One Week to Dopey

So we completed yet another trip around the sun – Happy New Year!  And now we’re one week away from race 1 of 4 of the Disney Dopey Challenge.  I can’t believe that after months and months of pounding the pavement, that it’s almost time to race!

Only 6 more sleeps!

Only 6 more sleeps!

My Hal Higdon training plan has me all up in the taper.  Today is a 3 mile run + weights.  Friday is a rest day.  Saturday’s long run is just 8 miles.  A far cry from the 38 mile weekend just recently.

I’ve never been this guy, but I must admit I’ve been checking the weather in Florida.  Right now it’s hawt and humid.  Not good for racing.  I really hope it cools down some.

Last year it was pretty miserable for the Marathon Weekend.  Like 90 degrees with like 90% humidity and 100% sun.  It felt like I was running through oatmeal.  And not the weak instant kind, but rather the full on steel cut Irish oats!

They had these notices all over the place - from the Expo to the course!

They had these notices all over the place – from the Expo to the course! Click image to enlarge.

In North Texas, it’s fairly cold right now.  Like in the 20’s this morning.  In preparation for the warmer weather, I’ve been saving my runs for the afternoon, and I’ve been over-dressing.  Not ideal, but not much else I can do.

That said, I am an eternal optimist, so I’m still counting on a cold front hitting Orlando next week.  I know it can happen!

How bout you?  What’s your ideal race temperature?  What’s your warm weather race strategy?

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35 thoughts on “One Week to Dopey

  1. uggggh I’M NOT A FAN of HOT+HUMID so I truly hope everything turns around for you. My ideal race weather is 40 and that is because rule of thumb I dress to be 20 degrees higher than that because I warm up once I get going. Back when I ran Wineglass Marathon (mid 60 degrees) the first hour was great but the last 2hrs the humidity set in and it def slowed me down a little bit. Even though I wanted to deny what was happening there was nothing I could do it felt like a wall of air. Best advice dress accordingly and hydrate before/throughout the race.

    • Thanks! I hope it works out.
      It was soooo tough last year. I was drenched with sweat .5 miles in! I ran with my sis, and when we got to the halfway point, we were so far off our goal pace despite giving it all we had. Decided it wasn’t happening that day and took some walk breaks. I was dumping the ice water at the drink stations on my head. There are some rain forecasts, so hopefully that will bring some cooler air!

      • Rain certainly helps so long as ur prepared for it mentally. You’ve worked so hard and the dopey challenge in itself is nuts! I’m sure you will come out on top your a different runner this year 🙂

      • I like running in the rain, but not for 48.6 miles. I can imagine the blisters it would cause running in soaked socks! Thank you for your support! I do feel like a different runner!

  2. Hot+Humid = tough running equation for sure. My fingers are crossed the the weather lightens up for you!

    • I know I know. I need to stop registering for races in Florida! Though a few years ago they actually had freezing temps for the marathon. Doesn’t look like it this year, but thanks for crossing fingers. I’m thinking it will drop some degrees by next week!

  3. Oh wow that sounds awful! I don’t even like standing in hot and humid weather! At least you’re preparing as much as you can! Throw some moist hand warmers in your pockets as well as the over-dressing 😉 I don’t know if I have any tips for you that you wouldn’t already know! Is it possible to attach a dehumidifier and air conditioner unit to you?

  4. You’re crazy for doing the Dopey and I hope to be just as crazy some day! I’m doing the full marathon for the second time this year, and I’m strongly considering the Goofy next year.

    I live in Orlando and I can give you a “looking out the window” weather update. It’s been weird the past week. We keep getting cloudy days with rain coming off and on throughout. It hasn’t been hot enough to provoke the misery of Summer time humidity, but it has been a bit muggy on days after it rains.

    Temperatures have been anywhere from 50s to low 80s, varying by day of course because it’s winter in Florida. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what the weather will be 10 days from now!

    Good luck you Dopey Runner!

    • Ahh very cool! I’ve done the marathon 3 times, and never had any desire to do the Goofy, but for some reason the Dopey lured me.
      Thanks for the weather update! I know the forecasts so far out usually aren’t very accurate. 50’s would be awesome!
      Thanks and best of luck to you too!!!

  5. I love it hot & humid! 90 doesn’t usually bug me. It’s super duper cold here now and making me sad.

  6. I like mid 50s. That way I warm up to 70. I predict 53° for your race start.

  7. Yikes, Florida is always so hot! My ideal temperature is cool but not freezing, around 55-60-not too hot, not too cold. I’m lucky and get to run in that weather practically year round!

    • Yes, you are lucky! 50 degrees is great. I ran a half in New Orleans with that temp and it was awesome – cold before we start running, but perfect once we warmed up!

  8. I like 50-55 degrees. A little chilly while you’re waiting to start, but once you’re running, it’s perfect. The cold air takes the heat right off you.

    • Agreed! I ran a half in New Orleans last year and it was 50 at the start. We were all cold in the corral, but once the race started, people peeled off layers and it was perfect!

  9. Fingers crossed for cooler weather!

  10. I’ll do my best to send some of our cold northern Canada weather down that way, just to cool things off a bit.

  11. Weather checking can be such a dangerous game! I hope you get perfect racing weather, at least for the half and full!
    I don’t mind heat even though I only train in it a couple months of the year! I just get so cold otherwise.

    • I’ve never checked weather before, but after last year was so hot, I couldn’t help myself to sneak a peek.
      Thanks for the well wishes! Hopefully it will cool off!

  12. I hate hot and humid. I’d much rather cold any day. Although here it’s supposed to get to -20, which is way too dang cold.

    I hope your weather forecast improves. All that training to be foiled by Mother Nature.

    • That’s how I felt last year – months of work all undone.
      -20?!?! forget that! It gets so hot here most of the year, but the coldest it ever seems to get is in the upper teens. I can bundle up enough to run in that!

  13. Run, Karla, Run

    It was SO hot marathon weekend last year! Hopefully it will be a little cooler. Good luck and I’ll see you down there!

    • It was brutal! I have a feeling we’ll have better conditions this year. Thanks and good luck to you! Maybe we’ll “run” into each other!

  14. Good luck next weekend. Last year was definitely warm, but being from SC I guess I was use to it. But near the end of the marathon it was starting to zap the life out of me. I missed my marathon PR by less than a minute! Maybe we can get a little cooler this year so I can knock it out the park. So you staying on property? We at Beach Club. Wish you well. Looking forward to your race recap the following week.

  15. I prefer cooler temps for running if I can pick and choose. But since we can’t pick it I will just hope for the best.

    When it is hot I wear looser tanks and shorts. Something that doesn’t fit close to me.

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