Ft Lauderdale Warm-Up Runs

We made it to sunny Florida. Immediately after stepping off the plane, I defrosted. It’s nice and muggy here. So naturally, I went for a run to warm up even more.

I ran along A1A (Beachfront Avenue). Girls were hawt (wearin less than bikinis).

Then it was time to enjoy some boat drinks and ballads along the strip.


Next morning my seestah joined me for another beach run. Total for the two days: 11 sweaty miles. And we even got some hill work in by running over the giant draw bridge next to the cruise ship port.


And ha, after the runs my calves were bangin in the hotel light.

It’s nice to be in tanks/shorts again. Just two days ago in Dallas I was running in pants, gloves, hats & triple layered shirts. Hopefully I’ll acclimatize to the heat in time for the Key West Half Marathon on Sunday.
Until then, fins up!

On to the Keys, and racing time!
How bout you – Keepin warm? Sick of wearing pants? Ever run a tropical race?

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30 thoughts on “Ft Lauderdale Warm-Up Runs

  1. Yeehaw, enjoy the warmth!

  2. charissarunning

    I’m definitely not a fan of racing in the heat and humidity, but I could sure use some of that beach and warmth right now. Good luck this weekend!

  3. A1A Beachfront Avenue??? How freaking cool is that!!!? AND the Elbow Room? Have a blast and keep up with the pics, they crack me up.

    • Haha, thanks so much! I’m glad you caught those jokes. Just now getting settled back home and getting caught up on everything. Thanks again!

  4. Have fun and good luck. Our timing is a bit off. I was in Fort Lauderdale last week and will be in Miami mext week. Just missed you.

  5. WalkToRio

    Gotta love the humidity.

  6. haha yessss love the “sick of wearing pants” question. story of my life. 🙂 love any and all things beach, so naturally this post makes me jealous and happy at the same time. going to Boca & Miami in 3 weeks and can’t wait. enjoy the race!

    • Hahaha, maybe everyone should be pantless. I’m sorry to make you jealous, but I hope it was a good preview for your trip. Enjoy Boca and Miami!!!!

  7. Pretty tough running conditions here in Scotland lately so I would love to get some heat right now!
    My tropical race experience is running 5k races in Florida every July. So humid it feels like your eyeballs are sweating!

    • Haha, I bet!! The heat felt great (just not while running). Oh wow, you go to FL each July for a race? Which one? Ha, I know the sweating eyeball feeling!

      • We can usually fit in 2 or 3 5k races during our vacation. If we can get out for the 4th (sadly not this year as school breaks up too late) then we do the Watermelon 5k at Winter Park. We also do the Cool Summer Mornings 5k at Clermont and the interestingly titled Run Thru Hell 5k in Tampa! This year we might try something new as we’ve heard about a race down by the State Fairground called the Chocolate Sundae 5k (sounds tempting!).
        All great races (but OMG the humidity!). My dad runs them too and my mum walks round the course so it’s a family affair!

      • Oh wow, very cool! Great that your whole family gets involved too!

  8. I’ll be running in pants until May where I live. Enjoy the heat and humidity! I haven’t run a race in the tropics, but I’ve run in the tropics. Never sweat so much in my life. It was awesome.

    • I thought you were in warm weather gear pretty much year round up there? 😉 Ha, yes, such a sweaty good time. Took a while for my shoes to dry though.

  9. I am jealous of the tropical weather you are showing since its been icy and rainy here, but I suppose its better than snow! A1A Beachfront Avenue–that is awesome and made me laugh! Can’t wait to read your race recap…enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Sorry to make you jealous. But I wasn’t sorry when I was on the beach!
      Ha, I’m glad you got my little joke there!!! Race recap is up now, hope you enjoy it!

  10. I love the warm weather running. I thoroughly dislike cold weather running. Enjoy the scenery and keep having fun.

    • Ha, well I hate the cold, and love the heat, but just not for running in! Summers slow me down so much here. Thanks, it was a blast!!!

  11. I’m not tired of pants. I prefer pants-wearing weather. Easier to hide my pasty-white legs 😉

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  13. Trying to keep warm! It has been so awful here. I’m so jealous of your Florida and can’t wait to be there myself in a couple weeks!

    • Haha, well now I’m back to the “cold” and I’m jealous of you going to Florida. Though it is 75 degrees today, not to shabby.

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