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Hit the Running Reset Button & Blogiversary

I feel like I’m a sleepy bear that’s been hibernating in a manly cave the past week or so. For the first time since I “Nancy Kerriganed” my own knee a year ago, I’ve missed a few workouts. There’s a couple reasons for this.

1. We got iced. This happens about once a year in North Texas. We never seem to get snow days, but rather ice days. No joke, there’s like an inch of ice on the ground right now. It blows. Though the kids don’t seem to mind getting a few days off school.

A rare opportunity to play outdoor Texas hockey.

A rare opportunity to play outdoor Texas hockey.

I know the pictures look like snow, but trust me, that is solid ice. Muy dangerous. I’ll run in the dark, past skunks, over the hills and through the woods, but I won’t run when there’s ice around.


Why won’t this white stuff make a snowman?

2. I have been sick now for over a week…I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks. I did go on one run since I’ve taken ill and it wasn’t a good idea. Muy lightheaded, batman.

So between the ice and the illness, I decided to Shut.It.Down.

tumblr_ndi25oLVA61qb9uzso2_250As much as I wanted to join my friends for a long run, go to yoga, run trails, hit the gym, etc. I decided to take a mini-break to get better and let the weather get better. Sometimes you just gotta do that.

Since I shut it down, I’ve gotten a ton of sleep. My nagging runner aches and pains have faded. I cleaned out the DVR. And any sense of burnout is gone – Since I haven’t run for a week, I am so friggin itchy to get back out there!!! Here’s hopin’ the ice melts so papa can hit the pavement!

Other than that, WordPress says I had my 6 year blogiversary!

6 Years

6 Years

So yay for us!

How bout you? Ever shut it down? Anyone else sick? Do you think we’ll survive #Icepocalypse2k15?


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Notable (I think) Award and I was Busted

So my post yesterday where I teased that the weather predictors on TV are not always completely accurate – got me busted.  I was hoping she wouldn’t see it, but one of my good friends from college saw the post and busted me on it.  You see, she’s in the weather biz.  I won’t tell you who she works for, but trust me, she’s legit.  And so she had to stand up for her cohorts:

“Some of my broadcast brethren are more accurate than others. For the most accurate forecast info the US National Weather Service Fort Worth Texas is your go-to:
PS. There are lots of behavioral studies to prove that we as a whole are more accurate than you realize, sometimes “accuracy” is subjective.”

Haha, so in the future I will def be checking that link when I want the forecast!

Other than that, WordPress gave me the following badge today that says my blog has gotten 1337 “likes”.

That's a very important, I guess.

That’s a very important number…er, I guess.

I have no idea why that random number is a milestone, but I’ll go with it.  I can’t wait until my next random award!!!

Anyway, the weather today was pretty good, so I got in a nice little run (no, I didn’t check the forecast first and so I was horribly mis-dressed).  I hope we are finally going to stay in spring!

How bout you?  Any idea why those digits are significant?  Have you ever gotten any random awards?  Ever been busted by a friend?


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