Running in Wind Tips: Big Wind is Just Like Big Hill

I snuck in a 4 mile runch (run at lunch) this windy day.  Seriously, it was windy.  Just look at the flag.

Everything is big in Texas, even the big wind.

Everything is big in Texas, even the big wind.

The weather lady on TV said there would be 40 mph gusts.  Sometimes it felt like running into a wall.  But I got through it, and here’s my tips for wind running:

Basically, think of it like you’re running up and down a hill.

1) When it’s at your face, try to lean into it, the same as running up a hill.

2) When it’s at your back, try to loosen your form.  Let it do the work for you, and just go along for the ride, just like running downhill.

3) You can also run in a skin tight body lycra suit to cut down on wind resistance.*

*This is optional.

Anyway, I followed 2 of my 3 tips and it went aight.

I finally took one of those popular pictures of the gps watch after a workout.

I finally took one of those popular pictures of the gps watch after a workout.

But I gotta say, all of this road and wind talk reminds me of this portion of a famous old Irish Blessing.

I wrote that.

I wrote that.

I have a 5k this Saturday, so I figured this was good practice in case it is windy on race day.  And if it’s not, then all the better!  Like doing hill work to prepare for a flat race.

In other news.  Our kids are dorks.  They were getting ready for bed and came out dressed like this:

Hands up! You're under arrest by the fashion police.

Hands up! You’re under arrest by the fashion police.

They said they were “cold”.  Weirdos.

How bout you?  Ever runch?  Anything other tips for running in the wind?  Where do you think the kids get their goofiness from?



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42 thoughts on “Running in Wind Tips: Big Wind is Just Like Big Hill

  1. Oh my goodness, I ran an incredibly windy half marathon last fall (30mph+ the entire time!) and I have NEVER been so sore in my life as I was afterwards! It was hands down the hardest run I’ve ever done!

    • I know, right! It’s like running with a parachute slowing you down the whole time. Unfortunately, each spring is always very windy down here.

  2. I have runch’d! Great running in the wind tips. I ran after work today and it was windy! Windy for us non Texans (50 km/hr gusts). It was great when it was at my back, not so great as a head wind. You’re so serious, so I’m not sure where your kids get their goofiness from.

    • Ha, nice! We are kind of in a weird spot of the country. We always seem to get caught in between the crazy weather patterns of the rest of the country. And there’s no Mountains to block any winds, so that doesn’t help.
      It’s funny how wind at the back never seems to feel like it’s helping as much as wind in the face is hurting.
      And you’re right, I am a very serious person. Haha

  3. If one of the tips you followed was #3, then your reading public would insist on a selfie…because that would be entertaining beyond belief.

  4. Gee, I wonder who your kids take after…

  5. cute kids!!

  6. Haha, kids should always be allowed to dress themselves purely for their parents amusement in public. On another note, I hate the wind. I was running at a track a few weeks ago and it was a literal split – half the track I’d get slammed in the face with wind, I would round the corner and then boom – nothing. It was so bizarre and really sucked rounding the corner going back into the wind.

    • Ha, yup! For some reason he likes to pull his socks up to his knees, and won’t listen when we tell him to push them down! Oh well. I know what you mean about the track – it’s the same thing here. I was on the track last week and the whole back stretch was right into the wind. It’s especially hard when you know it’s coming again on the next lap!

  7. Great tips. I am assuming you used #1 and #3 on your windy run. If so I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. I definitely have had to deal with wind since moving to Chicago. One day I was running alone along Lake Michigan and it was blowing so hard I felt like I was pumping my legs and arms and not going anywhere. I had to laugh and shouted out loud that it was ridiculous. Running home was pretty awesome though.

    • Haha, you got it! If only I had my phone with me on my run, I would’ve taken a sweet spandex selfie!
      Oh yes, I know Chi-town gets pretty windy too! I can relate to that feeling of running in place. That’s funny you yelled out loud. I’m pretty sure I have to – Oh come on!

  8. Ugh, wind. I’m sure you get hot wind there too–the worst.

    Great run though and your kids are adorable. My daughter likes getting daddy’s shirts and pulling them over her head so just her face is out lol!

    • Oh yes we do – like a hair dryer blowing in your face. Luckily it’s not that hot yet!

      Hahaha! Our girl thinks she’s hilarious when she tries to wear our shoes and run away from us. Must be an inside joke. Hahaha

  9. I hate running in wind! But these are great tips. I just get teary eyed and a runny’s awful. That irish blessing is one of my favorite quotes! Good luck on your 5K this weekend!

    • Thanks! Hmmm, they did say on the news that the wind would make it a tough day for people with allergies, I wonder if that’s what’s happening to you. It is a good quote indeed! Thank you!

  10. Love your blog soooo – You’ve been nominated for a Wonderful Team Member Readership award. I hope that you don’t mind!

  11. Mostly I runch during the week, but that will probably change during the summer because it gets super humid here and I don’t like spending the rest of my work day looking like I just got out of a shower when in fact there was no shower.

    I like these tips. I hate running in wind and always get all anxious whenever there’s a lot of it. I bet this will help me.

    Also that’s a great pace! You fast!

    • Same here! Soon it will be too hawt to. It takes me a while to stop sweating too. And even longer for the odor to go away. Haha

      It was still windy at my track workout today. I ran into a guy there I know and he said that after a good run in the wind, it always takes more out of you, which means it was even a better workout, which means you’ll be stronger! Good point.

      I’m just trying to keep up with you, Salt!

  12. I’d definitely wuss out and do something other than run or run on the treadmill. I hate running in the wind!

  13. I secretly like the wind, it feels like I’m getting more air in my lungs or something so I tell myself it’s actually easier. I run slower obviously if I’m being pushed back but I just like the way it feels to run when it’s a bit windy. I think maybe I got too used to it when I lived in England 😉

    • Hmmm, interesting. I should look at it that way too. Although it tends to dry out my throat more, I’ve found, so I need more water breaks. That’s so cool you lived in England! I bet you had some windy runs!

  14. I used to be a Texan girl, but down south in ol’ San Anton’. I, too, remember those walls of wind. It’s tough to do when you literally feel the breath taken out of you. Colorado gets some nasty wind storms too, so I am definitely grateful for the tips!

  15. I wish I could get in a runch!

    I wonder who the little ones get their silliness from. 🙂 I don’t blame them…I hate being cold too.

    • I usually eat at my desk, so I can use my lunch break to work out. So far so good.

      Haha, but it wasn’t even cold! It was like 80 outside! It’s ok, they’re fun.

  16. Runches are the best. They are the perfect way to break up the monotony of a long day. They are also much easier for guys then girls. You can basically walk through the shower when you are done and get back to work where ladies have a whole process that has to be executed before we are prepared. With that being said, I usually prefer to runch because it gives me enough time to fuel and hydrate in the morning but not get worn out enough to not want to go. Try not to blow away!

    • Shower? Um, we don’t have one at work. Did I just disgust you? Hahaha!
      That’s a good point about runching giving you time to fuel/hydrate!!! I hadn’t thought of it like that. It is different than when I run before work (I don’t eat anything then).
      Thank you!

  17. Great tips!! Never thought of the wind that way! Love to runch, but I can only go about 3 miles because it takes me so long to cool down and clean up. The kiddos are too stinking cute! Me thinks they get their goofiness from their papa.

  18. getgoing-getrunning

    Definitely their dad…

  19. getgoing-getrunning

    Good tips for the wind running. I was kind of hoping you we’re try the Cathy Freeman style all-over body morph suit thing but I can see from your photo that you had bare calfs/calves (what is the collective noun for calf muscles?!?).
    Good luck for your 5k and may the wind always be at your back!

    • Haha, I wish I had a body suit like that! I’ll have to settle for shaving all my body hair to cut down on wind resistance, haha! I’m not sure, calves makes me think of baby cows.
      Thank you very much!

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