Windy Track Work & N. Korea Marathon

I ran my 2nd track workout of the season yesterday.  This time I did 400’s with a 200 in between each.  It was tough, but good.  What made it extra tough was the wind.  The back straight away and a half turn, I was running directly in to the wind tunnel.

It's that thing, when the forecast is 'wind'.

It’s that thing, when the forecast is ‘wind’.

It felt at times like I was running in place.  There’s not much I can do about it though.  This time of year, it’s pretty much windy like that every day.  And I do have a race next week that could have the same wind, so I might as well practice in it, right?

In other news, did y’all see the North Korean Marathon is open to tourists for the first time in history? You can read about it HERE.

Last one home gets sentenced to hard labor.

Last one home gets sentenced to hard labor.

I’m all for destination races, but this would be crazy!  I’ve always been fascinated by places I’m not usually allowed to visit – aka, Cuba and N. Korea.  Call it a forbidden fruit sort of complex.

If you don’t know, most Americans are not allowed to visit Cuba – our two governments don’t play nice together.  And it’s usually not a good idea to visit N. Korea, because they can get kind of detainy-to-prison-campy with Americans tourists.

Still, I’d like to see these places someday, and I know how running is a great way to see new places.  Maybe they should put on something like the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge between the two countries???

I'm assuming this will be on the race shirts.

I’m assuming this will be on the race shirts.

Run a race in Cuba, get a medal.  Run a race in N. Korea, get a medal.  Then get a bonus medal for completing the “Cross World Communist Dictator Race Challenge”!

How bout you?  Are you lucky enough to always have the wind at your back?  Would you run in the DPRK?  Up for the Commy Race Challenge?

PS – Don’t forget your daily vote for my video “C”!!!  Only a few days left to vote for “C”:






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49 thoughts on “Windy Track Work & N. Korea Marathon

  1. Ok — seriously laughed out loud at the idea of Cross World Communist Dictator Race Challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t?! AND voted…

  2. Ugh, wind has been getting on my nerves lately!! In my area, we always have tons of wind (especially this winter)!! Somehow, no matter which direction I go (whether I turn around or not), it’s always blowing me backwards. OH BOY! I feel your pain!! I feel like I’m running in place, too! Great job on your track work, though!! That sounded tough!!

    • Hahaha, I hate those directionally challenged winds! We don’t have any big hills or mountains around here to block any of the winds, so it’s always a steady dose. There’s nothing more frustrating than to be burning your legs trying to fight the gale! Thank you, it was a tough workout. I was sore after!!!

  3. TartanJogger

    Much as I love destination races, that’s one too far for me…..

  4. Oh and I forgot to say, I LOVE your video!! It’s SO good, clever and funny!!

  5. Jajaja omg you’re hilarious!!!!

  6. What a great race idea! I would run a race in Cuba, but Canadians are welcome there. I haven’t been there yet, but want to mostly because American’s aren’t allowed and it makes it more intriguing. Not so sure about N. Korea. I think I would avoid that country.

    • Yeah, I would much prefer the beaches and rum drinks of Cuba to the threat of life imprisonment in N Korea. I think I can technically go to Cuba since I work in the media (media and health care folks are allowed), but I’m sure I’d have to jump through some hoops.

  7. Love the post!! I’m not jealous of your wind but I’m definitely jealous of those temps!!

  8. Sorry about the wind. I literally laughed out loud at the coast to coast idea…hahahaha

  9. Maybe I’m just boring, but I don’t really have the forbidden fruit bug to visit anywhere I’m not particularly welcome. But if you ever do-keep us all posted and best of luck! 😉 Running in wind is worse than running in rain (unless it’s windy AND rainy)!

    • Haha, yeah, I don’t want to go anywhere dangerous, but I think it’d be neat to see Cuba. I’d like to check out some of Hemingway’s old haunts. I’m not sure if they even have any races there though. Yes, the wind is crazy! I try to plan my runs so that it is at my back at the end.

  10. You are always so entertaining. Sorry about the annoying wind but I’m sure you’re stronger because of it! As for all the cross continental running you are planning to do, I think I may stay home for that one. Unless Cuba in reality is like the Cuba of Dirty Dancing 2, then I will join you!

    • Yeah, I keep trying to remind myself that running into the wind and up hills is making me stronger, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Haha, I don’t think I’ve seen DD2, but I’ll take your word that it is magical!

  11. I’ve been to Cuba. I actually liked it. At least the resort I stayed at. I don’t think I would have run there though…it was HOT!

  12. That is crazy they’re opening North Korea to tourists for the marathon! I’m all about adventure travel, but I’m not so sure about that one!
    Way to run in the wind! I’d rather run in snow, sleet, anything other than wind!

    • Haha, yeah, you never know when they might decide that you’re actually a ‘spy’ and lock you up!
      Thanks! It’s quite windy here quite often. Especially in spring – that’s when it’s crazy windy. Not uncommon to see downed tree branches and recycling carts!

  13. I’ve heard about the N. Korea marathon. I really wish I could do that.

  14. Yeeeeah I don’t know about the N. Korea marathon….
    I do know that I hate running into the wind though! I use the treadmill for speedwork so at least I don’t have to deal with it there. Wind sucks!

    • Hahaha, I’d be really weary about running that race.
      Yeah, the wind makes it hard. The race I’m running next week, I ran last year, and it was crazy windy. After, everyone said the same thing about the times we had to turn on the course into the wind, “It felt like running into a wall.”

  15. LOL. Hey, I had no idea about N Korea. What in the wOrLD…here I am, running this RACE around the world – KOREAN to boot – and I was clueless. I blame it on the behind-the-scenes labor over the Race and comments and likes I have to swim back through. I don’t have time to know important stuff like this.

    Aye yaya. Thanks. And you’re Amazon, running rain or shine, hail or sleet.

    • It’s sad that I’m you go-to source for Korean news. LOL.

      Why thank you! I guess you could say I’m like the mailman of runners. Haha!

      • SAD. I know, right? LOL Well, keep making yourself useful and I’ll keep you around. He he

        In Ancient Greece you woulda been the faithful runner who through all the vicissitudes of weather to deliver the message. And then after panting and wiping himself clean, sat down to join the ceremony as bard.

      • Dang, you put a lot of pressure on me! Ha.

        Ohhhh, I like that. I like the idea of being a hard worker who contributes to the team, then also enjoys the party. I wish it wasn’t so itchy for me to grow a beard, or then I’d be the bearded bard!

      • LOL The beard will keep you warm in the snow and sleet. Your running’s inspirational. Keep shining.

      • Thank you D. I shall try!

  16. PAHAHA see this is why I would NOT run a race in N.Korea. I WOULD be the last one, and frankly I don’t have the calluses built up. Please let us know if you do sign up for one of these detainy-to-prison-campy races. We need a heads up so we can get a hold of the proper US authorities (who will most likely laugh at you).

  17. Wind never ceases to piss me off.

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