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100.5 Mile March!

In March I participated in the Fitfluential #FFMarchMiles challenge.  They wanted people to run/walk/hike to 100 miles in March.  I’m not currently training for any big races, so I was doing this for fun.  And it came down to the final day, but I got it done.

I was at 99.5 miles.  To get to 100 I took the kids and dogs on a walk.

Just a few thumbsuckers.

Just a few thumbsuckers.

One mile later my feet had carried me 100.5 March miles!  It’s not as much as the gaudy monthly numbers I was putting up while training for the Dopey Challenge, but I’m happy with it!

Other than that, voting continues in the Earth Day video contest where my video is a finalist.  If you wouldn’t mind voting and sharing/tweeting, I’d be thankful!  My video is “C” and you can vote here:

Just look for the little girl with a bag mobile.

Just look for the little girl with a bag mobile.

How bout you?  How many miles was your March?  How old is too old for thumbsucking (your own, not a strangers)? 


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