Pumping Iron Makes you Sexy – Week Recap

This week was a hawt one.  Right at triple digits each day.  I try to get up and run before the sun, but there’s not much relief as it’s not much cooler and we have the humidity to deal with.  That said, I was able to fight through.

Sunday – Trail run + yoga.  Tues – Road run + weights.  Wed – Track work.  Thurs – Weights + social run.

As you’ll notice, I do my share of cross training.  It wears me out, but I know it helps keep me injury free, so I keep doing it.

Dumbells make you smart...and sexy.

Dumbells make you smart…and sexy.

The only non morning run was the social one.  Man it was hot.  I’m still trying to acclimatize to the Texas summer.  A work in progress!

Anyway, just a quick recap.  Hope everyone is well!

How bout you?  Cross train much?  How do you deal with running in the heat?  How sexy-smart is my gym pic (be honest, it’s hawt)?


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20 thoughts on “Pumping Iron Makes you Sexy – Week Recap

  1. I couldn’t imagine running in Texas, you are all just hard core! Im cross training this weekend by playing in a soccer tournament…hot one here too. Hydrate with watermelon, water, gatorade if necessary (as i will in this tournament. And hide away im my treadmill 🙂

    • Yeah, it is pretty hardcore, but not much we can do about it, so gotsta deal! Hope your tourny went well! Love the hydration! I add coconut water and choco almond milk!

  2. I crosstrain a lot,but my coaches are upping the amount I do because I’ve gotten hurt and we’ve identified some imbalances that need work. Plus: getting older. Hopefully pumping iron will make me more sexy cuz I could use it. Limping is not very sexy.

    • OK, nice! I’d love to have a coach pointing out my flaws…or would I? Haha, good luck with your weights/limping.

  3. Cross training and I have a conflicted relationship. We frequently take breaks from each other. 🙂

  4. I didn’t used to cross train much until
    I hurt my back/hip. Now I run 2-3 days a week and cross train the other 2-3.

    • Ha, is’nt it funny how we have to workout more in order to avoid getting hurt? Seems like it’d be the opposite…

  5. I do cross train. Helps keep me from getting injured as much as when I just ran. It’s hot here, but not as hot as down there and I’m actually running in the heat to prepare for my next races as they may potentially be hot as well.

    • Yes! It took me a while to learn that I need to do all sorts of working out just so I can run injury free. And double yes, I hope your summer training translates to cool races! I’m hoping for the same down here!

  6. Love my cross training. In fact I’m catching up on blogs as I do my planks :). Next up is arms!

  7. I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my site 🙂

  8. I love mixing it up!!! Seriously LOVE the picture!! Looks fabulous!! XOXO!!!

  9. LOL!!!! YOUR PICTURE! I guess you recently watched the movie, eh?

  10. I definitely cross train, it helps my running. In UT, we don’t have much humidity, so I deal with the heat by running early in the am, or suffering through my run if I oversleep. I don’t know how you people run in the humidity!

    • Exactly! Yeah, you’re lucky to not have the humidity. We had a “cold front” come through today. It blew off some of the humidity. WOW, what a difference it made on my run!

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