Runnin Past Celebrity Mansions & Pool Party

This weekend I met up with the White Rock Running Co-op for a “Run My Hood” run.  One of the members hosted a long run from their house…which happened to be right by a lot of the fancy pants mansions here in Dallas.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

I didn’t have my photography device with me on the run, but trust me, these mansions were huuuuuuuuge!    Massive.  Of some of the famous people’s homes I saw were Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, and G. W. Bush.  Not sure who all else we passed, but when you see a house with it’s own football stadium (complete with scoreboard) in it’s side yard, then you know they’ve made some dough.

Anyway, I got in 7-8 miles on this steamy Texas morning.  And afterwards we cooled off with a little pool party!

Stop looking at me swan.

Stop looking at me swan.

It was a great way to see a part of the city that I normally don’t hang out in (Come on Dirk, invite me over!).  And of course we got to run with some cool peeps and then celebrate after.  I love celebrating the small things.  We should all do that more often.

How bout you?  Ever run past mansions or famous homes?  Ever celebrate little things?  Which is better – shampoo or conditioner?  Who got that last reference?


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45 thoughts on “Runnin Past Celebrity Mansions & Pool Party

  1. Duh, shampoo is better. It goes on first and cleans the hair.

  2. What a fun run and post-race idea. I didn’t realize you were in Dallas, for some reason 🙂 I am running the Dallas Marathon this year! My bestie lives in McKinney 🙂

    • Yes yes yes! That’s awesome! I live in Frisco – borders McKinney. Was thinking of running Dallas, but may opt for the half instead. Let’s arrange a meetup!!

      • Yes! I would love to meet up! I wonder if you ever run in to her or her crew… do you ever do the Run On! Social runs or run with the McKinney Running Club?

      • Sweet! Let’s set it up! Who is your friend? I haven’t been to many Run On runs, or any of the MRC runs, but I’m very familiar with both and have lots of friends who do. I bet we at least have some mutual friends.

  3. Awesome tour of rich peoples’ houses you had! This reminds me of when Jesse and I went to a wedding in a wealthy area in Houston. People had estates and crazy huge yards and houses…guess everything IS bigger in TX!

  4. We have no famous people living here 😉 I always wonder when I do go by mansions “how do they keep it clean” ? Oh right, they hire someone to do that. Nice swan!

  5. I’m a little jealous of the pool party! Sounds like a fun day!

  6. Sounds like a neighborhood I’d have fun driving (er, running) through.

  7. I’ve never run through a neighborhood like that but now I want to! It might be fun to run into someone famous on the sidewalk!

    • Haha, yeah, we didn’t see too many people out walking their dogs, but we did see tons of giant SUV’s pulling out of their gated drive ways to go get coffee (I assume)

  8. I probably say “stop looking at me swan” like once a month and I always do it in his stupid voice. That just made me ridiculously happy on a Tuesday morning, so thanks for that.

  9. Oh man, I run in the desert around a neighborhood with some pretty big homes, not sure if they are celebrities but they have some dough. Pool party after a long run sounds awesome.

  10. Ahahhaa! Of courrse, we can’t spot you, you didn’t make your signature face! What’s wrong with you?! 😀 xoxo

  11. Conditioner is better because it leaves my hair silky and smooth.
    This sounds like such a fun idea for a run. There is a neighborhood kind of near mine that has really big houses, but definitely not one with a football stadium! WTF!?

    • No, shampoo is better because it goes on first and cleans the hair!
      Yeah, I know! The stadium had bleachers and all! They also had a pole vault pit, a track, a basketball court, etc. etc. They had a golf cart to drive them around their own yard!

  12. I ran past a ritzy neighbourhood in Point Grey Vancouver last summer and one of the gigantic gorgeous homes on the ocean I ran past belongs to the dude who owns Lululemon. It was being renovated when I ran by. I’m sure he owns more than one place. Definitely conditioner, I have long unruly hair and conditioner is a must.

    • Oh really? Cool! Though that guy always seems to be in hot water! I bet he could afford a huge home – I think the cheapest thing in their store is a $25 water bottle!

  13. There’s a great mansion run in Newport, RI. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S houses along the water and old-timey marble mansions from the era of the Vanderbilts. When I was in Lake Como, we boated by George Clooney’s villa!

    • Oh, I bet! I know y’all have some bigguns up there! And look at you….so fancy! Hangin near the Cloonz and all! 😉

  14. The Fairfield Half runs past loads of Connecticut mansions. Many of the residents come out to cheer the racers on, which is super cool of them.

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