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Rock the Block 10k Recap (Subtitle: Making Little Girls Cry)

This past Saturday I ran in the Rock the Block 10k.  It was around 70 degrees and overcast, 10-15 mph winds and extremely humid.  The race had a late start (8:45 am) with a 5k starting after us at 9.  I got there in plenty of time to find parking and get my warm-up in.  I ran about a mile, then did all my dynamic warm up moves.  I had a good sweat going when the gun air horn went off.  And I would only get sweatier.

And we're off!  -Photo from

And we’re off! -Photo from

I went out too fast.  6:30 for the first mile.  In fact, I was running in a pack with another dude and a little (probably 12 years old?) girl.  As we started to slow a bit the second mile, an older man passed us and yelled, “You need to work on your pacing.  You’re a great runner, but you went out way too fast.”

He was yelling at the girl, but he could’ve meant any of us.  I hope she didn’t cry later.

Then we passed the turn off for the 5k finish and man, it was tempting to take it, haha.  But our work was just starting.  By now I’d left behind my earlier pack and drafted off a couple teenagers, until they faded.  I continued to run the race this way – letting others ‘pull’ me along until they eventually faded.

The course was a bit hilly and there were several 180 degree switchbacks.  I gotta say, there’s nothing worse than running and having to stop your mo’ so you can turn completely around to run the other direction.

Click to enlarge (that's what she said).

Click to enlarge (that’s what she said).

The wind was in our face the first half and at the turn round, it was at our back.  I tried to let it help me finish.  I also thought about some other blogger friends who I knew were racing this past weekend like Salt and Kristin.  That helped give me motivation when things got tough.  I also saw a few friends running on the course – they shouted encouragement and that also helped!!!

Funny story – as I passed a friend, she tried to yell “Great job Scott” but got it mixed up with ‘Great Scot” and ended up coming out something like “Greasc!”  Hahaha!

But then with about a mile or so to go, our race merged with the 5k.  Ugh.  I hate that.  A lot of them were walking by this point.  I had to do a TON of weaving and yelling, “On your left!”

Two little girls even swerved right in front of me and then decided to stop running and walk.  I nearly trampled them.  “Come on, you can’t just stop right in front of someone.”

I hope they didn’t cry later.

Anyway, I knew by my watch that I was close to a PR, so I blew off any water stations and just kept pushing.  It paid off!

46:00 flat – a PR (PB) by 23 seconds!  Good enough for 5th in my division and 15th overall!!!

click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge (tee hee hee).

I has happy with the result.  I wanted to run an average of 7:15 per mile pace, but ended up at 7:18-19, so pretty close!  Although I am disappointed in myself for foolishly running a positive split (first half of race faster than second half).  I really need to work on my 10k race pacing (like the old man yelled).

So sweaty.  Who wants a hug?

So sweaty. Who wants a hug?

In the end, it was a good time.  I saw lots of friends there and got a PR on a challenging course/conditions.  And best of all, the proceeds go to a really good cause.  You can find out more about the charity HERE.

I’m also still in awe of the fact that I ran a race with an even time:  46 minutes, 00 seconds.  That has NEVER happened to me before.  So crazy!

How bout you?  Ever run a flat even time?  Ever make anyone cry in a race?  Ever run anyone over (or get run over)?


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Disney Marathon 2014 – New Corrals

It’s only a few more sleeps until the Disney Dopey Challenge!  And the other day I shared some tips for running at Disney World.  Today I have some new info about the updated corral system.

Coming soon...

Coming soon…

Over on the RunDisney Facebook page, I noticed some trolls have been trolling.  I’m not used to runners behaving that way because when you exercise you release endorphins, which make you happy, and happy people don’t troll people.

They’re complaining about their new corral placement.  But like most people on the internet, they are making much ado about nothing, because they failed to edumacate themselves before spouting off.

As you may know, corrals are set up for your race pace.  The closer your corral is to the start line, the faster a runner you are.  This is a very good thing for races to do.  Imagine if it were reversed and walkers were at the front, there would be a lot of collisions from the faster runners trying to get around people.

In previous years the Disney Marathon only had like 7 or 8 corrals.  Which meant that there were thousands of people in each and every one.  I have always been in Corral B.  But this year I’m in Corral F.  Here’s the corrals for the Marathon…

Revised corrals with corresponding marathon pace.

Revised corrals with corresponding marathon pace. Click to enlarge.

Now if you’re like me, and used to being in the 2nd corral, at first glance it’s tempting to get upset at suddenly being in corral 6.  Hence the trolling.

But if they took the time to look, they’d see they are still in a corral with their pace peers.  They’d also see that the corrals are MUCH smaller this year.  Some have less than 100 people in them!!!!

I feel bad for the volunteers at the Expo, I know they’re going to get unedumacated people complaining about their corral placement.  And the website says there will be NO corral changes at the Expo!!!

I couldn’t find how long the start delays are for each corral, but I’m guessing it’s not more than a minute or two.

In years past they’ve shot off fireworks for each corral start, I’m curious to see if they’ll do that again this year!  That’s a buttload of fireworks they’ll be shooting for all those corrals!



If you’re running Disney this year, don’t be dismayed by the new corrals.  It’s all for the best!

How bout you?  Ever been in a big race with no corrals?  Ever had to change corrals.  Have you ever been a troll?

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Weekend Workouts Weecap

This weekend in my Dopey Challenge training called for a back to back of 6 and 16 miles.  I had just got home from my work trip and was tired from all the travel and excitement (as well as from my week’s workouts).  I woke up Saturday and felt exhausted.  I decided to just take it real easy and focus on my breathing – taking big full breaths.  Well you know what, when I finished I looked at my watch and realized I had run close to 8 minute miles.  Felt alright about it.

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

The rest of the day I tried to stay off my feet and eat right to prepare for my 16 mile Sunday Runday.  Sushi for dinner?  You bet!  I met a few people at White Rock Lake in Dallas the next morning for the run.  It was in the 60’s, but 90+% humidity.  It was a sweaty sweaty run.  Luckily it was overcast because if the sun had been upon us, I don’t think I could’ve afforded to safely lose any more body water!

But I still felt good on the run, and even with chatting along the way, I still ran 8:30 something miles.  If this keeps up, I will shatter my marathon PR!  I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride as a runner.  I keep getting faster with much less effort, which is good.  A couple years ago in a 1/2 marathon I ran around 8:15 minute miles and wanted to vomit up puke the whole time!  Not any more!  Now I can cruise at that pace without suppressing hurl.

Anyway, I’m jealous of all my running friends and blogging friends who keep posting about their recent races.  There’s been a ton the past few weeks, but I’m not registered for anything besides the Dopey.  I have a training plan and I’m sticking to it no matter what!  If a race can fit into my plan, then I’ll try to run it, if it doesn’t, I won’t.

Pretty much everyone around here ran the Allstate 13.1 this past Saturday.  I ran it last year and PR’d, but this year it didn’t fit into the sched, so I had to watch from afar.  But so I don’t feel left out, here’s a photo of me after finishing the Allstate 13.1 last year…

See I have a race photo too, guys!

See, I have a race photo too, guys! (Even if it’s not current)

Anyway, after Sunday’s run I got to enjoy my cheat meal day – amongst the items consumed, the highlight was a mashed potato and chorizo taco.  I wish I had a pic, but I was so hungry after running 16 miles, that it was devoured before I could take my smart phone out!

What about you?  How’d your weekend workouts go?  Have you ever spewed chunks during a race?  How’s a mashed ‘tater and spicy sausage taco sound?

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New Marathon Training Workout (to me)

I just came across a new (to me) workout for marathon prep.  Apparently it’s fairly well known by those in the know, but it’s news to me.  Basically, it goes like this:

5-6 weeks before your marathon (not on the same week as one of your long runs), go on mile warm up run and then do two 5-6 mile runs back to back. You do so at 20-30 seconds faster than your goal marathon pace.  And here’s the other kicker – in between the two runs, you take a 10 minute break.

What they say happens during that break is your legs get stiff.  Combining that with the faster pace, it simulates how you body will feel during the last 6 miles of the marathon.  They also say that some elite folks use this workout with pretty good results.

I looked on my training schedule about 6 weeks out I have a 12 mile run planned.  I’m going to do this workout on that day.  This won’t happen until December, but once it does, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Has anyone else done this workout?  How did it go?  Did it help prepare for your marathon?


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Disney Dopey Training (Week 1 Done)

If you follow this blog, then you probably know that I’m training for the Dopey Challenge and I’m following the Hal Higdon plan for this event.  The first week came and went pretty well.  The weekday runs were pretty uneventful, then came the weekend back to back runs.  The Saturday mileage is still pretty low – Only had to run 3 miles.  Then on Sunday, the plan called for 13.

I backtracked the plan, but it officially started last week.

I backtracked the plan, but it officially started last week.

I met up with a couple friends at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  I like to do my long runs down there because it’s scenic, there’s facilities, and there’s lots of other active people out and about.  My friend Robert was one of the friends.  He’s been getting into running more and more lately.  I was happy for him because he said it was his first time looping the lake without stopping!  My other friend Meg was acting as our pace coach (just under 9 min miles).  She’s a great runner and probably could’ve left us in the dust, but she’s coming back from injury, and she’s nice.

Anyway, the lake is a 9 mile loop, but there’s a secret Batman detour that we took to add an extra mile.  So after those 10 miles, Rob and Meg had to go, but it only left me to run about 2.5 by myself.  I started off taking a new path for me.  There’s the main path, but off to the side at certain places there’s a mystery path that I’ve never run on…until now.  It pretty much ran parallel to the main path, but went through more wooded areas and had less people on it.  I’ll have to explore more of it in the future.

Back on the main path I had less than a mile to go when I paused my gps watch to grab some water and swag from a local radio station set up on the trail.  If they post the photos, I’ll snag em and share em on this blog.  It was cool because I got a whole swag bag for a training run, just like I would at a race.  Score!

Only problem is that I forgot to restart my watch when I started running again.  I went at least half a mile more that will never be documented.  Ha!  No matter, a little extra is good, right?  For my last stretch, I took a side road off the path.  I see bikers go up this road quite a bit, but I have only done it once…in a race.  This side excursion was very basically a big hill.  People go up it apparently to get some extra work in.  It definitely got my legs and lungs burning.  But I’m glad I did because at the top of the hill it had a great view of the Dallas skyline over the lake.

I felt pretty good during this run.  It helped having friends to chat with along the way.  But what really helped was the slightly cooler temps.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still warm.  Probably around 80’s at sunrise, but that’s much better than it’s been around here.  I felt strong at the end of the run, unlike two weeks prior when it was a battle to get my 12 done.  I’m hoping this weekend was a small taste of what’s to come!

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Liberty 5k 2013 Recap

I did alright in this race.  I ran it last year and did ok, but it was really hot then.  I ran this race about 40 seconds faster in “cooler” weather.  I say cooler cause earlier in the week we had morning temps in the 60’s.  It was a heavenly break from the 104 we had the week before.  I was hoping for those same temps at this race.  It didn’t hold.  It was still cooler than normal, but at the race start is was in the upper 70’s and very very humid.  In fact, after my warm up run and drills I got in line for the race and saw some friends who asked if I had just poured water on myself.  No, it was sweat.  Uh oh, they said.  But like I said, it was still cooler than normal, so the heat wasn’t as much of a factor.

I forced my way to close to to the starting line for the gun.  That helped me avoid some of the typical clogs of slower runners, walkers, etc. who usually congest the start of a race.  That said, there were tons of youngins in this race.  Lots of cross country teams ranging from children to high school.  I got boxed in the first half mile behind some kiddos.  But no matter, I was able to hit my stride as the race thinned as the people who made the mistake of going out too fast quickly faded.

The race took us through a neighborhood.  I was able to pick other runners off one at a time.  I’d just pick someone up ahead and keep going till I caught them and eventually passed them.  That helped me keep my pace.  A few hundred yards from the finish I passed my final runner – a poor guy pushing a jogging stroller…up a hill.  I felt for him, but didn’t want to lose to a guy pushing a stroller…up a hill.  I kicked it in and finished at 21:51.  Basically my current PR.  Sure, back in the day I could run 18-19 minute 5k’s, but that was a while back.  Maybe I’ll get back there some day.  I’m certainly getting closer rather than further.

Posing with a patriotic trash can.

Posing with a patriotic trash can.

My 7:03 per mile pace felt good.  I was never out of breath, never felt like I was over doing it.  Sure, at the end my legs were burning a little, but nothing too bad.  It was good enough for 39th out of about 700 runners.  I came in 5th in my age group.  I hate my age group.  Why is my age group so competitive?  My buddy, in the same AG, finished with a PR in the mid 19’s…..he got 3rd in our group.

And can I just say, like I’ve said before, that last .1 of the 3.1 mile race is a punk.  You look at your finishing pace and think your finishing time should be 21:09, but no, that .1 added 43 seconds to the overall time.  Stupid metric system.

Anyway, it was a fun 4th of July race.  Saw LOTS of my running friends – many of whom won medals.  They once again had free beerskis after the race so we took advantage of that and sat on the North Texas version of a beach and chilled for a hot minute.  Good times.

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