Snow Won’t Let Me Run…Me Hate Snow!

I just ain’t been myself lately. Last week I was sick andΒ  so I had to miss some runs. This past week the weather really went south and so I had to miss some runs. Needless to say, I wasn’t jumping with joy.

Before I go further, you should know that I grew up in Ohio. So I’ve had my fill of cold yucky snowy winters. Been there, run that…

One time in high school the newspaper photog caught us running in the ever-present cold (I'm the one with the bandana face)

One time in high school the newspaper photog caught our track team training in the ever-present cold (I’m the one with the bandana face)

Now I wasn’t completely all humbug about it, mind you. In fact, we did take the opportunity to teach the kids how to make snowballs and snowangels.

Any time you can add violence to an activity, the boy will like it.

Any time you can add violence to an activity, the boy will like it.

She looks about as thrilled as I was.

She looks about as thrilled as I was.

But after the novelty wore off (about 45 minutes), the kids were over the cold wet stuff as much as I was. But that didn’t make it go away. Nope, freezing temps kept the roads icy. I can’t run on ice. It was so bad, that they had to cancel a big race over the weekend…kind of. The Cowtown 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, & Ultra was scheduled to go down, but they had to cancel all but the 13.1 due to icy roads. Bummer.



I did however, make it to yoga class. I was one of a handful who braved the elements. I saw a running friend in class, and we talked about how we both felt ill from not being able to run. I get it ~ if you are used to doing something every day, and then suddenly stop for a couple weeks, you’re going to feel off.

I feel like I’m about to go cray cray. I’m not missing another day. I don’t care what’s out there, I’m hitting the roads.

In the mean time, I’ve been comforting myself the best way I know how. With tacos…

Vegetarian tacos will warm me up.

Vegetarian tacos will warm me up.

We do what we gotta do, right?

How bout you? Weather, illness, etc. affect your workouts lately? Love or Hate the snow/cold? Who else is thankful for tacos in desperate times like these?


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52 thoughts on “Snow Won’t Let Me Run…Me Hate Snow!

  1. I would love to have that much snow on the ground. I can’t currently see over the pile of snow next to my driveway and haven’t run outside since December! Me no like snow either!!

    • That is so insane! I know I shouldn’t coplain about our snow, I can’t imagine how stir crazy you must be going!!!

  2. HEY!! Omg, I just posted about my frustrations with snow and ice!! I get it! I do. If we get anymore snow… 😦 Ugh, please no more snow!! πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous rest of the week!! I wish you lots of fabulous runs! XOXO

    • Haha! Yes! We had ANOTHER 4 inches drop on us the other day. Luckily the sun finally came out and is melting it all. I hope you are able to get outside again soon! Thanks so much and I hope you’re fabulous too!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Woah. That’s legit-My-kind-of-cold. Miserable, ain’t it? The snow doesn’t bother me, 7 foot tall snow banks do. They make you invisible. It’s brutal. And ice? Ice is what is keeping me tethered to a treadmill like a depressed hamster. Ice is a deal breaker. To warmer days!

    • Yes, it blows. Totally. A 7 foot snow bank, eh? What is inside of it…a bunch of snow money? You should rob it! Agreed, ice is the deal breaker – I just wish I didn’t hate the treadmill so much. Keep on spinnin you sad little hamster, spring is on the way!

  4. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Weather has been shitty here too so I’ve been hitting the treadmill. I don’t have any other choice, gotta get those miles in before Paris. 18 miles on the mill yesterday…whew, glad that is over!! Hope your weather gets better soon so you can get back out there!

    • I hear ya. It sucks not having any choice. When I was training for Dopey last year, we had a bad ice storm and I had to run like 40 miles one weekend on the treadmill. It was so mind numbing. So I can feel your pain! Hope it warms up for you!

  5. Tacos make everything better. I’m currently down & out of the run scene-hopefully to return soon. Your daughter’s facial expression is how I feel every morn here in MI! Good luck on your next run!

    • Tacos 4 life! I hope you are able to get back at it soon! Haha, I can imagine that’s how you look when you wake up and look out the window!

  6. The snow has been affecting my ability to get to the gym! Hopefully its all over now. I do really like snow though…just not when it hangs around for so long and we don’t have snow removal equipment!

  7. I spent the last 2 weeks of Feb sick with cold and fever and missed a week of work. Workouts went out the window. I’m also over the cold. It’s been Siberian cold with -30 (celcius) windchills and snow and ice everywhere. I want to see some green. Although temp may hit 1 degree today, it comes with a snow, ice pellet, freezing rain warning. Sigh…
    I hope you are feeling better soon and can get out running asap for the rest of us!

    • Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!!! -30?!?!? That is not right. I remember in Ohio having a few winters like that where they told us to keep blinking so our eyes wouldn’t freeze! Yikes!
      Well, I did get some runs in for you this week, despite more snow. And I did notice some trees trying to get their spring bloom on, so it’s coming!!!

  8. Jane Likes to Run

    My theory is, if it’s going to be very cold out it might as well snow. Right now we are in a blizzard. And I have a head cold. So I’m just going to sit here and stare out the window today and not run. I’m definitely ready for spring.

    • LOL, you’re making me so sad with your sit and stare out the window like a lonely puppy description! I hope you feel better and the only blizzard you see the rest of the year is at Dairy Queen!

      • Jane Likes to Run

        I agree to that! We just entered a heat wave. It’s 35 degrees. That means someone out there has shorts on right now!

      • Don’t get sunburnt!

  9. Tacos make everything better!

  10. I hate snow too, but agree-a good taco always helps!

  11. I hate snow too, we are getting more this week and as it is, we have about 8 feet, its not going to thaw until June at this rate—I coped by buying a treadmill yesterday but tacos would have been just as good!!

    • 8 feet?!?!?! That’s insanity!!! I remember visiting Maine a few times before in summer and seeing piles of snow that still hadn’t melted. Crazy.
      Ha, maybe you can put a plate of tacos in front of the treadmill to keep you motivated!

  12. I will always love my home state. And let’s face it, it’s the only state that is shaped like a piece of winter wear. The Mitten has great summers also, but winters are fantastic…. For a little while.

    The snow doesn’t bother me. I love it. The cold. The bitter, bone chilling cold is the hard part. Oh and ice just sucks. It’s been cold long enough, I’m ready for spring!

    Hope it warms up for ya’ll down there soon!

    • I hear ya. Growing up in Ohio I loved going sledding, snow days, all that. But it got old pretty fast. I still get chills when I think about someone coming home, walking through the front door, and like 30 seconds late I feel the cold blast of air they had let in as it finally made its way to me. Hated that!
      Stay warm Meg!!!

  13. charissarunning

    This winter has kinda sucked the life out of me too and I’m still waiting for that desire and motivation to come back. I’m glad to be running again, but I still feel all blah because of the weather :/ All I can say is “Thank god for tacos!” I had some last week and they can temporarily make things better anyway πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, this has seemed like a pretty bad winter all around. I know we have it easy in Texas, but it still gets me down. Thankfully the sun finally came out the past two days! Crazy how that changes your mood! And yes, of course tacos always make a change for the better!!!!

  14. it’s snowing YET AGAIN in NYC right now (go figure) and this is bugging me bc i can’t ride the bike home. grrr. but class was cancelled, which is sort of good…unless we have to make it up. anyhoo, i haven’t been running outside lately b/c of the snow and cold, but hope to again soon!

    • To be honest, I’d love to see NYC in the fresh snow sometime, but I know I’d get bored with it pretty fast. I hope you stay warm and are able to get back out there! Until then, enjoy the snow days off!

  15. I love how much kids love the snow, but that’s because they often can stay home to enjoy it! Venturing to work in the snow… totally different story. It’s snowing in Denver again, I feel your winter blues… I need to get me some tacos, I think.

    • Ha, I hear ya. The kids loved the days off, making snowmen, etc. But I didn’t get a snow day – had to go to work every day! Scary driving when the wheels are sliding!
      Yes, get you some Denver tacos!

  16. Tacos and yoga are two excellent things to find comfort in. I had no idea that your weather got so shady down in Texas! This winter is really the pits for pretty much everyone. Your daughter’s face looks exactly like mine when I looked outside earlier and saw it was icing again.

    • Agreed! I almost went for tacos after yoga, but opted for a hot shower instead. Yeah, we usually get one bad stretch per year. Last year the city got iced over in December, it was really bad. This year it waited until Feb/March. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Haha, I can just imagine you being all excited, looking out the window, seeing more ice, then frowning it up. Stay warm!

  17. Not that you’re that old, but that high school running outfit looks like Rocky II!

    • LOL, you are correct! It was grey sweatpants/shirt. Totally Rocky II. Long before they had invented moisture-wicking-tech-gear.

  18. Well, you know illness did me in this past weekend. Luckily our weather has been pretty good. I don’t do cold very well and I would be absolutely miserable anywhere outside of Arizona.
    Florida. Maaaaybe, I could do Florida.

    • Yeah, sorry again about your marathon. You’ll get it next time! Yeah, Florida seems to avoid most of the cold too. Probably why there are so many former Ohioans down there. Feel better, Helly!

  19. Love the snow! But I don’t live in it…so I guess I should say I love visiting the snow πŸ™‚

    • Haha, yes, it was fun for a couple days growing up, but after several months all I would want is warmness!!! I’m with you, the only time I want snow is if I’m on a ski trip!

  20. Karen @ runningfifty

    It has definitely been a challenge to keep running in the snow and cold in Maine this winter. I am really ready for spring! A run on dry roads in 20 degree weather seems downright balmy!

    • I used to go to Maine once a month for work. I loved it – except in the winter time. Haha, it was so flippin cold! Like -30 at times! I hope you get a 20 degree day soon – just don’t get sunburned! πŸ˜‰

  21. I really want to say “suck it up princess” but I won’t. Snow and ice when you don’t normally get it sucks! I normally LOVE winter and snow …not this year. It’s been NUTS here, I’m done and ready to see the roads and grass again!
    Thinking warm thoughts πŸ™‚

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  23. That is the most thrilled I have ever heard anyone about snow!

  24. Tacos are a perfect food. So pretty and so delicious.

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