Trail Running Makes You Sexy

The other day I just wasn’t feelin another road run for the week. So I ended up going to a local nature preserve to run on their wooded trails. I’m glad I did. Mainly, because doing so makes you foxy.

Never mind the sweaty man laying down in the woods.

Never mind the sweaty man laying down in the woods.

Trail running always seems to refresh me. It’s good to get in nature. It’s good to dodge plants and rocks and critters and mountain bikers and hikers and other runners. It totally turned my mood around. Before the run I was all like…

I had a real chip on my shoulder (tortilla, not potato).

I had a real chip on my shoulder. #tortilla #notpotato

After the run I went and met some peeps for yoga. It was a really good practice. And of course, from a couple weeks ago – you know what yoga does to you…



That’s right, I got an extra dose of foxiness that day. Watch out world!

Anyone else ever take a running ‘break’ by hitting trails? Every double dip your workouts?


PS. I apologize for posting such foxy (and not at all creepy photos).

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39 thoughts on “Trail Running Makes You Sexy

  1. Well, in this part of the world, I’m 98% of the time on trails. I often forget what running on a road is like until I run a race in a city. I double (sometimes triple) dip my work-outs at least 3 times a week. I’m addicted and why bother with yard work when you can do fun stuff.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot you live in the north pole! 😉 Ha, I do double up at least 3 times a week too. I save yard work for when I’m burnt out on everything else!

  2. haha the chip! Where do you come up with this stuff? I love how you keep taking pictures of yourself lying down with your pinkie finger. Anyways! I love taking running breaks and heading on a trail. Nothing better than a quick vacation!

    • Ha, thanks! You don’t want to get in my head Jenna! hahaha! Glad you like my finger selfies. I’m working on a whole series. And yes, switching up routines is so vital!!!

  3. I can’t stop laughing. These pictures are amazing. And I like your shoulder chip. I double dip a few times a week. Tomorrow is a triple if I’m lucky. 🙂

    • Bahaha, thanks Salt! Ha, I double dip too – at least 3 times a week. Been thinking about tripling! I want to be like you!

  4. That was soooo funny!!

  5. Lol – i love the pictures! Trail running is a blast and change of pace! Not sure that it makes me feel foxy though….maybe if I tried laying I’m the woods….haha!

    • Haha, thanks RB! And no, it doesn’t make you feel foxy until much later. I was so gross sweating all over the bugs and dirt. The couple that just had a baby and was taking newborn photos kept looking at me sideways. Ha, you should try it!

      • Lol – the sideways glances would definitely make it worth it! I’ve never outgrown being amused by surprising people! 😉

      • Ha, yeah, I don’t really care what people think, so I don’t mind embarrassing myself for a minute if it leads to an eternity of entertaining folks!

  6. Good call on the tortilla chip (tortilla chips > potato chips). I didn’t trail run much until recently, and it was so fun that I’m really looking forward to doing it a lot more when I get home.

    • Yes, well, I do enjoy a good potato chip too. 🙂 I bet you’ve found some amazing trails overseas! I’m jeally!

  7. You gotta watch how much sexy you put on the interwebs, they’re going to censor you if you go too far!

  8. Hell yeah trails make you foxy lol. I love trails so much more than roads. I can totally see how it could turn your mood around.

    FYI… were not creepy at all (in sarcastic tone lol)

    • Totes me goats! Yeah, I bet you got some good trails out your way. I make do with the short ones we have here. So much fun tho!

      No, not kreepy at all!

  9. I really need to find some trails in my area. I’m having a hard time connecting with VT runners/finding good routes that aren’t on streets or the always-busy bikepath. I’d rather dodge critters and roots than toddlers and unleashed dogs.

    • No way! You have to have some amazing trails in VT. It’s one of 5 US states I haven’t been to, but I have been to Maine and NH and they had amazing wilderness! Go get it!

  10. You’re hilarious. Those pictures cracked me up! I LOVE running in nature. It’s more pleasant, fun, and doesn’t seem as much af a drag. xoxo

  11. I actually almost prefer trail running, even though I don’t do it very often. It’s a great escape! I don’t know if I feel sexier after a trail run though, haha but yoga for sure 😀

    • I kind of prefer it too, even though I am slower doing it. And hahaha, no, I was joking, I’m not sexy when I’m all sweaty and light headed, but thought it was fun!

  12. Love the chip on your shoulder. Every time I read your posts I have a why didn’t I think of that moment. Trail running is my favorite. It is such a great way to change things up and mentally there is no time for whining or anything else. And apparently it makes you sexy…and muddy.

    • I totally ate that chip on my shoulder! 😉 Ha, you just have to look at the everyday as weird! You are right! It’s such a mental challenge! You can’t take a break mentally or you’ll trip or run into a tree! Yes, totally muddy sexy!

  13. LOL – priceless photos. We love trail running at STM!!! Definitely prefer it to road running.

  14. Yes to trails and yes to double dipping!

  15. Nature makes everything better! 🙂

  16. Trails are so much more interesting – I can run forever on a trail but can barely run around my block, lol

    • Haha, nice. I was struggling the first half mile or so, but then it felt like I could go all day. Nature just energized me!

  17. I love a good trail run. I typically like to get out into the forest preserves for long runs – it’s just more… easy on the eyes? than road running. This post is filled with just too much sexiness.

    • Agreed! Yes, definitely more scenic! And thank you, I’m sorry to over sexiness it, but I couldn’t help it. 😉

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  19. Okay, so you seriously got those foxy pictures down!! Haha!! Yep, you do!! I’m loving all of your awesome pictures!! Very creative!! Work it!!! Trail running is a blast!!

    • Ha, I actually tried to change up my pose, but it didn’t look right….not that this looks right. 🙂 Thanks again! I’ll keep working on it!

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