Cold Running, Sliders, & Disappointing a Celebrity Chef

It’s been cold around North Texas. I know I shouldn’t complain, after all, it took us to January to finally get some uncomfortably cold weather. But Scotty no likey.

Took my gloves off to take the photo. Mistake.

Took my gloves off to take the photo. Mistake.

WT Frick?!?


I hate the dreadmill even worse than the cold, so I put on layers and hit the road. Why? Can’t stop. Won’t stop! Just a little more than a week until the Key West Half Marathon!!!

Soon my friend, soon.

Soon my friend, soon.

Anyways, other than that, let me catch you up on some of what else has been going on in my world. Here’s the randomness in pictures.

Took a pic with the Dirk mural.

Took a pic with the Dirk mural.

Kids were fascinated by the balloon animal maker lady.

Kids were fascinated by the balloon animal maker lady.

I took a sneaky selfie with Pepsi (her real name) and Sarah & TriKohl at the latter's going away party.

I took a sneaky selfie with Pepsi (her real name) and Sarah & TriKohl at the latter’s going away party.

Had lunch with my celebrity chef friend, Trevor Ball. Look for him on the Food Network again in the coming months.

Had lunch with my celebrity chef friend, Trevor Ball. Look for him on the Food Network again in the coming months.

Then promptly disappointed him by eating this. Had to, it was a gift, and it's a taste of home (Ohio).

Then promptly disappointed him by eating these Sliders. Had to, it was a gift, and it’s a taste of home (Ohio).

But quickly redeemed myself by eating these tacos.

But quickly redeemed myself by eating these tacos.

Then took a pic of the lil girl's teeth, that are coming in nicely!

Then took a pic of the lil girl’s teeth, which are coming in quite nicely!

So there ya go. It’s been cold, random, and fun round these parts. On to the weekend and more coldy cold miles to run…and more randomness, I’m sure. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

How bout you? Love or hate Sliders? You running in the cold or takin it to the treadmill? Any randomness going on with you?


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33 thoughts on “Cold Running, Sliders, & Disappointing a Celebrity Chef

  1. Brr…I will hand it to you. 8 is pretty freaking cold and impressive that you are out running in it. I just suck it up lately and use the mill. Don’t love it but I get to catch up on some rare TV watching. Being a Midwesterner all of my life I have never had White Castle. My grandfather loved them. What a disappoint I must be to the family……..;)

    • Yeah, that is actually what it felt like with the wind chill. So gross! Ha, yeah, you can surely catch up on some TV when on da mill. I remember last year during the ice storm I had to watch hours of TV on the treads. Ha, well White Castle can only be eaten once or twice a year. More than that and you might make yourself sick. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m still not taking in the treadmill and running outside. I must be stubborn, or stupid, or both. It’s very cold up this way now. Never had a slider so I’ve decided I don’t like them. That’s random!

  3. Very exciting about the Key West race! here in California, it’s so cold. It’s…60 degrees… πŸ™‚

  4. It was -27 with windchill yesterday. me no likey either, LOL!!

  5. I’ve been trying to brave the cold. I haven’t gone out when it’s below 30 yet tho. . I didn’t have to yet, but this weekend might be a new record. LOVE your random pics -White Castle all the way! I only had it once, but it’s probably still stuck in my arteries!

    • I don’t blame you, that is ridiculous!!! I guess I shouldn’t complain about our ‘cold’ weather. Haha, thank you! Yes, White Castle rulz! And yes, it’s still in you πŸ˜‰

  6. Hate hate hate the cold. Dislike running in the cold – feels like my nose is going to drop off and my lungs are going to explode from all the ice crystals forming in them. Guess I should be glad we don’t get snow here. It’s currently a lovely 85ish degrees here! But alas no running – and it will probably be winter here before I can run again so I see a bit of treadmill time in my future (assuming I’m allowed to run on a treadmill!) πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean!!!!!! I hate cold running. Cool running is good, cold running is bad. Ha, yeah, we don’t get much snow either, so we’ve got that going for us. I hope you weather and body cooperates and you’re able to run!!!!

  7. No sliders for me please (I don’t really eat beef). I hope your runs this weekend are a little warmer! I’m sitting here trying to psych myself up for a negative-degree temp run in the morning. At least it’s only 6 miles, but if it’s windy my butt will be on a treadmill.

    • I don’t really eat meat either, but White Castle was a once or twice a year special treat growing up in Ohio, so it was nice to have a taste of home!
      I hope you went on your run! The cold sucks, but it’s not too bad once you get sweaty. The wind though…that’s never fun!

  8. We don’t sell sliders! I couldn’t eat them anyway but Im sure my other half would!
    I’d rather take the cold and ran then treadmill. I always came off the treadmill feeling like the room is moving….that saying I don’t think I have enough layers for the cold cold runs…

    • Ha, people either love sliders or hate em. I love em, but you can only eat them sparingly, lest you make yourself sick!
      Yeah, I know what you mean about the treadmill. It messes with my mind too. Ha, well, maybe you can dress up like the kid from Christmas Story for your run?

  9. I like sliders. White Castle is the best. Its been cold here too on the East Coast, 17 earlier this week. My wife is running outside, i’m watching from inside until it warms up.

    • Yes!!! We don’t have em down here, but there is the random Krystal burger joints…not the same though. Ha, have fun watching your wife from the warmness!

  10. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this (if I have, sorry!) but I am also from Ohio!

  11. charissarunning

    It’s ok – you can complain about the cold! It’s not fun at all. I’ve been sticking to the treadmill the past few days, but it’s been in the negatives with windchill here. I think my limit is the high teen temperatures (real feel). I’ll be outside today though – it’s finally slightly warmer. Whoever thought I’d be happy about the 20’s?!

    • I don’t blame you for sticking to the treadmill in that coldness! Yuck! But yes, you gotta take advantage of the ‘warm’ spells when they come. I’m just a little worried about Key West being too warm for running. Normally I can handle it, but I’ve been training in chilly chilly temps. We’ll see!

  12. I’m not running outside until the temp reaches the 20’s – at least! And I adore the pacifier.

    • I don’t blame you, but I have to cause I gotta race to run!
      Ha, thanks, I found it when cleaning out a drawer. She thought it was fun too!

  13. No sliders for me, I don’t do beef but my husband makes some with a veggie alternative that are delicious! I am actually one of those weird ppl who likes the treadmill and since I am not training for a Spring marathon, I am NOT braving the negative degree temps this Winter and have been spending more time on my beloved treadmill lately. Good luck in Key West, I am sure it will be awesome!

    • I don’t eat meat most of the time, but this was a special occasion. Buuuuut, I did just see in the news that WC is about to offer Veggie Sliders!!!!
      yeah, if you don’t have a race coming up, I don’t blame you for avoiding the coldness. I wish I liked the treadmill. It just drives me insane.
      Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I actually love the treadmill. I trained for a spring half marathon last year entirely on the treadmill! And I’m pretty sure I have that in front of me for the rest of Paris marathon training. It’s been freezing here in DC too, school has actually been delayed for a week now because of the cold temps?! What the what?! So jealous of Key West, I hope you have a blast!!

    • Well then, you’re weird. πŸ˜‰ I can’t imagine training for a race on a treadmill – you don’t get all the turns, hills, wind, etc. But it is good for pure speed work! Closed for cold???? Kids are getting soft these days. Back in our day…… Haha!
      Thank you, I plan to make it fun!

  15. haha fun pix, dude. so i’d much prefer to run outdoors, even in the cold, but have moved it to the treadmill the past two days. i did manage an 8-miler in the cold outside on Saturday, though. i don’t eat meat (or much bread, for that matter), so sliders are out for me. i’ve actually never had one — they weren’t really a “thing” til after i stopped eating meat!

    • Haha, thanks, dudette! Ha, yeah, I think I saw on IG that you ran an 8 miler out doors. Nice!!!
      OK, dayum, all you healthy folks are killing me in these comments about not eating meat/bread/etc. I am with you!!!!! I hardly ever eat either, but this was a special occasion. In fact, someone sent us some Filet Mignon’s as a gift the other day, but they are sitting in our freezer. I honestly have no idea how to cook steak. I know I just lost a man card.

  16. Run in the cold def- but my CA “cold” is probably not considered cold. I was an amateur balloon animal maker lady for a night after my little cousins found out that I could make a dog- only a dog though. I probably made 15 of those that night because they kept popping them…intentionally!

    • Ha, yeah, and I know northerners think my Texas ‘cold’ is a joke too. But it’s all relative, right? A budding balloon artist, eh? But yeah, kids like you to make them stuff, just so they can break it! frustrating little suckers.

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