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Run 4 Da Taco, Pro Soccer, & Weekap

It’s been another crazy week! It started with my Oktoberfest 5k PR on Saturday. Then a 10 mile run at the Balloon Half Marathon. Those were two too hot days. But then…

…We fina-freakin-ly had a break in the weather!! We actually had cool mornings all week! My pace per mile was a minute faster than my runs the week before. Felt great!

One of the runs was at a local running store. It was an early 4 miles followed by breakfast tacos and Pepsi. And when I say Pepsi, I mean my friend (yes, that’s her name).

Pepsi and Serene. A couple of my running partners. Pepsi forgot to wear a longhorn shit. What a fool!

Pepsi and Serene. A couple of my running partners. Pepsi forgot to wear a longhorn shit. What a fool!

If you follow this blog (or my Instagram) then you know how I love tacos. So when they offered them that morning, I ate them. Then when I got to work, somebody had brought some. So I ate them. I almost made myself sick of tacos. But don’t worry, I’m over that.

Also this week, the boy and I went to watch FC Dallas play against Seattle Sounders. It was a good night and we won the match!

Just a couple of slack-jawed mouth-breathers.

Just a couple of slack-jawed mouth-breathers.

And now it’s time for another crazy weekend! Got a lot planned (yes, tacos included). Aaaaaand, I’m excited because I’m supposed to be getting some new running shoes today! Yessir! Gotta love that!

How bout you? Get a weather break where you are? Any social runs? Who loves free tacos (if you say, “not me” we can’t be friends)?


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This Week’s Run Fuel

Just a quick note here as to what I made to eat to keep me moving.  I’ve got my 12 mile run in the morning and so tonight I’m eating oven roasted sweet potatoes and some cooked up wild Alaskan salmon.  Pretty simple.

The other day tho, here’s what I made to last a few days.  I sauteed some onion and garlic in extra virgin organic coconut oil.  Then threw in some tomato paste.  Then some sun dried tomatoes.  I deglazed with white wine.  Then added some goat cheese.  On the other burner I boiled some gluten free quinoa fusilli pasta.  The little swirls of the pasta help keep in the sauce.  When it was done, I added it to the wine goat cheese tomato sauce, along with some of the water the pasta boiled in.  Boom.  Done.  Healthy.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Looking back though, I wish I had added some sliced mushrooms.  But it’s all good.  Sorry I don’t have measurements, but I don’t measure when I cook.  I just kind of go on feel.  If you really want to know, holla and I’ll figure it out best I can.  Otherwise, if it sounds good to you, just wing it!

It lasted me for several days and I had some really good workouts.  This morning I ran 3.5 with 7:40 something miles.  I wanted to go faster and further, but I’m trying to stick to the Dopey training plan.  It’s a plan for a reason.

Anyhoodle, that’s it.  Ready for the morning run.  Then finally a cheat meal or two!

Happy Labour Day Holiday (I’m pretending I’m British that last sentence.)

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