dally?!?!) as I had to get to yoga class. But after 20 miles of total running, my quads were not loving the chair pose. Or the warriors. Or pretty much any pose other than ‘dead man’ pose.

After practice we were presented with the green yoga mat. Given to the winners of that day's sesh.

After practice we were presented with the green yoga mat. Given to the winners of that day’s sesh. Not really, but I like to pretend.

So now I’m tired. And sore. And I’m very thankful for my rest day. And also sleep. I want more sleep. The process starts over in the morning. Bring it!

How bout you? Get in some good miles this weekend? Anyone know how to dilly dally? Anyone ever win yoga class?


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30 thoughts on “20 Miles Runnin, Soccer Time, & Winning Yoga

  1. Some days I think I am the master of dilly dallying 🙂 I had a not so great running week but got my 18k long run done. Sleep – you get to sleep….like actually sleep sometimes 😉 ha ha…don’t worry, I sleep every other night.
    (Great job on the runs)

    • Ha, yeah, I hear you. Some days it’s hard to get going. Nice job on the 18k! And nice job on the occasional sleep! And thank you!

  2. I win every yoga class in my living rio watching you tube 🙂

  3. I sometimes question whether or not I should go to yoga when my legs are sore. Warrior II does not feel great after 20 miles of running!

  4. Scott, always love your posts!!! Always so fun and inspirational!!! Yep, you’re inspirational!! You really hold everything together so well!! You move from one thing to another with lots of grace!! 😉 You’re awesome!! Have a wonderful week!! Enjoy those breakfast tacos!! XOXO!

    • Thanks so much Kristin! I’m very honored taht you consider me inspirational! That means alot coming from such an inspirational person herself! Ha, I try to have grace whenever I move, but usually flop around like a bullfrog. 😉 You have a great week too! I’ll enjoy every taco for sure! XOXO

  5. What an awesome weekend of running! I think Deadman pose is my best yoga pose any day!!

  6. You are a machine!

    i won yoga class once..it involved me falling into the wall during a balance pose. It made the type of noise that everyone looks at you to make sure you are still alive. Yep, #winning

    • I don’t know about being a machine, but I can dance a mean robot!

      Hahahaha, You are so winning! Luckily I haven’t had one of those experiences, but maybe that means I’m not trying hard enough…

  7. I had an epic run on Sunday with my mutt, just 18km, but it was still epic. I’m pretty good at dilly dallying, especially before work. It’s like I have to be running late in order to actually start moving. I win yoga class every time I don’t fall on my face during practice!

    • Glad your run was so epic!! Wish they could all be that way. Ha, I hear you. I’ve even started laying out my clothes, packing my lunch, etc. the night before, and somehow I’m still rushing around! Ha, nice job staying upright!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! I ran a short 3mi run after my yoga class and jumped in a bouce house this weekend. I am so good at dilly-dallying it’s terrifying. I actually struggle to accomplish things in a timely manner or at all sometimes. No Bueno. As for winning yoga class, I’m winning if I don’t fall over. I have TERRIBLE balance! haha. 🙂

    • Thanks, it was! Nice job with the run, yoga and bounce housing! I hear ya, I have so much on my to-do list that it’s hard to figure out where to even start. Someday…
      Ha, they say it’s good to fall in yoga sometimes, but it doesn’t always feel good to!

  9. WalkToRio

    I think the earliest I’ve ever been out is 6am.
    Wait, it’s 5:04 the time you finished or the time you started?
    Good for the kids! You’ll get the coach of the year award and by then the little ones will look at the camera.
    This weekend was all about racing, I should have done 10 miles on Sunday after the race, but didn’t feel like moving. Instead I enjoyed a huge plate of pork chops with potatoes and bread to feed a small village.

    • Ha, I’ve had some 5am runs, but this one was actually at 6 – I guess I need to check the settings on my watch!
      Ha, yes, maybe if I can get them to take a proper photo, then I’ll win the award!
      Congrats on your racing! And congrats on winning the pork chop eating contest!

  10. Melissa

    I desperately need some dilly-dallying.

  11. I love dilly dallying. Never get to do it either but in my brain it’s really fun! No running last weekend but lots of walking. I’m loving my time off and hitting the gym hard during the week. I’ve never won a yoga class but I’ve gotten free ones! You exhaust me just thinking about all you did last weekend!

    • Yeah, I cold use some dilly dallying too. I’d love a day to catch up on the DVR! Enjoy your runcation and gym hitting! Free yoga is just as good as free food in my opinion! Yes, I’m still tired from the weekend – and it’s almost time for the next one!

  12. I am like the queen of dilly dallying! Half the time I don’t even know I’m doing it. I also completely rock the ‘dead man’ pose. It’s my fav. lol lazy champ over here! I like your little soccer pic – they are getting better at picture taking along with their skills!! so cute!

    • Nice to meet you, your highness! Haha, I always wonder what people think when they look in the window and see us doing the deadman pose, “How is that working out?!?!” Ha yes, they are getting better at soccer and picture taking, but neither is great yet. 😉

  13. I would love to dilly dally… And sleep, sleep is good. Great running!

  14. I did my longest run of 18 miles this weekend! So exhausting. If I attended a yoga class (which I want to do), I would win every time. Duh.

    • That is awesome! You’re doing great increasing your mileage. Well obviously you would win yoga, unless I was in the same class. 😉

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