Unplanned Running Blogcation (Key West will do that to ya)

Hey y’all! I’m sorry to have been absent from these blog parts the past week. After my runs in Ft. Lauderdale, I was able to write a post about them on the drive down the Keys (I wasn’t driving, duh). And I had planned to keep posting while in the Southernmost City, but island life and island time can change a man.

Island boy.

Island boy.

As the famous philosopher, John Dewey wrote about living in Key West, β€œThe climate here is too relaxing to be conductive to work.”

Dewey wasn’t screwy…His words are true-y.

Photo I took of one of their famous sunsets.

Photo I took of one of their famous sunsets.

But I also know many great writers wrote some amazing stuff living in Key West – everyone form Hemingway to Frost to Tennessee Williams to Jimmy Buffett. Like them, the Keys also inspired my writing.

I’m working on my recap of the Key West Half Marathon. It will be ready for you on Monday. I’m sure it will be as good as For Whom the Bell Tolls, or at least on par with Cheeseburger in Paradise…But with more selfies.

How’s everyone been? Vacation ever slow your mind?

PS. Please check back Monday for my Key West Half Marathon recap!!!!


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12 thoughts on “Unplanned Running Blogcation (Key West will do that to ya)

  1. It’s soo hard to come back from a vacation!

  2. charissarunning

    No worries. When I’m on vacation, I tend to be absent from all types of computer-related activities as well. That just means you had tons of fun which is good to hear πŸ™‚ I’d stop blogging for that sunset too!

    • Thank you for understanding! Yes, I had to take in the sights. And also, I didn’t want to blog after a couple rum drinks – not sure how those would come out, hahah!

  3. Holy crap, that pic! Great shot!

  4. Oh man, when I’m on vacation I rarely do anything productive, particularly where blogging is concerned. Enjoy island time!

  5. Can’t wait to hear about your race! I think it’s great you took a break from writing to just enjoy your vacation πŸ™‚

  6. You deserve a vacation from all blog things, especially when enjoying Key West. PLEASE tell me you had some Key Lime pie for me!!! Can’t wait to read your recap!

    • Thank you for understanding!! Yes yes yes!!! I thought of you when we had some key lime pie. There’s a picture or two of it in my race recap. Check it out! We only ate it at Blue Heaven because it was soo good, I didn’t want to be disappointed at a lesser pie somewhere else.

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