Rock the Block 10k Recap (Subtitle: Making Little Girls Cry)

This past Saturday I ran in the Rock the Block 10k.  It was around 70 degrees and overcast, 10-15 mph winds and extremely humid.  The race had a late start (8:45 am) with a 5k starting after us at 9.  I got there in plenty of time to find parking and get my warm-up in.  I ran about a mile, then did all my dynamic warm up moves.  I had a good sweat going when the gun air horn went off.  And I would only get sweatier.

And we're off!  -Photo from

And we’re off! -Photo from

I went out too fast.  6:30 for the first mile.  In fact, I was running in a pack with another dude and a little (probably 12 years old?) girl.  As we started to slow a bit the second mile, an older man passed us and yelled, “You need to work on your pacing.  You’re a great runner, but you went out way too fast.”

He was yelling at the girl, but he could’ve meant any of us.  I hope she didn’t cry later.

Then we passed the turn off for the 5k finish and man, it was tempting to take it, haha.  But our work was just starting.  By now I’d left behind my earlier pack and drafted off a couple teenagers, until they faded.  I continued to run the race this way – letting others ‘pull’ me along until they eventually faded.

The course was a bit hilly and there were several 180 degree switchbacks.  I gotta say, there’s nothing worse than running and having to stop your mo’ so you can turn completely around to run the other direction.

Click to enlarge (that's what she said).

Click to enlarge (that’s what she said).

The wind was in our face the first half and at the turn round, it was at our back.  I tried to let it help me finish.  I also thought about some other blogger friends who I knew were racing this past weekend like Salt and Kristin.  That helped give me motivation when things got tough.  I also saw a few friends running on the course – they shouted encouragement and that also helped!!!

Funny story – as I passed a friend, she tried to yell “Great job Scott” but got it mixed up with ‘Great Scot” and ended up coming out something like “Greasc!”  Hahaha!

But then with about a mile or so to go, our race merged with the 5k.  Ugh.  I hate that.  A lot of them were walking by this point.  I had to do a TON of weaving and yelling, “On your left!”

Two little girls even swerved right in front of me and then decided to stop running and walk.  I nearly trampled them.  “Come on, you can’t just stop right in front of someone.”

I hope they didn’t cry later.

Anyway, I knew by my watch that I was close to a PR, so I blew off any water stations and just kept pushing.  It paid off!

46:00 flat – a PR (PB) by 23 seconds!  Good enough for 5th in my division and 15th overall!!!

click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge (tee hee hee).

I has happy with the result.  I wanted to run an average of 7:15 per mile pace, but ended up at 7:18-19, so pretty close!  Although I am disappointed in myself for foolishly running a positive split (first half of race faster than second half).  I really need to work on my 10k race pacing (like the old man yelled).

So sweaty.  Who wants a hug?

So sweaty. Who wants a hug?

In the end, it was a good time.  I saw lots of friends there and got a PR on a challenging course/conditions.  And best of all, the proceeds go to a really good cause.  You can find out more about the charity HERE.

I’m also still in awe of the fact that I ran a race with an even time:  46 minutes, 00 seconds.  That has NEVER happened to me before.  So crazy!

How bout you?  Ever run a flat even time?  Ever make anyone cry in a race?  Ever run anyone over (or get run over)?


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72 thoughts on “Rock the Block 10k Recap (Subtitle: Making Little Girls Cry)

  1. Nice job. I may have LOL’d at this once or twice 🙂

  2. TartanJogger

    Whoa! Nice PB! Walkers stopping dead in front of me drives me bonkers :/

  3. Way to get that PR. Wonder how the old man finished lol. Always take aways from a race but enjoy that PR.

    • Thanks!!! I honestly lost track of the old man after that. I was keeping an eye out for him as I wanted to pass him, but I found out later he’s an experienced Ironman. I did see him about an hour after the race and he was still running.
      Thanks again!

  4. Yay for a PR! I’ve had that happen with someone stopping in front of me too…my response had a lot more curse words than yours. You can join my Positive Split Club, I’ve positive split every single race I’ve ever run. We have tshirts and everything 😉

    • Thanks!!! Haha, yeah, I wasn’t sure if their parents were around, so I kept it somewhat ‘nice’. I had a good stretch there last year of running negative splits (and got a few PR’s). But I have fallen off the wagon as of late. 😉
      For realz? Y’all have shirts???

  5. The only and first race I’ve done, there was a 10k option and I was stuck behind people because I couldn’t over take, because I didn’t dare step to the left because that’s were the 10k runners were passing through! Congrats on the time 🙂

    • Bummer! That’s a tricky one. Too bad you couldn’t get around them. I always try to follow the same etiquette as skiing – basically you are responsible for the people behind you, so I always look over my shoulder before making any kind of sideways moves. Thanks!

  6. Well done on your PR!

    I think those girls who stopped suddenly to walk should have been made to cry. I wish race directors would make announcements about that sort of thing at the race start, especially when distances are merged.

    • Thanks you!!!

      Ha, yeah, maybe they did! This race they did make an announcement for walkers. strollers, etc. to start at the back, but that doesn’t do much good when the races merge. I wish they would’ve had a ‘stay to the right except to pass’ kind of announcement.

      • It seems like such a simple thing to say, I have to wonder why no one seems to do it in these situations. The last two 10ks I ran had similar issues to yours.

      • I have no clue. This was only my 3rd 10k, in the last one the exact same thing happened. It was awful. I was having to jump on medians and on curbs to get around people.

  7. I knew you’d do well!! Congrats!! Can’t say I’ve made someone cry during a race. I have almost run someone over (and been run over) at the start of many races. It gets crowded at the beginning most times…
    I think it’s kinda cool you got an even time! I’ve never gotten one

    • Thank you Helly!!! Yeah, I try to push my way to the front of race starts now, but I stay to the side so the faster ones can still get by. Again, all the kids and teens and novices took off sprinting at the start only to fade later.
      Yeah, isn’t that weird? I still can’t believe it!

  8. Great job on your 10k! And making little girls cry? Haha 😉 pacing is a challenge for me for both 5k and 10k races. I would love to be a natural negative splitter, but always get too excited! Lol You still had an awesome race and a PR!!! You rock!

    • Why thank you! They deserved it, right? Haha. I’m with you – since the races are shorter and we’re all running faster, it’s hard to gauge. With a Half or Full, there’s more time to manage your pace. Haha, it’s good to be excited! Thank you so much!!!

      • Very well deserved! That’s a huge pet peeve of mine! Move to the right, then walk! Basic runners etiquette! 😉 I’ve nearly collided or tripped during a lot of my races!

      • Yes! I’ve almost bit it a tone of times cause people just cut me off! If I’m going to move left or right, I ALWAYS look over my shoulder first to make sure I’m not going to get in anyone’s way. It only takes a split second to do that.

  9. Speed work at the track paid off! Congrats on the PR and making the news!

    • Thank you! I’m pretty sure I ran the first 5k at around the exact time as my last 5k race. Now I want to run a 5k and go all out! Thanks! Ha, I remember that guy taking the photo and then scurrying off before he got trampled!

  10. EYE OF THE TIGER!!!! Nice job!!!! While I’ve never MADE anyone cry, I just tough loved “Dave from Denver” at the Vermont City Marathon the other day. He was whimpering. We were at mile 23. I whipped around and Loretta Castorini’d his ass. (You know, from Moonstruck.) And screamed SNAP OUT OF IT DAVE FROM DENVER! 5K. All that stands between you, AND GLORY is a 5K!

    Like a maniac.

    Wait. Maybe I did make him cry.

    Bravo Great Scott!

    • I PITY THE 10K!!! Thank you!!!! Ha, nice!!! Way to whip is arse into shape! Hahaha, I can only imagine the other people around you thinking you had gone mad! “Why did she call him that?”


      Haha, I hope you did!

      Mil Grazie!!!

  11. Congrats on the PB!!! That’s fantastic! I recently run a 28 minute 5k – that was pretty cool. I’ve never made anyone else cry – just myself after a race, ha ha.
    Oh man, last Fall I smacked into someone who stop directly after the finish line in the middle of the finish. Who just “stops” immediately over the line?!?!?!

    • Thank you!!! And congrats again on your PB! Haha, I forgot about the times we make ourselves cry at races, lol!
      Oh no! I’ve never seen that. They usually walk a few steps first before bending over to catch their breath. Yikes!

  12. Way to go! That’s super fast! I hate it when people stop to walk right in front of you! It’s such an obvious thing not to do! Glad you had fun!

    • Thank you!!! I’m trying to get faster. Yeah, these girls were to the right, but then moved left to pass someone. I guess that extra effort made the gassed, so they immediately stopped to walk. Blegh. But yeah, it was fun!

  13. I am the queen of starting out too fast during races!!

  14. Nicely done! I have a 10k coming up in a few weeks. Hope to run that fast.

  15. Haha, I love the subtitle. But seriously, did they cry? You only get points if they cried.

  16. Man, kids are the worst! Just kidding, my husband and I jokingly say this all the time as we head to work (with kids……it is hard to sense the joking here but I seriously do adore kids). But I think you could consider this a PR and an obstacle course. Awesome work!

    • Ha, thanks!! Yeah, our two year old is affectionately called, “the monster” and “the Gwenado” (gwen plus tornado). So I understand what you’re saying, haha!
      I never thought of it being an obstacle course, good point! Maybe if I had those few seconds back, I wouldn’t have landed on an even number, oh well! Thank you!

  17. Great job! Congrats on getting a PR! Yes, I have once gotten a flat even time. I think it’s pretty cool to get.

    • Thank you!!! You have? That’s crazy! Twinsies!

      • The funny thing about flat even times is that you don’t wish that you had ran the race faster. If I had done a 2:08:01 I would have wished I ran 2 secs faster

      • Ha, totally! I would’ve liked to have seen a 45 at the beginning of my time, but I’m ok with an even 46!

  18. I love a good that’s what she said. Never gets old. Congrats on a PR…you are so damn fast! And I wish you would have creamed right over those walkers. God, I hate people that stop without looking behind them. Think I wrote a bitchy post about that once…

    • Ha, nope! Thank you – the speed work is paying off! Ha, chances are I’d get just as injured as they would had I done it! I bet you did write a post with a beatchy tone once or twice 😉

  19. Awww Scott, thank you so much!!! I was thinking about you, too!!! I love the word “Greasc” so much!! HAHAHA!!! Too funny!!!! That’s totally something I’d accidentally say!! You did a great job!!! 10k pacing is tough!! I still can’t believe how painful my race was!! Running 2 x 5ks back to back is definitely no fun!!! I wanted to stop after the first 5k, too!!! Great job on your PR!!! You rocked it!!!

    • Thanks Kristin!!! Haha, I didn’t understand her when I ran passed, so she had to explain after the race. Haha! You’re right! I didn’t think of it as 2 5k’s in a row, but that’s exactly what it’s is. It is painful to push it that long. I’m pretty sure my time the first 3.1 in this race was at or near my 5k race a month ago! Crazy!
      Congrats to you too!!!

  20. Nice job on the PR! In my last 10K it merged with the 5K walkers for the last mile – lots of dodging and weaving and trying to avoid knocking small children over. So annoying! From the picture it looks as though you have to lose the shirt/or get a singlet to fit in with the Texas racers.

    • Thank you!!!!! I don’t know why 5k/10k’s do that. My last one did the same thing!
      Hahaha, Yes, I need to join the ranks of the Texas Tank Tops! Until I get in bikini body shape that is.

  21. Congrats on the PR!! I’ve never run a flat time, but I know I’ve hit :01 more than once. I’m not a fan of merging races either, too much confusion!

  22. Congrats on your PR! 46 even is pretty sweet. Sometimes I think there should be a race etiquette course before running. Friends can make any race better!

    • Thank you!!!!!!! I totally agree! I was in one 5k where they told people with certain paces to move to certain areas. That happened once.
      Yes, it is best running with familiar faces!

  23. My first 5k, I ran 36 min flat. I love even numbers! Sounds like you had a pretty great race – even despite the humidity.

    I don’t think I’ve made anyone cry but I’ve definitely run over people. If you stop running and start walking right in front of me, and I crash into you, I don’t feel so bad.

    • Wow, crazy! I’ve been running races since high school, and that’s never happened before! And thank you!

      Ha, they deserve it! Just don’t get hurt yourself!

  24. Did you offer candy to the 12-year-old?

  25. WOO HOO!!! AWESOME RECAP!!! I thought about running friends while I was racing too. It really does help get through some tough spots. I even thought about tacos at one point, which also helped.

    Congratulations on your PR, especially with all that humidity and switchbacks (ewww I hate that)! I’ve never run a flat time, but I’ve come close by like a second or two.

    • THANKS TO YOU! Thank you! That’s so awesome that you do the same thing. I knew you’d crush your marathon! Hahaha, I wish you were here to celebrate with some proper tacos!

      I can handle sweat, but 180 degree turns are just cruel! It was a first to run that time, fo shizzle!

  26. Way to go!!! Very awesome and looked like fun. I’ve almost ran people over… I work at a school and in the hallways, students will just suddenly stop and you run into the back of them!!

    • Thanks so much!!! Ha, it might not have been as much fun if I didn’t force myself to push through the pain!
      Oh my, I can only imagine how crazy it is in the hallways!!! Don’t hurt anyone too bad! 😉

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  28. Congrats on your PR!! Sounds like a rough race. Switchbacks? Screaming old men? Shiver me timbers! Glad you persevered!

  29. Congrats on the PR! That’s great! I also hate switchbacks! I have never run a flat time, but that’s pretty cool. As far as I know, I’ve never made anyone cry, but I have almost run people over before. It’s the ones that stop running when you are right behind them… ya gots to look, people! You have to be aware of your surroundings and other runners – for everyones safety. It’s a pet peeve of mine, along with people that don’t use their turn signals haha. I do my best to not to be on top of people when racing, but sometimes it’s so congested it can’t be helped. Oh well.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I don’t understand why races have them. It so defeating to see one coming up. Yes, people don’t realize that they are responsible for the people behind them, so they just can’t stop without looking back first! I hear you, a lot of these races are getting so popular, and more crowded and that means more folks who don’t know the etiquette. Oh well indeed.

  30. Holy crap congrats Greasc!!! That’s an amazing PR and it’s even cooler cause it was a flat even time! Lol I thought you were going to say that that man was yelling at you to work on your pacing. That would have pissed me off. And then I would make him cry. I HATE when people just decide to start walking and don’t move off to the side to do that! I bet they’re bad drivers too. *insert you making a joke about me being Asian and my driving skills*

    • Hahahaha, thanks! Yes, I’m still surprised at the even time – so random! Ha, I’ve had people give me other suggestions in runs before – like where I have my arms swinging – gee, thanks, but I’m kind of in the middle of something here. Haha. I hope never to get on your bad side! Yikes!
      Whaaa…I would never make such a crude joke! 😉

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  32. I don’t know what is more impressive, the PR or the flat time! Congrats on both.

    • Thank you!!! I was hoping to see a 45 at the start of my finish time, but I think I’m happier with the flat 46!

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