Proof That I Ran the Oktoberfest 5k

If you missed my post about my 5k PR last week well don’t fret. You can either click that link in the previous sentence or you can skip it and just look at some of the official race photos that were just released.

Why is that kid in the yellow shirt falling over?

Why is that kid in the yellow shirt falling over?

I usually take bad race photos, but there’s actually a few decent ones here.

So long lobster-backs!

So long lobster-backs!

Yes, these are previews, and I do buy race photos when it’s a special occasion. But this was one of a million 5k’s I’ve run. And I wouldn’t mind getting a few of the non watermaked ones, but at $20, no thanks.

My secret to running fast is to keep your mouth open so you catch bugs - instant protein!

My secret to running fast is to keep your mouth open so you catch bugs – instant protein!

I read about a race in Cali that all the photos were either included in the registration, or were like $5 bucks a piece. Much more reasonable. I wish more races offered that.



Anyway, I thought I’d end this post with my favorite photo of me from the race. This was one of several they tagged under my bib number…

I look like I finished strong!!!

I look like I finished strong!!!

There you go. A few of the pics they tagged me in. Ha, hope you enjoyed them.

How bout you? Ever take a decent race pic? How great do I look in that last pic? Any other questions or captions to the pics?


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46 thoughts on “Proof That I Ran the Oktoberfest 5k

  1. lolol you look so great in that last one!

  2. WalkToRio

    20 bucks a pics???!!!!!
    For that price they better be framed.
    The only good thing about race walk not being a popular event is that we get all pics for, basically because those taking pics are our relatives our friends.
    Usually the organization makes pics available to everybody. The only time I’ve bought pics was for a race in Rio earlier this year. Those were really nice shots and after the exchange rate they were cheaper than bananas. Bananas in Brazil that is, because in here they are expensive.
    What were you listening on that last pic?

    • Yes!!! No, they aren’t framed. It’s insane how much they charge!
      Ha, yeah, that’s they way to do it! I didn’t have any family out at this race, and all my friends were running in it.
      That’s cool! Sounds like you got a good banana pic! I did buy a package at the Dopey Challenge, because it was on sale and it was 4 races, and it was at Disney World. So I think I got my money’s worth there.
      I was listening to dubstep most likely. Is that still a thing?

  3. You look absolutely fabulous in all of your pictures (even in the last one)!! Woohoo!! 🙂 You look very strong and focused, definitely relaxed, too which is always good!! Ya got great running form!! XOXO!!

    • Thank you Kristin! Woo to the hoo! Thanks so much! You can’t tell from the photos, but I was hurting – wanted to puke – luckily I held on!

  4. I think the price has to do with how long the race is. The ones for the VT100 were like $65 – for the digital print. I’d think they’d sell a boat load more if they just dropped it to $5 a digi-copy. I mean seriously, once you’ve paid back your camera, the cost is damn near zero…

    • Yowza! For one pic?! I completely agree – if the digi downloads were $5, I’d be tempted to buy a lot more. And I’m sure a lot of other people would too. Sheesh.

  5. You look lovely! And living proof! I take terrible race pics. I rarely buy them unless it is a cool race, like running up Bear Mountain. Had to document that. I ran a horribly run trail race last winter but the only good thing was all the photos were released on their Facebook page for you. That was pretty cool. The lack of promised beer, not so much so……

    • Haha, thank you! I’m usually with you on the terrible pics. Oooh, Bear Mtn would be a cool spot for race pics! That’s cool about the facebook race photos – I’ve had one or two races do that too. That’s the way to go! But they screwed you on the free beer?!?! Protest!

  6. I see what you did there. 😉

    Those came out pretty good! You look fabulous in that last one. LOL

  7. I’ve had one really good one that’s currently my fb and IG profile pic. Only 5$ to download too!

  8. You look so different after 3.1 miles. Very impressive wardrobe change, although I have to say I’ll never be a fan of men in short shorts.

  9. Why don’t more races do that? Hmmmmmm. That’s one to grow on! I have 2 really great race pictures that I don’t look like a boy in. 1. New York Marathon 2013. Epic! Totally sums up the race. And 2. One I just found from the VT50, my first Ultra (wwwwhhhaaaat?!?!?)

    All the rest I look like a wild eyed little boy who has faaaar too many teeth in his head. Ick.

    • I have no clue! It is one to grow on, I hope you have a nice spurt. Ha, how come gals complain about looking like a boy in pics, but you never hear guys complaining about looking like a girl? What does that say about boys? Very cool about your 50! I saw the review, nice job!

      All the better to bite things with, I guess.

  10. I don’t usually even look at the race photos but I did for my recent 10K….they were so bad I was almost tempted to buy one just to memorialize the terribleness. Almost.

  11. I hate how expensive they are, I keep going to the website to buy my photo from the race in Ireland but chicken out at the last minute because of the 25 euro price tag on the download. Great pictures from the 5k though!

    • Oooouuuuch! 25 euros? Though it might be worth it if it’s a good shot – I mean, how many times will you get Ireland race photos? Thank you!

  12. You look awesome! I have my eyes closed in most of my race photos. I hate that race photos are so expensive. For our local race I have two really awesome local photographers who take pictures of everyone along the race course and at the finish and all the photos are free!

    • Thank you!!! Ha, I always seem to get photos on the down step so that gravity is pulling everything down. Blergh. That’s cool about your free photos! I ran a race like that here recently. It was a small one and the photog put all the pics on facebook – nice!

  13. The SF Marathon and the Beat the Blerch half marathon in Washington offered free race photos.

  14. 9 times out of 10 my race pics are horrible. I have had a few races offer free photos. Ventura marathon did but unfortunately they weren’t organized by bib number, just uploaded to a site. It made searching difficult.

    • Haha, I’m usually with you! Oh man, that sucks trying to find your own race photos. I did that with some missing photos from Dopey – and I saw some un marked photos of me one day, but they disappeared the next. Not sure what happened to them.

  15. runningschlub

    Yikes that’s steep for pics. I’ve never bought any before. Out here we have so trail races that offer the race photos completely free. Now they know how to throw a race.

    • I know right! And that’s for a print out, the digital downloads are more! That’s cool about the free photos – so cool!

  16. You know that I am not friends with race pics. I always look constipated and slow. Yours looked great! You were super focused, ‘cuz you’re so badass.

    • Haha, I do know that! Thank you so much! You can’t tell in the pics, but I didn’t feel too badass. I felt like puking. And diarrheaing.

  17. Those are actually pretty nice photos! But I agree, $20 is absolutely outrageous. The Color Run I just did was offering digital copies for $4, and if they’d actually had any good pictures of me, I definitely would have paid for them.

    • I now, they keep getting more expensive. They don’t realize they’d sell a lot more if they were cheaper. That’s cool about the $4! Well, it is if you can get a good photo!

  18. I don’t take very good race photo’s 😦 that’s why I try to rock the pre and post photos 🙂 I love that the “proof” is towards the bottom of the photo – you can still crop it if you want. Race photo’s are super expensive here $30-50 depending on what you want.

    PS – You are rocking that last photo!

    • Haha, yes, you have much more control over the pre and post pics! Ha, yeah, I thought that play on words was amusing. 30-50? Insane!
      Thank you! 😉

  19. I usually don’t like my race photos either – the just remind me that I am more of an elephant and not the gazelle that I picture in my mind, lol! They are expensive though and I usually don’t buy either.
    Can you tell me which bugs to scoop for the best nutrition/race benefit? Thanks!

    • Ha, yeah, I always feel like my pics should look like I’m sprinting, but they never do. Haha!
      Well, I think dragonflies are a good size with lots of protein. Only problem is they eat bugs like mosquitos, so I hate to get rid of any of them. 😉

  20. Two of the running stores that host races here offer free pics which is awesome…an awesome perk for racing!

  21. Hahahahaha! I always wonder why there are always a few of those “where am I?!” pictures in the bunch!

  22. HAHA, nothing like someone stealing your race number!!!

  23. Disregard last comment, just noticed it was different! At first glance looked like you had a number jacker!

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