Hit the Running Reset Button & Blogiversary

I feel like I’m a sleepy bear that’s been hibernating in a manly cave the past week or so. For the first time since I “Nancy Kerriganed” my own knee a year ago, I’ve missed a few workouts. There’s a couple reasons for this.

1. We got iced. This happens about once a year in North Texas. We never seem to get snow days, but rather ice days. No joke, there’s like an inch of ice on the ground right now. It blows. Though the kids don’t seem to mind getting a few days off school.

A rare opportunity to play outdoor Texas hockey.

A rare opportunity to play outdoor Texas hockey.

I know the pictures look like snow, but trust me, that is solid ice. Muy dangerous. I’ll run in the dark, past skunks, over the hills and through the woods, but I won’t run when there’s ice around.


Why won’t this white stuff make a snowman?

2. I have been sick now for over a week…I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks. I did go on one run since I’ve taken ill and it wasn’t a good idea. Muy lightheaded, batman.

So between the ice and the illness, I decided to Shut.It.Down.

tumblr_ndi25oLVA61qb9uzso2_250As much as I wanted to join my friends for a long run, go to yoga, run trails, hit the gym, etc. I decided to take a mini-break to get better and let the weather get better. Sometimes you just gotta do that.

Since I shut it down, I’ve gotten a ton of sleep. My nagging runner aches and pains have faded. I cleaned out the DVR. And any sense of burnout is gone – Since I haven’t run for a week, I am so friggin itchy to get back out there!!! Here’s hopin’ the ice melts so papa can hit the pavement!

Other than that, WordPress says I had my 6 year blogiversary!

6 Years

6 Years

So yay for us!

How bout you? Ever shut it down? Anyone else sick? Do you think we’ll survive #Icepocalypse2k15?


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31 thoughts on “Hit the Running Reset Button & Blogiversary

  1. Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better! I shut my running down last fall and still haven’t gotten back into it regularly. Things picked up at work and my teaching schedule exploded so I shut, it, down. No illness here but lots of cold and snow! Hope you thaw out soon!

    • Thanks so much!!! That’s a long shut down. But I know you stay active!!! I hope you can get back to running! Thanks so much! It’s supposed to be warm today before getting cold again tomorrow. Bleh

  2. Oh, wow! I had missed that post. Best wishes for a fast recovery and melting ice. I hate ice worse than snow.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I’ve been all out of sorts the past couple weeks. Feeling back to normal now though! Yes, ice blows!

  3. Ice just is the pits! We’ve had so much snow and some freezing rain which has made life crazy here – bad roads etc. Right now, I’m happy to be living up my running on the treadmill.
    Being sick is no fun…we were good for about 2 weeks and now our littlest one has a cold….only a matter of time before we all get it.

    • Yes, ice can be a real icehole sometimes. 😉 I don’t know how you live where you do! So much cold and snow and ice!
      Ha, isn’t it crazy how often kids get sick – the trick is not catching it yourself – good luck!

  4. Hopefully you feel better soon and the ice has all melted when you do!

    • Thank you! Feeling better now. The ice is melted, but it left everything all wet – and it’s supposed to freeze again tomorrow! Yikes!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! I always think it’s a good idea to just completely take a break when you’re sick. It can suck in the moment, but ultimately it will help you recover and get back out there feeling 100% much sooner. Here’s hoping your health and the weather get their shiz together soon!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, I took it as a sign that I needed a break. I hadn’t missed a workout in over a year! I am feeling much better now. Felt good to run today – tho it took my body a while to remember what we were doing! Yes, the health and weather must get their shiz together!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better! being that ill is no fun!
    We barely get snow and when we do its just an inch and often turns to ice. Melts the next day though 😉 – at least the kids had fun !
    happy bloganniversary! 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Yes, being sick and cold blows, but I think it was a much needed rest. It sounds like your climate is similar to ours – we get snow/ice once a year on average. Me no likey! Ha, yeah, the kids liked it until their hands started hurting from the cold – then it was all crying!

  8. We’ve been getting a lot of snow and ice recently, the roads have been terrible, and the gym has been closed. So I’ve been on a little hiatus too 🙂 Its great every once and awhile.

    Congrats on your bloganniverary!

    • Yikes! Seems like the whole country is getting this crap weather. But yes, it is nice to have a break!
      Thanks so much!!!!

  9. Your kids are so cute! I can definitely feel spring around the corner! keep hibernating and it’ll be here before you know it!

    • Why thank you! Spring teases us with a warm day here and there, before it gets bitter cold again. So over it! Yes, must hibernate!

  10. Wow 6 years—congrats! I had to laugh at your ice..I know it’s all relative, but I can’t even walk past a snow/ice mound without it being taller than me! 🙂 I hope you are feeling better and can get back to your workouts soon…and your kids are so adorable!

    • Hahaha, I’m sorry to complain about our ice! I can’t imagine having it tower over us – that will take forever to melt!!! I am feeling better now, and the ice has melted – but they say there’s another round coming this week!! Yikes!

  11. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Congrats on 6 years! Wow, that is quite an accomplishment!! We just got an inch of ice last weekend too, not fun…at all. And good for you for taking a rest. So many people push through it and I think it’s the body’s way of saying slow down!! Rest up and feel better soon!

    • Thank you! Sad thing is that after the first few years, I had a minor freak out and deleted ever single post I had written. Gone forever. Took me a while to come back, but glad I did! Yikes, Ice is no fun at all! And luckily I was smart and listened to an elite friend who posted on facebook that it’s not worth getting hurt by falling on the ice!!!
      Thank you! Just now feeling back to normal!

  12. Congrats on the anniversary, feel better soon and stay safe!!

  13. Sometimes you have to shut it down, if only to clean up the DVR. So far I’ve managed to stay un-sick, but who knows how much longer. Ice sucks. We had super warm weather on the weekend that created ice everywhere and then it snowed and all the ice is hiding and even more dangerous.

    • Haha, well I certainly cleaned up the DVR. I hope you stay healthy! I thought of you as I ate tacos twice this past week! They helped nurse me back to health. Oh no, I hate hidden ice! Stay safe up there!

  14. Wow – 6 years, that’s great! Yep, currently sick. My body just decided to give up this week so I’ve walked a mile here and there but that’s it. Hope you are at the “I feel so much better phase!”

    • Thanks so much! Too bad the 6 years was interrupted when I had a minor freak out and deleted the entire blog. But I’m back at it now! Yikes – I hope you’re feeling better by now! I definitely think I had a breakthrough the past two days! Felt so good to run again! Only problem is that my appetite is back now too – must resist all the food!

  15. HAPPY 6 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

    and hope you feel better soon!!!

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