Rock the Block 10k Preview!

This weekend is Memorial Day in the States.  We get Monday off!  WooHoo!  And I also get to race a race!  Woo to the Hoo!  A while back there was a Groupon deal for a 5k/10k.  I signed up for the 10k.  It’s called the Rock the Block.

I have only run two 10k’s in my life, so I’m not that familiar with this distance.  I am however, halfway familiar with this course.  I ran a 5k at the same place one year ago.  You can read my recap of it HERE.

Takin it to da bridge!

Takin it to da bridge!

The first half of the 10k course is pretty much the same as the course I ran last year, until it splits off so we can get the extra 3.1 miles in.

I was glad that I finished ahead of all of those cones.

I was glad that I finished ahead of all of those cones.

I know the first part of the course has a couple hills and a switchback, so I’ll be ready for that.  But I’m not sure what the rest of the course holds – other than what I can see on the course map.


One bummer is the race has a laaaate start – 8:45.  By then the Texas sun will be up and burnin.  Hopefully it won’t be too hawt.

After last year's race.  My sweat glands don't always work, so I was panting.

After last year’s race. My sweat glands don’t always work, so I was panting.

That said, I still hope to PR (current is 46:23).  And if things go really well, there’s a time goal I’d like to reach (45:00).  I haven’t been following any specific training plan for this, so we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully all the track work I’ve been doing will pay off.

Either way, I know a bunch of friends are running this race too, so it will be good to have some friendly faces around!  Wish us luck!

How bout you?  Racing this weekend?  Do you get a three day weekend too?  Any advice for 10k plans of attack?


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33 thoughts on “Rock the Block 10k Preview!

  1. You are going to rock that 10k, I know it!! I actually really like the 10k distance to be honest 🙂

    Our running group has a 5k fun run on Monday that I’ll be doing but nothing organized. Good luck to you and can’t wait to hear all about i!

    • Thanks Helly! I’ve run a million 5k’s and probably 15 half marathons, but this distance is kind of a mystery to me still.

      Have fun on your fun run! I’ll post about the race soon!

  2. I get a 2.5 day weekend – woo hoo! Pro Tip: Run your 10k faster than a half marathon but a little slower than a 5k 🙂 It’s Friday afternoon. I’m a smartass. What can I say?

  3. No race bute yep, 3 day weekend! Love those 🙂 My 10k plan is nothing special, I usually go out at exactly the pace I intend, feel great after 2 miles, pick it up because I’m stupid, and am holding on for dear life from miles 4-6. It’s painful and terrible but I did PR like that so I guess it can’t be all bad.

    • I wish every weekend was 3 days. But alas, Womp womp.
      Hahaha, I love your plan description. Unfortunately I was dumb and went out toooo fast. I still PR’d, but the last few miles were a struggle. I was really wishing I was only running the 5k when we reached the split off point.

  4. I don’t know who that Jason guy is, but I like him.

  5. No race for me this weekend but 3 days off work to relax, eat, drink and RUN! Enjoy the race – I think you’re definitely going to PR. Maybe start 15-20 seconds per mile slower than 5K pace and then crank it up for the last 2 miles.

  6. Good luck!! My 10k starts @ 8, so I’ll be finishing when you’re starting!! I know you’ll do great!!! I’m the same way- like I’m not exactly sure how to race a 10k!! Oh well, let’s go see how it turns out, right?! Have a great race!!!

    • Heyyy Kristin! I was thinking about you this morning. I’m sure you crushed it! I’m with you, I had no idea how to pace myself, and I was hurting the last few miles, but I carried on and PR’d! Can’t wait to hear about your race!

  7. I’m running for the “L” of it this weekend.

    Not looking to PR again but a top 3 division would be nice.

    • Yes, a division place is always good. Unfortunately I was 5th in mine today. I hate my division. Two of them finished in the top three overall. Grrrr

  8. Good luck on your race! I am learning to like 10ks more than I used too:). Just training runs for me this weekend, have a good weekend!

  9. Awesome. I love 10ks! I feel like I pace myself a bit better for that distance. Sounds like a fun start to a long weekend. Have a great time!

    • Thank you so much! I wish I have run more to know how to pace myself. I still PR’d, but it was painful. But then again, I’m not sure it’d be any less painful if I was following a plan. That’s the price of ‘racing’ a race!

      • I think you and I both feel that way after any race no matter how you train. It’s that competitive nature. That’s why I opted not to race when injured. I would have “raced” no matter what.

      • Yesss! I have friends who just run races for fun. I cannot do that. Cannot. I gotta go for it!
        Smart of you to pull out of the race as you’re right, like me, you’d be out there trying to crush it, which could make you get even more injured.

  10. Good luck at your Double Dolichos 🙂 Don’t go out too fast with all the excitement – save some for the last 7.5-10k ….you’ll rock it!

    We had a 3 day weekend, last weekend – Victoria Day (Queen’s birthday) but everyone calls it May 2-4 weekend (As in a 2-4 case of beer weekend). No racing this weekend but relaxin’ and maxin’ with the fam.

    • Hahaha, thank you! I wish I had followed your advice, but I was dumb and went out too fast. I still had a good performance despite that!

      Oh yes, I remember reading about that holiday. But I have never heard of the 2-4…hilarious! Have a great one!

  11. Good luck at the race! No racing plans, but lots of hiking plans for the long weekend.

  12. Good luck at your race! I’ll be power washing our house/deck and putting our pool up with friends.

  13. Good luck with the race! 🙂 I’m working a three day weekend – I can’t complain though… 🙂

  14. Hope you have a great race! 10K is one of the race distances I still haven’t “figured out.” I find it way more challenging strategically than 5K or half-marathon!

    • Hey Karla! Sorry, I’m just trying to get caught up. Yes, the race went great! Though I didn’t pace it well at all. I’m like you, it still befudles me. This was only my 3rd one, so I guess I need more experience. I must agree with you at this point on it being so challenging.

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