I Got a Fever & New Key West Half Marathon Pics/Video!

Sup mutha truckers? Hope everyone is staying warm wherever you be. I myself, have been quite out of it recently. 102 fever, yo. And let me say that a Thursday Night Fever isn’t as much fun as a Saturday Night one.

While I’ve been trying to recover, I got some good news – More Race Photos/Videos!

Last month I ran the Key West Half Marathon. It was Epic. You can read the recap HERE.

Anyway, they’ve been trickling out race photos to us as time goes by. Earlier they sent me this one…

Boom Shaka-laka!

Boom Shaka-laka!

The other day they posted a few more…

Runin Down Duval St.

Runin Down Duval St.

The after party. Can you spot me?

The after party. Can you spot me?

The fams celebrating after the race.

The fams celebrating after the race.

And then…….The other day they posted a “drone” video they shot at the event. Now I am a TV producer, and I use one of these quadcopter cameras from time to time. They really do give a cool perspective on things.

They only posted it on Facebook, which was giving me issues about trying to post the video here. But I think I got it figured out. Please to enjoy the Key West Half Marathon from above…(see if you can spot my cameo)

That just reminds me how much fun that event was. And hopefully it will remind you that there’s warm days out there to be had!

How bout you? What should the prescription be for my fever? Do you ever find yourself in random race videos/photos? Who’s ready for spring?


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24 thoughts on “I Got a Fever & New Key West Half Marathon Pics/Video!

  1. I’m totally ready for spring!! I hope you feel better asap! My prescription includes lots of Netflix..I heard they just added all the seasons of Gilmore Girls, so that should have you entertained for hours!!!

    • You and me both! Thanks so much! The Netflix prescription did help me out! Ha, to be honest, I have seen quite a few Gilmore Girls episodes – I’m always amazed at the fast talking.

  2. This video instantly made me think of “warmth” – great way to see running events! I only wish I could be out running in a t-shirt and shorts rather than a million plus one layers. I’m ready for spring!
    Hope you feel better soon. As for a prescription for your fever – stay away from your kids…don’t let them get sick.

    • Yes, I am missing that warmth for sure. The band that played the after race party keeps posting photos on facebook of the sunsets and manatees and tropicalness of Key West. Grrrr!
      Thank you, I do feel better now, and the kids stayed pretty healthy, only one of them missed one day!

  3. Wow I hope you are feeling better soon. That bug has really done a number on you. I think we could all use some heat and warmth….and soon!

    • Thanks so much! I feel better now, but it did put me out of commission for a while (as evident by my blog break). I hope you’re staying warm!

  4. Boo for feeling sick!!! I’m struggling over here and I have my marathon next week!!! Cue major anxiety!!
    Love the race pics! You’re one of those who always has good pics! lol!

    • OMG, I’ve been so out of it from my sickness that I missed supporting you leading up to the marathon. I need to catch up asap!
      But haha, no, I don’t always have good race pics – but I do only post the good ones!

  5. Yes. Spring now please. I can’t take these temperatures anymore. Actually I wish I could take your 102 degree fever off your hands because then maybe I’d be warm for a bit. In all seriousness, I hope you’re feeling better tonight and those are some great shots from your race!

    • I’m with you. I”m so over winter, and we don’t even get it nearly as bad as you do! Ha, you really don’t want my fever – it was one of those where you are shivering cold, despite the high temp. Yuck.
      Thanks so much, just now getting back to normal!

  6. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I am so ready for spring and ready to get off the treadmill! I can’t handle the sub zero temps anymore and I’ll take the fever, it would leave me warmer!

    • Oh, I don’t blame you. I hate the treadmill so much! I know I shouldn’t complain about our “winter”, as it doesn’t compare to yours, but it still blows!

  7. Clearly you need more cowbell. I had a 103 fever a month ago and stuck to ibuprofen, water, and sleep. It worked eventually, but more cowbell probably would have been the best prescription.

    • LOL, clearly! Ouch, glad you’re feeling better now. I did the same – rest and advil! Just now getting back to normal!

  8. Ugh, having a fever is such an icky feeling. Hydration and sleep are the way to go. Get better soon!

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon–having a fever totally sucks! I am really over this Winter–I can’t take anymore snow!

    • Thanks so much! Just now feeling back to normal. I’m with you, I’m ready for spring. But maybe that’s why we have winter – to make us appreciate the warmer weather!

  10. Hope you feel better! I have no fever remedies, just don’t run with one is all I know. I am very ready for spring and we’re actually having a short spring break here. +9C yesterday. Just warm enough to make ice and lots of it! It will get cold again, it always does.

    • Thank you! I didn’t run, and I can tell I needed that rest I got! Just now getting back to normal. I really don’t know how you live where you do. I hate the cold so much. I like chilly, but not cold. And snow blows (unless I’m on a ski trip)

  11. I agree with Nora, more cowbell is the prescription! Hope you’re feeling better by now! Great pics!

  12. Yep – oh so ready for some spring! While I’ve been down and out, I’ve inhaled some LOST. Hope you are feeling better!

    • I’m with you!!! So over winter. LOST, eh? Never seen that show. I have been able to clean out our DVR though! Thank you!

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