Lunch with a Celebrifriend, Track Workout, & Fun Cornbread

Today was a decent day.  I got to have lunch with a longtime friend (and something of a celeb).  I’ve worked with Hilary Kennedy off and on over the years in TV.  She’s an amazing host, model, actress.  And she’s also a pretty successful Fashion Blogger.  Check her site out if you got a minute.  And ladies, she told me that soon she will be working with Adidas on her blog – so check it out for all your workout gear tips!

We had to wear our shades because of the flashes from the paparazzi.

We had to wear our shades because of the flashes from the paparazzi.

It was good to catch up, talk shop, and brainstorm future projects.  We went to a famous place in town that I had never been to before – Love and War in Texas.  I got the buffalo chili and Shiner beer beans.  It came with some Texas shaped cornbread.

The Texas shape gives it big flavor.

The Texas shape gives it big flavor.

Looking back though, I probably should’ve ordered something else.  You see, I had a track workout planned for the afternoon.  And spicy chili, as it turns out, is not the best pre speed-work dish.  Regardless, I did some 400’s.  I ran into a friend at the track who was doing his speed-work for the day – 100 sprints.  Man, did I envy his planned distance each lap I churned out.

Two feet.  One lane.

Two feet, One lane. The Sequel to Two Girls, One Cup.

I have a 5k on Saturday, and I hope the last few weeks of beginning speed work will help me out.  I have no idea what kind of race shape I’m in since I haven’t raced since the Dopey Challenge in January, and since I had to take a month off after falling on a run and jacking up my knee.

But when I wanted to quit when the 400’s hurt, I didn’t.  When the wind was strong, I fought through it.  When my legs burned, I added more fire.  I think that will pay off for me.

How bout you?    Seen any old friends lately?  Doing any track work?  Would you want to run behind me after I ate chili?



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47 thoughts on “Lunch with a Celebrifriend, Track Workout, & Fun Cornbread

  1. I wouldn’t want to run behind you after eating chili, but I will eat chili with you. I don’t think I could run afterward. I have to wait more than 4 hours after eating a meal to go running.

    • Haha, alright. If you ever come through Dallas, we’ll get some chili! Luckily it was about 3-4 hours after I ate when I hit the track, so it really wasn’t too bad.

  2. Yikes! That’s a lot of beans! I would definitely not want to run behind you after eating chili! Haha I haven’t done much track work because I’m a big baby when it comes to the cold! I’m looking forward to getting more in now that Spring is here! 🙂

    • Scotty likes beans! Haha (That’s from Billy Madison). But it’s true, I do like beans. I’m not a big fan of the cold either. I hope it stays warm for you so you can get back out there!

  3. Lol, when I saw you post that chili that was my first thought. My second thought was do you really want to have lunch with a model and order that?! My husband probably would!

    • LOL! Funny thing is that she almost ordered the “lunch steak” and I almost ordered a salad. But last minute I decided it’d be more appropriate in a Texas road house type place to order chili. Ha, good for your husband!!!

  4. Ha! This post was hilarious, and I appreciate the shameless plug for my blog. Much appreciated! Love your writing and I am learning a lot about the do’s and don’t of running…your wind tips were much needed since the wind tends to knock me over…and on my behind.

    • Thank you Hilary!!! No problem on the plugging! Anytime! Hopefully my tips will help get you to break your 2 mile rule! And of course the wind would blow you over, that’s a problem you skinny folks have to deal with. Haha!

  5. “Would you want to run behind me after I ate chili?” Haha. Uh…no.

  6. Wow Scott, I love the shades picture! Very cool, very cool! 🙂 Chili before speed work? Haha, probably not the best combo but wow, you’re amazing, you got through it like a champ! I have speed work today- I’m leaving in a few minutes…ugh, I’ll get through it though. 5×1000’s!! I keep telling myself I can do it! Well, have a great day and I know you’ll do great at your 5k!

    • Totally cool, so Hollywood, right? Haha. All I can hope is the protein from the buffalo was good for my running. 🙂
      5×1000?!?! Ouch! Hope it didn’t hurt too bad! That’s a tough workout, you go get it! Thank you!!!

  7. Are you sure the added fire wasn’t from the chili? 😉

  8. Jane Likes to Run

    I would not want to run behind anyone doing speed work after eating chili. That might be on track with eating White Castle before a long run. I love the Texas cornbread though!

    • Hahaha, yes, we need to make a list of foods not to eat before running. I remember in high school I ate sausage gravy biscuits before a track meet. It felt like a brick was sitting in my stomach.

  9. It’s always great running into old friends. I ran into a friend this morning on my walk to the office…with her three kiddies…it was worth being late 😉
    I still haven’t done any track work, hill training or really speed training – I need to get my act in order. Sorry, no…I’d pass on the opportunity to run behind you 😉

    • Ahh, very cool about seeing your friend! Yes, definitely a good excuse!
      The hardest part in adding in your speed/hill work is the first time. It hurts, but it does get easier after a while (still hurts, but not as much). And it’s really worth it when you see the results! Last year I ran a 5k, then did track work for a month, and ran another 5k. 2nd one was :30 faster!

  10. I would have given in and eaten the chili with you…then thrown up at the track! lol Don’t know how you did that – more power to you!
    Love catching up with friends over dinner and drinks makes the week so much better!

    • Haha, luckily there was no puking this time! Though track work can bring on pukey feelings no matter what you eat!
      Agreed! I need to schedule more time to catch up with friends more regularly. Have a great day!

  11. Eating chili prior to a track workout is definitely taking your workout to a whole new level. Maybe that could be a whole new training routine? I’ve never done real track work as we have no track here. I’ve pretended I’m on the track when I’m running on dirt trails dodging ATV’s.

    • Ha, yes, I can start a whole new trend! Actually, a couple times during my marathon training, I would eat chili the night before. Seemed to work out ok. Yeah, that’s a bummer about the track, but you don’t need one. It just makes it easy because the distance is marked out. But you can do the same workouts just as easily on the road/trails! Watch out for those smoking exhausting ATV’s!

  12. Your two girls one cup reference reminds me of this:
    On two occasions I’ve gone to Taco Bell immediately before a run. It’s not ideal.

    • Haha Funny stuff!! So far you’re the only one to pick up on that little comment. Ha!
      Oh no, Taco Hell could not be good before a run. Oh no.

  13. Oh, I’ve eaten so many bad things before track workouts. Worst: chocolate milkshake. Why do we do this to ourselves?? have a great 5K this weekend! Sounds like it will be a good fitness test and let you know where you’re at. Sounds like your head is in the right place. Fight on! (And don’t eat spicy chili for breakfast)

    • Chocolate milkshake?!?! That’s an interesting pre-run choice, hahaha! I do not know why we do it to ourselves. That’s why I prefer early morning runs, because that’s usually on an empty stomach, or a very light breakfast. My post lunch runs can have me burping up curry and whatnot. Ha!
      Thank you! I know where my time was on the 5k’s I did last year, and I hope to be near that, but we’ll see! And yes, no chili for breakfast, hhaha

  14. I want Maryland shaped cornbread! Actually no I don’t. It would probably be really pathetic looking since Maryland is such a weird shape.

    I hope you have a marvelous race this weekend. I can’t imagine eating chili before a speed workout. Or much of anything really. I like running on an empty-ish stomach.

    • Haha, a Maryland shaped one would be funny. I know my home state of Ohio has a company that sells Ohio shaped cookies. But OH is kind of shaped like a heart, so it’s ok.

      Thank you so much! I’m with you, I prefer to run on a light stomach, but had no choice this day. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. I’ve seen some nasty things, Salt.

  15. LOL chili before a run sounds the worst! I would not have wanted to run behind or in front of you. I saw my BFF last weekend! We’ve known each other since we were ~4 years old.

  16. Dude, 2 girls 1 cup? I thought the world agreed to file that in the “it never happened, no one shall speak of this again,” folder. Wonder what that guy had for lunch… Or not…

    • Haha, I almost didn’t put that in there, but then I figured most people wouldn’t get it…save for a few sick individuals. So good for you! Ha!

  17. I do track work once per week and it’s horrible every time but I love the results so it’s a mainstay for me, I’m so not made for sprinting though so I’m cursing in my head (or out loud) on every repeat. I’ve eaten just about anything before a run and weirdly, chili turned out fine but a doughnut definitely did not. I think I can’t do sweet things and running, even sweet gels upset me.

    • Nice! I restarted them three weeks ago, and so far I’ve kept up with doing them once a week too. Ha, made for sprinting or not, everyone is cursing on the track! Honestly, the chili wasn’t that bad, I just thought it was funny and so I mentioned it. Yeah, I imagine the sugars in the donut may have caused you to crash after it wore off.

  18. Good luck with the 5k tomorrow!!

  19. And now I’m picturing a space shuttle style vapor trail behind you on the track. Well played-I think you’ll find the track all to yourself soon. 🙂

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