100.5 Mile March!

In March I participated in the Fitfluential #FFMarchMiles challenge.  They wanted people to run/walk/hike to 100 miles in March.  I’m not currently training for any big races, so I was doing this for fun.  And it came down to the final day, but I got it done.

I was at 99.5 miles.  To get to 100 I took the kids and dogs on a walk.

Just a few thumbsuckers.

Just a few thumbsuckers.

One mile later my feet had carried me 100.5 March miles!  It’s not as much as the gaudy monthly numbers I was putting up while training for the Dopey Challenge, but I’m happy with it!

Other than that, voting continues in the Earth Day video contest where my video is a finalist.  If you wouldn’t mind voting and sharing/tweeting, I’d be thankful!  My video is “C” and you can vote here: http://www.heb.com/page/offers-contests/earth-day-video-contest

Just look for the little girl with a bag mobile.

Just look for the little girl with a bag mobile.

How bout you?  How many miles was your March?  How old is too old for thumbsucking (your own, not a strangers)? 


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30 thoughts on “100.5 Mile March!

  1. My mileage was super low in March, as I was focusing on balance with other work outs…and oddly enough I am A OK with that.

  2. Oh my gosh, such adorable pictures and great job on your Fitfluential challenge!! That’s a lot of miles!!

  3. Great job on getting to 100 miles! I’m still building up my mileage slowly so I’m not yet at 100 miles in month. I think once you know what germs are, you’re probably too old to suck your thumb.

    • You’ll be back up there soon enough! And hahaha, I am a bit of a germaphobe, so it is weird that I stuck my thumb in my mouth for that pic!

  4. Love the video. Voted. Good Luck!!

  5. I came up short for the FFMarchMiles :/ I hit just over 77, but I forgot to count walking…I was a little disappointed but it’s not so bad considering I had the foot issues. 5 is too old to be sucking a stranger’s thumb.

  6. VOTED!! 🙂 I didn’t know that 100 Mile March was a thing, but I definitely didn’t run that many due to my awesome tendon. The fact that I made it 60 miles is pretty much a miracle. (Though I did bike something ridiculous like 280. Does that count?)

    No thumb sucking in my house. I kind of wish that Betty did that and wasn’t so into a pacifier for so long. I finally got that thing away from her right before she turned 2.

    • THANK YOU!! I hate your stupid awesome tendon! 280 on a bike? Way to supplement while hurt!!!!!!!

      Haha, Gwen never cared much for the paci, but she loves her some thumb. It doesn’t bother me so much and it makes for silly photos when we join her! Hmmm, now I seem to recall as a kid our parents putting nasty tasting nail polish on our finger nails to get us to stop thumb sucking and the like. I don’t think that would be allowed today! Haha

  7. Not only did I vote, but I clicked and watched. Too cute…you have a talented set of kiddos!

    • Awesome! Glad you liked it! The little one thought we were playing a game. The bigger one took my directions surprisingly well! Better than some actors I’ve worked with!

  8. Cat Hiles

    Great job getting your 100 miles in! I hit 151 miles in March, which is, without a doubt, the most miles I’ve ever run in a month before. Insanity.

    Heading over to vote for your video now!

  9. Way to go with your 100 miles, especially when you’re not really training for anything!
    I haven’t tracked any of my workouts since my last Ironman in August! It’s been liberating!

    • Thank you! I figure the miles will help when I run some shorter races (inevitable). No tracking? I think I’d go nuts. I ran a track work out last week and forgot my watch. I still wish I knew what my pace was on my splits!

  10. That video was adorable!!! Congrats on the 100 mile month!

  11. Ok I just counted up my miles and I was a bit shocked/embarrassed. Somehow I did 237 miles this month. I have too much time on my hands! I am definitely going over to vote!

  12. I just did my math…126! I’m certain I’ve never done that before, but I plan to keep it up as long as my knee allows!

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