Dopey Challenge – To Costume or Not?

Since the Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2) is only a few days away, I have a dilemma:  Should I wear a costume during the first 3 races?

I since the last race is a full marathon, I want to save as much energy for that as I can for it.  So that means NOT racing the first 3 events.  This can be hard to do – once you line up at the start, it can be difficult to fight the adrenaline and excitement and competitiveness.  But I still have hopes of PR’ing in the 26.2, so I must resist the urge to go hard the early races.

To do this, I thought about wearing costumes.  I usually wear costumes when I run in races that I just want to have fun in, to make sure I don’t take it too seriously.  Here’s a few examples…BTW, I went through a mud/obstacle race phase a couple years ago…

Fire bad!

Pirate say, “Fire arrgh bad!”

Hippie power!

Hippies love mud.


Firefighter Scott - in case of emergency.

Firefighter Scott – in case of emergency.

Can you guess which one of us is the real Santa Clause?

Can you guess which one of us is the real Santa Clause?

Updated pirate - ear ring and hook!

Updated pirate – ear ring and hook!

I went as a Parrothead for this race...and in real life.

I went as a Parrothead for this race…and in real life.

So, do you think I should go for costumes?  Check a box  Yes___  No___

If yes, what should I be?  I do have some Mickey Ears and giant Mickey Gloves…

My mickey not ask about the rest of my outfit...

My mickey mitts…do not ask about the rest of my outfit…

The official themes of the races are: 5k – Pluto, 10k – Minnie, 13.1 – Donald, 26.2 – Mickey, 13.1+ 26.2 – Goofy, All 4 races – Dopey.  I could go off of those, or be more creative.  Anything Disney related goes – any character, ride, movie, etc.  Or I could be a tourist.  I also have a whole box of years past Halloween costumes to pick through.  Cross dressing is OK too. The options are endless, but we’re running short on time. 

Please, give me your ideas/suggestions for race costumes!  What’s your fav thing Disney?  Let’s brainstorm!

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40 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge – To Costume or Not?

  1. You know about my other site, right? These pictures here, and whatever you end up wearing for Disney, WILL be stolen and posted there.

  2. TartanJogger

    Do it! Do it! Do it! I’d have to support the tartan, and suggest Scrooge McDuck….

  3. SCROOGE MCDUCK! I think the costume will get you to lighten up a bit on the first races. I know I’d be tempted to go all out once I hit the start line even if I said I wasn’t going to. Kilt for the win!

  4. Nothing like having some fun while you’re having some fun. I’d say go for the costume. If luggage space isn’t an issue, what about a different costume each race? Just a thought.

  5. Yes to a costume for sure.
    I am a fan of The Lion King or The Little Mermaid…so, not sure if you want to go the last route 😉
    Either way you do it just have fun!

  6. Yes to a costume, but not one with a cape for the first three, that will make you want to run fast, capes always make me want to run fast. Save the cape for the marathon.

    • Haha, good point! I wore a cape in a 5k and I really did like seeing my reflection in store windows with the cape flowing behind me!!!

  7. OMG YES you should dress up!! I think you should dress up as Minnie with a little red and white polka dotted skirt haha. You should dress up as Hannah Montana too (she was Disney right?)!

  8. You gotta wear a costume and let the boy wear one for his race too. Do a father/son costume for 1 of the races.

  9. I have no suggestions but believe costumes to be a great idea. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  10. You could be Jack Sparrow. I hear he’s on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride now. Guyliner all the way!

  11. Yes! But…I’m not sure what you should wear. Something that’s easy to move in, and not too hot for florida weather.

  12. Jane Likes to Run

    Yes! I like the scrooge mc duck idea. I am not a huge Disney person, but duck tales was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I was also thinking Aladdin. You might have some options there to make the costume cooler for the weather. Also Simba. That would be awesome. Good luck and have fun!

    • Thank you! So many options! I was also thinking of something from Mary Poppins since the Saving Mr Banks movie is out now too. Working on it!

  13. Yes to costumes for sure, and I LOVE that you said cross dressing is ok. No need to take ourselves too seriously! No idea on what you should dress up as; I’ve never done it but am considering it for a Halloween race this year. A cape sounds fun.

    • I went through the halloween box and found a few possibilities. Still working it out! I have run in a cape before, and it is fun! You feel fast!

  14. PaulSmuts

    I’m not sure I’m to right person to give costume advice! 🙂 What ever you go as have fun, I’ll be following your progress over the course of the four days!

    • Thank you! I’ll post the runner tracking site before I leave in case anyone is interested in seeing my real time progress!

  15. YES! Definitely wear a costume. Love all the other ones you have worn!

  16. You should definitely wear a costume! It is Disney World after all, if you can’t wear a costume there, where can you? The picture of you jumping in the obstacle race is hilarious!

    Umm, maybe the Little’s going to be HOT so you could get away with just wearing seashells for a shirt??

    • Thanks! I definitely knew there was a photographer at that point of the course! Ha!
      Haha, the Little Mermaid would be funny! You’re right, I need to consider the elements. I’ve got a few costumes going, but I’m keeping them light and simple so I can still run! And not overheat!

  17. I read the first paragraph and actually said “YES OF COURSE” out loud to my computer. Costumes make everything more fun!! I love the tourist idea. Or you could dress up like a geriatric. It is Florida after all. Or maybe cryogenic freeze Walt Disney?

    • Haha, I like the way your mind works! A frozen Walt would be hilarious. I’m also taking into account functionality, so my costumes might not be too exciting, but still a little fun.

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