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20 Miles Runnin, Soccer Time, & Winning Yoga

This weekend I got twenty miles running. Not all at once, but split into two. Saturday I met up with some folks to run 13 miles.

We ran there and there and there and there.

We ran there and there and there and there.

After the run, we got breakfast tacos of course. Sorry, no picture, as I had no time to dilly dally. I had to get to the boy’s soccer match (which I was coaching). And the most important thing, they won! they had fun!

I'm hoping to be named coach of the year.

I’m hoping to be named ‘coach of the year’.

The next morning I was up early again for a trail run sponsored by a local running store. I got in 7 naturistic miles, then got to catch up with friends.

Old runnin buddies. I mean, they're not old, I've just known them for a hot minute.

My old runnin buddies. Er, I mean, they’re not old, I’ve just known them for a hot minute.

I also caught up with folks I don’t know as well.

There was food. And also shadows.

There was food. And also shadows.

Sadly, I couldn’t dilly dally too long (when will I ever get to dilly dally?!?!) as I had to get to yoga class. But after 20 miles of total running, my quads were not loving the chair pose. Or the warriors. Or pretty much any pose other than ‘dead man’ pose.

After practice we were presented with the green yoga mat. Given to the winners of that day's sesh.

After practice we were presented with the green yoga mat. Given to the winners of that day’s sesh. Not really, but I like to pretend.

So now I’m tired. And sore. And I’m very thankful for my rest day. And also sleep. I want more sleep. The process starts over in the morning. Bring it!

How bout you? Get in some good miles this weekend? Anyone know how to dilly dally? Anyone ever win yoga class?


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Final Cool Runs, Yoga Anus Confirmation, and Brunch!

Welp, it was nice while it lasted.  The whole ‘arctic vortex’ came and went.  We had a glorious few days of record low temps in North Texas…and I took full advantage.  I ran every day of it.  Here’s what my week looked like:

Sun trail run + yogaTues – run + weights.  Wed – track work.  Thurs run + weights.  Fri – run.  Satrun + yard workout.  Sun – run + yoga.

Oh, and guess what?!?!  In Sunday’s yoga I learned more about the whole ‘anus clenching‘ thing.  It’s called ‘Mula Bandha‘.  I won’t get into the details today, but it’s supposed to have many benefits.  I guess it’s a big deal.  Who knew?  That’s the thing about yoga, you’re always learning.

Anyway, after yoga, we we knew the cool weather was going buh-bye, so we squeezed in one last outdoor fun time – patio brunch!

She loved the black bean dip so much she decided to save some for later on her face and clothes and hair.

She loved the black bean dip so much she decided to save some for later on her face and clothes and hair.

Of course the autumn-y weather is gone now and we’re back to 90% humidity and near triple digits temps.  Return of the sweatfest!  I’m not complaining though – last week’s break was such a nice surprise!

How bout you?  Been working on your mula bandha?  Who else loves patio brunches?  Anyone else get to enjoy a weather break?


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Injury Prevention – It’s all in the Anus

OK, 1st off, you will not see any photos in this post.  I hope the title gives you a clue as tow why.

2nd off, I’m not being vulgar.  I’m repeating a term my yoga instructor said the other day.  Here’s the skinny…

We were doing some pose or another and she said we need to tighten our anuses.  OK, first she said the yoga phrase for it…then the English translation.

I googled it and it does exist.

She also said she’s a medical professional in her day job and the most common injury she sees is the back. She then said if we practiced tightening our anuses, we wouldn’t get hurt.  I’m not talking clenching the core or booty cheeks…She meant anus.

Now I’ve been practicing yoga for like 8 years now.  I’ve heard a lot of unexpected stuff from instructors.  But this one caught me off guard.  I’m not complaining.  I’m open to whatever.  But the comedian in me was all in.  This lead me to imagining a bunch of questions…

Will my anus be sore tomorrow?  Will it eventually get ripped?  Will I finally be comfortable enough to show it off at the beach?  And so on…

Anyway, I have some more sessions coming up with this particular instructor, so we’ll see what she brings next.  Until then, keep your booty hole tight!

Any yogis out there have advice on this?  Any other unique yoga terms you’ve heard?  Any advice for mastering this technique? Any other comedian questions?



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Dopey Training Week 2 & Unique Duathalon

So week two of my unofficial training is in the books.  It was supposed to be an easy “off” week, but I’m afraid I didn’t make it so.  I did my weekday workouts and runs as planned, but man, the heat makes it tough.  We’ve had double digit days of triple digit heat now.  And the humidity, my goodness gracious.  After I run, my clothes take over a day to dry out from the soaking sweat.  Insane.

The weekend was supposed to be an easy 4 miles on Saturday and cross train on Sunday.  But I turned the weekend into a two day duathalon.  I turned the 4 miler into 5, then went afterwards to yoga.  Sunday I did an 8 mile trail run, followed by yoga.  The trail run was fun.  I met with some friends and we ran Erwin Park.  It’s a great trail with some rather challenging parts if you choose to do them.  It’s mostly mountain bikers out there, but we did see some other runners.  We got started at 6:30 am trying to beat the heat, but we didn’t.  It’s hot at all hours.  Only bonus running that early is that the sun wasn’t leaning against our bodies right away.

As far as the second part of the two day duathalon, yoga also kicked my butt.  For people who think it’s a relaxing easy stretching time.  It is relaxing and stretching, but it’s not easy…especially after running.  It’s hard holding a series of Warrior poses on tired legs.  But hopefully doing so has made me stronger.  I’m a firm believer in yoga for endurance athletes.  It strengthens so many stabilizing and core muscles, which often get neglected by just running.  It also does help those of us unflexible types to get more bendy.  It also works all the other muscle groups that are also neglected by just running or biking.

Anyway, I was pretty sore after my “easy off” week.  But hopefully I’ll be fine for this week’s more challenging set of workouts.  Bring it!

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Great Run Opportunity (and Other Stuff)

OK, so on Saturday June 8, we are leading a social run in Allen, TX at 8am.  We are starting/stopping at Pure Movement Dance and Fitness Studio.  One of my cool friends is the co-owner…I know people.  But that’s not necessarily why we’re running from there.  They are also hosting a big health/fitness event that same day.  See the flier below…or is it flyer?

Click on it to make it bigger.  Or not, whatever.

Click on it to make it bigger. Or not, whatever.

I love hanging out with my like minded health conscience friends.  Especially when we’re encouraging others to get fit.  And so as part of this morning, after our run, they are offering us a yoga session by an amazing instructor for only $5.  Pretty cool deal. And if you follow my blog, then you know how important I think yoga is for athletes – especially runners.  Check out my post on it here: Yoga for Runners

If you’re in the area, join us.  If you’re not in the area, get to the area.  Minimum run will be 2 miles, max run is up to you as we are running laps around Celebration Park…the more laps you do, the more mileage.  It’s 1.5 miles around and exactly 1 mile from Pure Movement.  Here’s the course: Saturday’s route

I hope you can join us.

Other than that, I need to make a correction to my last post.  I said I had done 4 videos with Flula.  But I lied.  I had forgotted the very first video I made with him.  It was on a show we used to do called “The Dilly-O”.

Silly show, yes, but it must’ve been working because the series did win Two Emmys!

Fun night that was.

Fun night that was.

And one more thing I forgot to write about this week.  My soccer team made it to the championship game of our league.  The semifinal went to double overtime, then a double shootout.  I made my penalty shot to help them win.  But in the final, we also went to double overtime and double shootout, and I also made my penalty, but this time we lost.  Oh well, still had fun.

No smiles for second place.

No smiles for second place.

OK, I think that’s it for now.  Keep it fit people!


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