Run 4 Da Taco, Pro Soccer, & Weekap

It’s been another crazy week! It started with my Oktoberfest 5k PR on Saturday. Then a 10 mile run at the Balloon Half Marathon. Those were two too hot days. But then…

…We fina-freakin-ly had a break in the weather!! We actually had cool mornings all week! My pace per mile was a minute faster than my runs the week before. Felt great!

One of the runs was at a local running store. It was an early 4 miles followed by breakfast tacos and Pepsi. And when I say Pepsi, I mean my friend (yes, that’s her name).

Pepsi and Serene. A couple of my running partners. Pepsi forgot to wear a longhorn shit. What a fool!

Pepsi and Serene. A couple of my running partners. Pepsi forgot to wear a longhorn shit. What a fool!

If you follow this blog (or my Instagram) then you know how I love tacos. So when they offered them that morning, I ate them. Then when I got to work, somebody had brought some. So I ate them. I almost made myself sick of tacos. But don’t worry, I’m over that.

Also this week, the boy and I went to watch FC Dallas play against Seattle Sounders. It was a good night and we won the match!

Just a couple of slack-jawed mouth-breathers.

Just a couple of slack-jawed mouth-breathers.

And now it’s time for another crazy weekend! Got a lot planned (yes, tacos included). Aaaaaand, I’m excited because I’m supposed to be getting some new running shoes today! Yessir! Gotta love that!

How bout you? Get a weather break where you are? Any social runs? Who loves free tacos (if you say, “not me” we can’t be friends)?


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31 thoughts on “Run 4 Da Taco, Pro Soccer, & Weekap

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve been obsessing about tacos lately! I’ve been making all kinds of yummy veggie/bean tacos and I’m seriously craving them now!! Boy, you’ve totally inspired me. Breakfast tacos!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Tacos…eh. I can take ’em or leave ’em. However, my wife made us quesadillas this week and they were freakin’ awesome!

  3. I don’t know how you’re not a taco ambassador by now! Good job on your runs, especially the Oktoberfest 5K PR…super impressive! I would have just been drinking beer! 😉

    • I don’t know either. That’s a good point, I need to contact these taco makers! Thank you! Ha, I did think about skipping the run part and going straight to the beer tent, but looking back I”m glad I didn’t!

  4. It’s very cool here, like single digits cool (in Celsius). I’m already wearing long sleeve shirts and gloves! Brrr!!! Free tacos would be amazing! Tacos in general would be amazing up in this neck of the woods.

    • That’s nutso! You had a pretty short summer there! Our little cool temps only lasted a couple days. It’s hooot again. Supposed to get another cool front later this week though. Ha, you really need to open a taco shop there! Corner the market!

  5. One cannot beco,e sick of tacos. It’s a crime against nature.

  6. Cooler temps here. Still humid. Love tacos. Looking forward to my long run this next weekend.

    • Yeah, we had a 3 day break from the humidity, but it’s back in full force. The tacos make it somewhat bearable. Good luck on your run!!

  7. It’s gonna be warm tomorrow, but I think fall weather has officially moved in. Loving the temp. Not loving the fewer hours of daylight. Always love tacos.

    • Ahh, well enjoy your fall. It’s hot here again. Booo. I hear you on the limited daylight – it’s so dark on my morning runs now that I’m seriously considering getting a light to carry. Go tacos go!

  8. Tacos tacos tacos! Viva la taco!

  9. I love your love of tacos, it’s inspirational. (And I’m posting a pic of some tacos I had last week for you in post : )

    • Haha, thank you! You need to come visit and we’ll eat all the tacos! Oooh, I’ll go check out your pic now!

      • The taco pic was on my weekly recap – I had 1 lobster taco and 1 fried cod taco (I am on Cape Cod after all!)…are fish tacos Texas approved or is that not legit?

      • Oooh, somehow I missed that one. I’ll go look for it now! And yes, we do have fish tacos here – love em! A lobster roll taco would be amazing!

  10. Who DOESN’T love free tacos? Actually, free ANYTHING works for me hahhaha I am soooo enjoying the cool weather! I bet you can’t find a “Share a Coke” for your friend Pepsi over there LOL poor girl :-/

    • Haha, I hear you! Enjoy your cool weather…ours only lasted a couple days before getting hot again. Hahaha, I bet your right about that coke thingy. Yeah, Pepsi gets a lot of comments on her name. You don’t want to hear the theory I had on her name that I told her the other day – she didn’t think it was very funny. Haha

  11. I LOVE those longhorn shirts–so cute and clever!

  12. I prefer burritos. Is that cool? I’m pretty sure they’re cousins or something.

  13. I’m actually bummed that I haven’t had a taco in a while! We had a break in the weather for a couple weeks but towards the end of this week it’s supposed to be back up to the 90’s. Ugh.

    • Blergh. Our weather break only lasted a couple days. It’s back in the 90’s here too. Though we are promised another cool front this weekend. Here’s hopin.

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