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Rock the Block 10k Recap (Subtitle: Making Little Girls Cry)

This past Saturday I ran in the Rock the Block 10k.  It was around 70 degrees and overcast, 10-15 mph winds and extremely humid.  The race had a late start (8:45 am) with a 5k starting after us at 9.  I got there in plenty of time to find parking and get my warm-up in.  I ran about a mile, then did all my dynamic warm up moves.  I had a good sweat going when the gun air horn went off.  And I would only get sweatier.

And we're off!  -Photo from

And we’re off! -Photo from

I went out too fast.  6:30 for the first mile.  In fact, I was running in a pack with another dude and a little (probably 12 years old?) girl.  As we started to slow a bit the second mile, an older man passed us and yelled, “You need to work on your pacing.  You’re a great runner, but you went out way too fast.”

He was yelling at the girl, but he could’ve meant any of us.  I hope she didn’t cry later.

Then we passed the turn off for the 5k finish and man, it was tempting to take it, haha.  But our work was just starting.  By now I’d left behind my earlier pack and drafted off a couple teenagers, until they faded.  I continued to run the race this way – letting others ‘pull’ me along until they eventually faded.

The course was a bit hilly and there were several 180 degree switchbacks.  I gotta say, there’s nothing worse than running and having to stop your mo’ so you can turn completely around to run the other direction.

Click to enlarge (that's what she said).

Click to enlarge (that’s what she said).

The wind was in our face the first half and at the turn round, it was at our back.  I tried to let it help me finish.  I also thought about some other blogger friends who I knew were racing this past weekend like Salt and Kristin.  That helped give me motivation when things got tough.  I also saw a few friends running on the course – they shouted encouragement and that also helped!!!

Funny story – as I passed a friend, she tried to yell “Great job Scott” but got it mixed up with ‘Great Scot” and ended up coming out something like “Greasc!”  Hahaha!

But then with about a mile or so to go, our race merged with the 5k.  Ugh.  I hate that.  A lot of them were walking by this point.  I had to do a TON of weaving and yelling, “On your left!”

Two little girls even swerved right in front of me and then decided to stop running and walk.  I nearly trampled them.  “Come on, you can’t just stop right in front of someone.”

I hope they didn’t cry later.

Anyway, I knew by my watch that I was close to a PR, so I blew off any water stations and just kept pushing.  It paid off!

46:00 flat – a PR (PB) by 23 seconds!  Good enough for 5th in my division and 15th overall!!!

click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge (tee hee hee).

I has happy with the result.  I wanted to run an average of 7:15 per mile pace, but ended up at 7:18-19, so pretty close!  Although I am disappointed in myself for foolishly running a positive split (first half of race faster than second half).  I really need to work on my 10k race pacing (like the old man yelled).

So sweaty.  Who wants a hug?

So sweaty. Who wants a hug?

In the end, it was a good time.  I saw lots of friends there and got a PR on a challenging course/conditions.  And best of all, the proceeds go to a really good cause.  You can find out more about the charity HERE.

I’m also still in awe of the fact that I ran a race with an even time:  46 minutes, 00 seconds.  That has NEVER happened to me before.  So crazy!

How bout you?  Ever run a flat even time?  Ever make anyone cry in a race?  Ever run anyone over (or get run over)?


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Rock the Block 10k Preview!

This weekend is Memorial Day in the States.  We get Monday off!  WooHoo!  And I also get to race a race!  Woo to the Hoo!  A while back there was a Groupon deal for a 5k/10k.  I signed up for the 10k.  It’s called the Rock the Block.

I have only run two 10k’s in my life, so I’m not that familiar with this distance.  I am however, halfway familiar with this course.  I ran a 5k at the same place one year ago.  You can read my recap of it HERE.

Takin it to da bridge!

Takin it to da bridge!

The first half of the 10k course is pretty much the same as the course I ran last year, until it splits off so we can get the extra 3.1 miles in.

I was glad that I finished ahead of all of those cones.

I was glad that I finished ahead of all of those cones.

I know the first part of the course has a couple hills and a switchback, so I’ll be ready for that.  But I’m not sure what the rest of the course holds – other than what I can see on the course map.


One bummer is the race has a laaaate start – 8:45.  By then the Texas sun will be up and burnin.  Hopefully it won’t be too hawt.

After last year's race.  My sweat glands don't always work, so I was panting.

After last year’s race. My sweat glands don’t always work, so I was panting.

That said, I still hope to PR (current is 46:23).  And if things go really well, there’s a time goal I’d like to reach (45:00).  I haven’t been following any specific training plan for this, so we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully all the track work I’ve been doing will pay off.

Either way, I know a bunch of friends are running this race too, so it will be good to have some friendly faces around!  Wish us luck!

How bout you?  Racing this weekend?  Do you get a three day weekend too?  Any advice for 10k plans of attack?


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