The Killers, Taxes & Open Mouthed Selfies

This was a pretty good weekend.

It started with a quick 10k run.  Then a homemade egg and turkey sausage sammich.  So far so good.  But then came the thing I dread all year – doing our taxes.  Ugh.  But I was able to fight through it and get em done.  My reward?  A free concert by a band I really enjoy – The Killers!!!

The Killers in koncert.

The Killers in koncert.

Why are they in Dallas?  Why was it free?  Lemme splain.  The NCAA Final Four (college basketball) is being played in town (the championship game is tonight).

Someone graffiti-ed on the Omni hotel.

Someone graffiti-ed on the Omni hotel.

As part of this tournament, they put on a bunch of fun events for the community – including a bunch of free concerts.  Over the weekend they also had some country music acts, LL Cool J, Fun, and even Bruce Springsteen!

The only show I was able to attend was the Killers, and I’m fine with that.  Like I said, I’m a fan.  They’re one of the few bands that I follow that I hadn’t seen in concert before.

Everything seemed to align for this concert.

First, I got downtown with no traffic, I found cheap parking, then walked toward the venue.

I always watch my back when passing the building where they say Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from (the square window on the 6th floor).

I always watch my back when passing the building where they say Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from (the square window on the 6th floor).

Also, the forecasted severe weather held off (that would’ve been bad at an outdoor event).

In the park!  I'm not sure why every music festival has to have a ferris wheel, but whatevs.

In the park! I’m not sure why every music festival has to have a ferris wheel, but whatevs.

And I was really happy this was FREE (their tickets normally start at $150 – ouch)!  Also, there were no annoying opening acts (they screened the basketball game, and as soon as it ended, the Killers started).

Watching some b-ball, waiting for the show to start, and tanning the inside of my mouth.

Watching some b-ball, waiting for the show to start, and tanning the inside of my mouth.

Also, since I’m old I have to get up early every day (for running and for kids), I was glad that this was an early show start with a fairly early end (the downbeat was at 7:30pm and the encore was over around 9ish).

The Killers were killin it.

The Killers were killin it.

It was first come (first serve).  Open seating (a field).  And I was lucky to get there early enough to snag a spot fairly close to the stage!

About 30 rows deep, my mouth a gasp with excitement.

About 30 rows deep, my mouth agape with excitement.

The show did not disappoint!  The crowd was really into it, most of us singing along to each song.  The band was really into it – the lead singer even mentioned how they weren’t sure what to expect from the crowd (this was for a baskeball tourny after all), but they were really happy with our energy!  The only weird thing was that the cigarettes people around me were smoking smelled kind of ‘skunky’, I think their tobacco had gone bad.

I'm still not sure why I was taking photos when they'd play a song I liked.

I’m still not sure why I was taking photos when they’d play a song I liked.

And since it was an early start/finish, my old responsible self was home by 10 pm!

Post show walking.  Pretty skyline on a pretty night.

Post show walking. And no, I never did ride the ferris wheel.

That show was great, btw!  They were very energetic and made sure to play all their hits.  And since I was home at a reasonable hour, I was able to make it to yoga the next morning!  The whole experience more than made up for it also being my tax preparation weekend.

How bout  you?  How was your weekend (it was a big one for races – anyone race)?  Any good concerts lately?  Are your taxes done?  Do you watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament?  How many flies did I catch in my mouth?

PS – Today is the last day to vote for our video in the Earth Day contest.  Please vote “C”!!!! It’s the one with the little girl and a bag mobile.  Vote for “C” here:



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60 thoughts on “The Killers, Taxes & Open Mouthed Selfies

  1. WOW! You accomplished a lot this weekend! Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend (besides the taxes)

    • It was pretty jam packed! And yes, it was pretty wonderful. It almost made the taxes worth it because it felt like I deserved a reward for doing them!

  2. Awesome – I love The Killers!!

  3. I also did my taxes this weekend. xD Not fun but not too bad either.

    Looks like you had an awesome time at the concert! Nice one about the “skunky” tobacco. 😛

    • Yeah, taxes are not fun, but it’ll be nice if I get some cash back! The concert was a blast! Ha, glad someone picked up on that little skunky joke.

  4. Boo to taxes but it sounds like a great concert! The last concert I saw was Adam Lambert, but it was free, so yay:)

    • Yeah, I was worried I wouldn’t get them done in time to go to the show, but it worked out!! Ha, ya gotta live free shows!

  5. That is AWESOME the conceert was free, and even better that it was early! College basketball is one sport I’ve never being into. But, I probably would be if it took over my town!

    • Yes, I was very excited for it! I don’t watch college bball much anymore, but I wanted to at least be a small part of the final four weekend.

  6. I love The Killers!! They rock!! Wow, I’ve never seen them in concert so it looked like an amazing time!! I love all of the pictures and hmmm…if I had to guess, I’d say about five flies in the mouth!! 😉 Hehe, well great pictures and a great time!! Your life always looks very thrilling!! I love that!!

    • They out on quite the show!!! They even covered Tiffany’s “I think we’re alone now”. Good times! Haha, there were at least that many flies. It was a very fun experience. I almost didn’t go, but decided last minute to, glad I did!!!

  7. I’m going to guess 23 flies. Am I close?
    I love the Killers! I saw them in Austin at the City Limits Festival waaaaaaay back in 2004. They put on a great show!

    I also enjoy shows that end earlier because of oldness and kid that wakes me up early.

    And I did not race this past weekend, but I will this coming weekend!

    • Exactly! I should probably shut my mouth more hahaha! That’s very cool that you saw them at ACL. I still haven’t gone down to that event. My friend was telling me that some bands let parents buy tickets for them and their kids to come watch the soundcheck. That way you can still go to the show, bring the kids, and be home early! Very cool.
      Good luck on your race!

  8. TartanJogger

    I LOVE The Killers! They’d be a brilliant wedding band……. I’ve asked our band to play Mr Brightside…..

    • Hahaha, you sure you want to use that song?!?!

      • TartanJogger

        I know the lyrics are, erm, not terribly ‘wedding’……. but it reminds me of another wedding we attended which was great fun 😉 There are worse song choices we have… Sex on Fire is also on the list 😉

      • Haha, sounds like you’ve got your playlist ready then!

      • TartanJogger

        The band has their orders! The dinner playlist is sorted, as is the post-reception party playlist 😉 Bring on Friday!

      • Awesome, have a blast!!!!

  9. Your bedtime says old, but your outfit screams young hipster. Way to keep it balanced! 🙂

  10. That’s awesome! I saw The Killers years ago at a festival event and thought they were great! You’re so lucky there were so many free shows going on – that’s pretty cool.

  11. I would LOVE to see the killers-they’re in my top 5. Lookin suave, buddy!

    • Why thank you!!! I love em too! I’ve watched so many of their concerts online and on tv, that I’m glad I finally had a chance to go in person!

  12. Nice! Looks like an awesome weekend! I’m thinking you caught approximately 22 flies in your mouth and maybe a bee too….

    My weekend was great! I ran the hot chocolate 5k and ate way too much chocolate. Time to work it all off!

    • Haha! True story, I once got stung by a bee on the inside of my mouth. It was awfully painful. Don’t ask how he got in my mouth, it was dumb.
      Haha, that’s the danger of that race series!!!

  13. Love the selfies! Taxes…ugh…still have to do ours 😦
    PS – the link didn’t work for me to vote….so I stocked your blog and found it on another post. Voted 🙂

  14. I’m so jealous… would love to go to a Killers concert! My life was temporarily hijacked by a dressage riding demo I helped organise this weekend, which went well but was exhausting! I managed to fit the odd run in here and there, but mostly for sanity rather than actual training. 😉 I’ve officially started my ultramarathon training today though (with a rest day, but that’s a minor detail, right?)!

    • Isn’t it a bummer when life gets in the way of running. Haha, if only we could all be pro runners! Good luck on your training!!! Yes, rest days totally counts as training. Haha!

  15. This sounds like a blast. The only concert I have ever been to was a chance stop at an Irish Festival and the Red Hot Chili Pipers (yes pipers) were playing. Check them out they play covers of rock songs with bag pipes. Wild bunch around this house! Tax weekend is always painful around here….main downside to self employment. Crossing fingers that your video wins.

    • Ahh yes, I’ve heard of them! They were even in the news recently because they were charging like $250 for tickets and people were fooled thinking it was the Peppers. They look like a fun group though in the videos I’ve seen! Good luck on your taxes. I hope you have lots of deductions since your self employed!
      Thank you!!!

  16. I’m so jealous. I love the Killers. Mr Brightside is a favorite. I also would’ve tried to see fun.

    My weekend was running, yoga and three episodes of Ray Donovan with a friend (and tacos for dinner!). Not exactly seeing the Killers for free. But I’ve got trips to DC & Providence RI coming up, so I have to be boring for now.

    • They opened with Mr Brightside! I actually took a video of it on my phone. I need to upload it to youtube.

      I have no idea who Ray Donovan is, but he sounds like a soap star. Hooray for tacos! I haven’t been to Providence, but I love going to DC. Enjoy your trips!

  17. PS how many times are we allowed to vote for you?

  18. Being old is hell, isn’t it? 10pm sounds like 1am to me.

    • Haha, yeah, my friends have a band called the Graceland Ninjas. I’ve seen them perform a couple times, but they’re getting more popular and now a days they don’t take the stage until 10:30 pm. Needless to say, even though they give me free tickets, I haven’t been to a show in a long time.

  19. Lol those skunky cigarette smokers. We had a lot of rotten cigarettes in Berkeley too 😉 What a cool experience!! Nice little reward for finishing those taxes. Luckily I didn’t do mine this year- and I paid my tax guy in cookies #winning #hashtag

  20. Free concerts are always fun! I’m not cool though and I probably only know maybe one song of theirs. I would’ve been all about those country acts though 😉

    • Ha, I lived in Texas for a long time now, but haven’t really gotten into it. There’s a handful that I’ll listen to though. Maybe someday you’ll be cool like me 😉

  21. I’m WAY into egg and turkey sammiches. Taxes, not so much. I JUST finished mine today. Yay!!!

  22. It’s been so long since last time I’ve been in a concert. You made me so jealous, but glad you had a blast! 🙂

  23. Wow, those are some pretty awesome shows to get to see for free! And I need to remember to mail my taxes tomorrow…thanks for the reminder!

    • Agreed! I wish I could’ve gone to more of them. They said Bruce played for 3 hours straight!
      Good luck on your taxes!

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