3 Day Weekend of Runs, Monogramed Flip Flops, & Bringin Aloha Back!

I have been all out of sorts this week.  Having a three day weekend for Memorial Day kind of messed with my schedule.  I’m not complaining tho, the weekend was great!  Here’s what had happened.

I’ll say last weekend started on Thursday with a social run.

In my run fighting stance.

In my run fighting stance.

Following the run, my blog run buddies at hellyontherun and runsaltrun started a fun little game with on our Instagram accounts.  We were supposed to take a photo of what we were doing exactly at the moment and share.  What I was doing was enjoying the ‘social’ part of our social run…

Cheers to you from pouty faced dude.

Cheers to you from pouty faced dude.

Saturday morning I went and totally bro-style crushed a PR (PB) in a 10k race.


I know it looks like an industrial park, but it was actually a nature park.

I can't believe I actually got photos with my feet in the air!

I can’t believe I actually got photos with my feet in the air!  Later I got free candy from a guy in that van.

The next morning I got up and ran a trail run with a big group.  I was going to keep it at 5 miles, but I ended up running with a person new to the trail and she decided to go the full 7 mile loop.  I went with her so she wouldn’t get lost.  Afterwards I changed into my custom flippy floppys so my dogs could breathe.

Yes, I have my name on my sandals.

Yes, I have my name on my sandals.

Then came the holiday day.  We actually got a little rain, and I mowed the yard in it…That’s safe, right?

After the mow, I figured I was already sweaty, so I went for another run.  It felt good to run in the rain.  I can’t remember the last time I did that!  Cool thing was that I ran to my normal park and it was all dressed up for a military presentation.  Being Memorial Day (where we remember our troops who died in service), that was really cool to see!  I’m glad I went on that run!

Following that, we went to a big BBQ, and so I decided to bust out a Hawaiian shirt.  I used to wear them ALL the time, but it’s been several years.  Maybe I need to bring aloha back…

The colors on the shirt were so bright, I needed shades.

The colors on the shirt were so bright, I needed shades.

The BBQ turned out great!  Backyard fun was had by all!  Even our normally not impressed daughter actually smiled for a photo…

She looks so hoppy. (Get it?)  It was probably all the chocolate she ate.

She looks so hoppy. (Get it?) PS, all that stuff that looks like dirt all over her is actually chocolate. Must be nice to have the metabolism of a 2 year old.

After that, the weekend of getting up early, running and merriment caught up with me.  Sleepy time, here I come.  Still not complaining!

How bout you?  Did you have a good week/end?  Do you also run on your days off?  Jealous much of my sandals?  Aloha shirts – yes or no?



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44 thoughts on “3 Day Weekend of Runs, Monogramed Flip Flops, & Bringin Aloha Back!

  1. That is one running, fun filled weekend! Your little girl is such a cutie!

  2. The Instagram Duck Face Pint Pout is EPIC. And yes. I need Colby Flops. STAT.

  3. Hehe!! Great pictures and wow, lots and lots of running!! I love how much you enjoy going for a run!! That’s great! I’m loving the shirt, too!! It looks fabulous on you!!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I love weekends like that where I’m busy but it’s with things I want to do. 🙂

    • Yes! Well, I didn’t want to be mowing the lawn, but I guess that’s exercise too, right?

      • I actually kind of miss mowing the lawn. xD It was my chore growing up. But I guess my dad never wanted to do it either, which is probably why it was my job!

  5. Your blog is always so fun! Not so sure about the the shirt but the after run beers are a great idea!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! That’s a lot of running; great job on your PR!

  7. Sounds like such a fun weekend! My husband’s family lived in Hawaii for 16 years so there are tons of aloha shirts between my in-laws, you’ll see one at least once a week. My husband used to wear them a lot but I pretty much shut it down to only on vacation now.

    • Thanks, it was! Haha, too bad for your husband! My wife is from Guam, so I get them shipped to me from the in-laws from time to time. I actually got the sandals there too! Apparently all the surfers in Hawaii wear them. Her cousin kept calling me the ‘sandal man’ and I didn’t know why until I saw them, and of course had to have them. They’re hard core! Had them since 2001. They actually have a 20 year warranty!

  8. TartanJogger

    Yup, jealous much of your sandals. And of your daughters chocolate 😉

  9. Great weekend of running and fun! Your daughter is such a cutie. Where do you get sandals with your name?? Keep wearing the hawaiian shirts, they are so fun!

    • Thank you! It was fun! And yeah, I guess she’s alright 😉
      I actually got them in Guam if you can believe it. They were big in all the Pacific islands, and I had to have them!
      I will bust out more shirts!! Thanks for your approval!

  10. Love those running proofs! Determined, yet not pissy like my photos, feet actually off the pavement signifying actual running—awesome!

    • Ha, thanks! There were more good ones, and so I actually looked into buying them, but they were at least $20 a piece!!!! So screw that. I don’t understand why race photogs don’t just charge like $5 per photo – they’d sell a lot more than they do now, which would make them more money. Oh well.

  11. What an awesome and busy week! I get so excited by running pictures where my feet are in the air! They make me look so much faster! Lol love the pouty faced beer dude pose! Post run beers are the most delicious and refreshing beers on earth! 😉

    • It was, thanks! Ha, yes, those pictures are great, but so few and far between. Usually I look like I have diarrhea or something in race photos. Ha! You have to do duck lips on social media pics, right? I agree, and I don’t know why, but beer always tastes sooo good after a run!

  12. A man in a van gave you candy? Over here, that’s not good…haha!

  13. Congrats on the 10K PR! That’s a great time. Reppin the Bobcats shirt, always. Post-run beers are always the best! I like to run on my days off when things aren’t as hectic. Not sure about the aloha shirts but we can agree to disagree 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I always try to rep the Bobcats in races. In fact, I had two people tell me at this race that they went to OU too!!
      Yes, post run beers always taste the best! Yes, you’re right, day off runs are a little bit easier to make happen. Not like when I have to try and sneak it in before work or at lunch. Haha, thanks for your honesty on the style.

  14. Sounds like a great weekend! You’re daughter is adorable!

  15. That should read your daughter is adorable 🙂

  16. Sounds like such fun weekend! I love to run in the rain, too!
    And great race photos- congrats on the PR!
    I’m personally a huge fan of Hawaiian shirts! If you can pull it off, I say do it! My husband wears his on holidays and in summer; I think it’s awesome!

    • It was a blast! We get so few opportunities to rain run here.
      Thank you! I’m working to get faster!
      OK, Thanks for your vote! I’m glad you like them. I used to love them, but forgot about them for a while. Maybe this summer will be the summer of aloha!

  17. I am very jealous of your sandals and your shirt. I have a Hawaiian shirt style dress though. 🙂 I can’t believe you drank my beer!!!!

    • Ha, you should be! And by the love I know you have for bright colors, I figured you’d have something similar! Sorry about your beer, you’ll have to come get another one!

  18. Wait. You’re NOT supposed to mow the lawn in the rain? Damn.

    I’m all for the Hawaiian shirts.

    • Ha, well, we actually have an electric mower – it even has an extension cord to plug into the outlet. So probably not the smartest choice to mow in rain!

      Thanks for your vote!

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