Heat Blows and Happy World Cup Day!

First off, I am pumped!  Today is the first day of the World Cup!  Even though I am passionate about running, soccer will always be my first love.  Can’t wait to watch the beautiful game!  Happy World Cup Day everyone!  Go USA!

Bend it like Evans.  I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

Bend it like Evans. I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

OK, now on to the heat.  I used to like the weather heat, but then I got into running and now I prefer it to be less heaty.  It’s turning into summer here in Texas and that means super heat. Serious heat.  It doesn’t go away over night, but at least the sun isn’t beating on us, so that’s when I have to run – before the sun comes up.  It’s fine, I’ve made my peace with it.

The Texas sun is not forgiving.

The Texas sun is not forgiving.

There’s another kind of Heat that I’m not a big fan of – The Miami Heat.  They are an NBA basketball team and they are in the finals right now.  And my blogging buddy Helly doesn’t like them either so we decided to write about it – read hers here. 

First, I must offer my apologies to the Running Schlub.  I know he’s a fan of the Heat, so I’m sorry about this, but lemme splain.

#1 – The current Heat roster took form when free agents Lebron and Bosh decided to join Wade to for a super group.  To me, that was the coward way out.  Instead of working hard like every other NBA player to make it to the promise land, they just got a bunch of all-stars to team up.  To give you some perspective, they asked former great players like Michael Jordan if he would’ve ever joined a team of superstars so they could beat up on the rest of the league – he said, Hells no!  He wanted to beat the best in the league.  He wanted to beat Bird, Magic, etc.  He didn’t want to team up with them for an easy way out.

#2 – They show a lack of respect.  From their first circus like press conference announcing the new superstars.  To Lebron changed his number from 23 to 6 because he said he had too much respect for Jordan.  So does that mean he doesn’t respect Dr J?  And when they barely won the championship last year, they said it was the hardest finals they ever played in.  Um what?  What about the one you LOST to my Dallas Mavericks???  Speaking of which, Wade and Lebron made fun of Dirk Nowitzki when he was sick, but still played in the finals.  Really?  Then when Lebron gets sick he tells everyone how hard he’s fighting through the illness to be able to play.  Really?

#3 – Their fans.  I’m not talking about the hardcore legit fans.  I’m talking about most of them who are bandwagon and obnoxious.

#4 – Who gets a tattoo that says ‘Chosen One”?  Really?

#5 – I was born and raised in Ohio – if you know anything about Lebron, then you know how despised he is now in his/my home state.

Ha, I know Helly and I could go on about this, but I’ll stop it there.  That all said though, I do respect some of their players and I do understand Lebron is a beast.  He’s a dominant player no matter what you think of him. But it doesn’t mean I can’t root against him. 😉  They are playing the Spurs, who are Maverick rivals, but I’m pulling for them anyways.  Go Spurs Go!

I’m just glad my Mavericks were able to beat them in the finals a couple years ago.  Yes, we slayed the giants!

My old school Mavericks jersey.  Taken right after they won the title!

My old school Mavericks jersey. Taken right after they won the title!

Funny story, after the Mavericks won, the governor of Ohio made a proclamation naming the Dallas Mavericks Honorary Ohioans.  Hahahaha!

Anyways, there ya go.  Sorry about the rant.  Helly and I were joking about it on Twitter and decided pull the trigger on these posts.

How bout you?  Excited about the World Cup?  Got any opinions about the Heat?  What time do you get up to run?  What’s your favorite pro sports team?


PS – In case you’re wondering, I became a Dallas Mavericks fan while I still lived in Ohio.  They drafted a player from Ohio and that’s when I started following them.  It’s a coincidence that I ended up moving here.


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41 thoughts on “Heat Blows and Happy World Cup Day!

  1. I’m not enjoying running in the heat this summer. Ugh! I had a sweaty, messy run this morning. I was definitely disappointed in myself because I totally let the humidity psych me out!! It was a horrible run, but I guess I’ll adjust to it as the summer continues. I’ve been running @ 5 am lately.

    • Ha, I made the mistake this morn of not running early. They said we’d have storms all day and I figured I could sneak one in at lunch in the cool rain. Nope. It was 90% humidity and not raining. So sweaty.

      • Oh man, when you said “cool rain,” I got chills thinking about running in the coolness again. I miss chilly runs!! Haha, I do!!
        Sorry it ended up not being what you hoped for!! I get it!! Boy, do I!! 😉 😉

      • Oh yes, it will be nice when the fall temps hit. It’s no coincidence they don’t have many summer races down here.
        Have a great weekend!

  2. Great points!! I don’t know which one I like best–but their fans really suck. Case in point, game 3.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game!

  3. Oh how I love the World Cup…too bad Canada doesn’t have a team in… Guess I’ll cheer on my husband’s homeland….GO England!!!!

  4. I’m excited about the World Cup. We had a gathering today at work with soccer sugar cookies and other snacks and we all got to dress down and wear our favorite team’s jerseys/colors.

    • Very cool! I love how the local sports radio guys – most of which are old school – are begrudgingly having to talk about it because it’s so popular. Haha, they just want to talk about baseball football basketball.

  5. The heat takes some getting used to. I love you two both even more for your points on the Heat. So funny, I saved this post to show my husband. I get on “hate bandwagons” and Lebron is one of them. Just don’t like the guy. Headed to Cleveland tomorrow. Will make sure to throw your name around all over Ohio! (It should get me celeb status right?!)

    • Yeah, but even months in, I never fully get used to it. It’s always an amazing feeling in the fall when it starts to cool down and my running gets easier. Haha, glad you liked our posts. The Heat drive me nuts! Yeah, I respect his ability, but I hate his arrogance. The fact that he has an app, he cries after every single play that he was fouled, that ad shoots the photog isn’t allowed to talk to him, etc. etc. etc.
      Yay for an Ohio trip! I’m jeally! Hahahahaha, yes, drop my name all over and see where it gets you!

      • LOL I will do that. Rock and I are still cracking up about his “Lebroning.” We want to start randomly cramping up all over the place.

      • Haha, earlier this year people were doing a different ‘lebroning’ where someone walked by them and they instantly fell to the floor and flopped around like they’d been shot!

  6. Eff the heaty heat. For real. On All Levels.

  7. Melanie

    As a Cleveland girl I have to hate the Heat and that former Cav (I won’t say that name.) And no I don’t want him back in Cleveland. My 9 yr. old son does a great impersonation of the cramping episode from game one.

  8. I don’t run well in heat. In fact, I didn’t start running until I moved away from the Arizona, it was just too hot for me! One of my co-workers went to high school with Lebron and she has nothing nice to say about him..but he is a great player. I guess. Go Spurs!

    • Oh, I didn’t realize you didn’t run until you left AZ. Interesting. Ha, sorry about your friend! It’s always a shame when people who other people look up to aren’t always good people.

  9. Let me start by saying I am not a basketball fan. Really, I don’t follow it at all. However, what I DO know is I am NOT a LeBron James fan. I actually worked on the free agency campaign for the Knicks when they were trying to get that power trio and MAN is it insane what they do to try to get players to come play for them!

    Second I worked in professional hockey for 10 years. A couple weeks ago a player broke their jaw, finished the game, had surgery the next day, missed ONE GAME and is back playing (while only eating a liquid diet). LeBron gets A CRAMP and was being carried off the court??! Really buddy?

    Ok, basketball rant over and please don’t hate me. : )

    • OK, just seeing this. Thanks for preparing me with your tweet! Hahaha, epic!
      Oh wow, so you have inside info of their booty’s being kissed left and right? Yeah, I remember when the knicks were trying to get them. Funny story, right after the Mavs beat the Heat in the finals I was in NYC wearing a Dirk Nowitzki shirt – I got complimented ALL DAY. One guy stood out – “is that dirk? Hell yeah, he kicked the trousers of lebron!” Hahah!

      Oh yes, I’ve been around pro hockey players – they are a different breed! Yeah, they’re tuff. And I know, I was cramping so bad in the Dopey (in the marathon) that they volunteers tried to get me a medic – I waved them off and kept going. I remember a few years ago Wade hurt his shoulder in a game and had a wheelchair take him to the locker room. What? Just what?

      Haha, I appreciate your views, not hatin here!

  10. Yes, heat sucks, but I still haven’t made myself get up and run in the morning, so it’s evenings for me. I’ve never been a basketball fan, but some of the stories coming out of this season are ridiculous.

    • Yeah, I hear you on the evenings, but it’s so hot here then. It’s hot in the mornings too, but not as bad, but it has humidity so you’re damned if you do…..
      Yeah, it’s pretty crazy this season!

  11. TartanJogger

    Heat? What’s that? I’m looking forward to watching Spain playing tonight 🙂

  12. Haha you’re funny. I hate Lebron too but I’m more of a college fan than the NBA in recent years, I haven’t watched a pro game in probably 5 years. SO FREAKING EXCITED to let the World Cup consume my life though. Spain/Netherlands tonight is going to be one heck of a game!

    • Yeah, I used to be into the college game more, but now I only am during the NCAA tourny. I’ve gotten into the pros more (it helps that I live near a team – like I see the players, coaches, etc. in bars, at gas stations, etc.). Yay for the world cup! Spain got destroyed!!!

  13. Hate the Heat…and the heat. If I still lived in Houston (’94-’05), I probably would not be a committed runner. I started running in my last few years living there, and it was brutal!

    • Haha, nice! I didn’t know you lived in H-town. To be honest, I’m not a big fan – sooooo muggy! I don’t blame you!

  14. I was super excited to talk heaty heat, then I kept reading. WOW!!! In all honesty I was super excited I got a shout out regardless of the circumstances lol …. 5 min of fame!!!

    Last night I’m sure I would not of had a good sense of humor but today is much better. Hat off to the Spurs so far. Rant over 🙂

    • Ha, sorry bud! I was worried that you’d see this! Yeah, it wasn’t a good night for the Heat. But dont’ worry too much about what I (others) say – ya know, they never boo the ‘average’ players, only the good ones! 😉

  15. There’s a lot going on in this post!! First of all, I’m not excited about the World Cup. Soccer requires way too much running for my liking. Second of all, I do not like the Miami Heat. Nor do I like running in the heat. Or just heat in general. I’m all about 70 degrees. On a related note, when it’s 70 degrees, I can run any time of day I want, which is kinda nice. Now you’re not going to like this last part, so stop reading if you want… but I’m a Yankees fan. I realize this violates number 1 and sometimes number 3 that you discussed above – however, it is what it is (which is my way of saying I don’t have an excuse).

    • Soccer has too much running? Ha, good one! Yes, all forms of heatHeat are bad…agreed. Yes, I like the cooler temps when I can run any time. Like on my lunch break. Nowadays it takes 9 hours to stop sweating if I run in the afternoon, so that’s out. Yankees eh? I hope you have a good reason (like being from NYC). I hope you’re not also fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Manchester United, LA Lakers, etccccccccccccccc 😉

  16. Summer hasn’t hit too hard here yet, but I am not a huge fan of running in the heat (and let’s face it, when the heat comes, so does the humidity… boo!). I prefer temps in the 50s. My favorite pro sports team would have to be the White Sox, even when they aren’t doing so great (which, let’s face it, is most of the time). I root for any Chicago team (Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks… why aren’t the baseball teams ‘B’ words?), minus the Cubs. I’m not a fan of the Heat, either, for most of the reasons you listed.

    • Yeah, heat and humidity are not a good combo. I don’t know who invented humidity, but I don’t like that person. A Sox fan eh? I’m an Indians fan, so I can relate to the poor performances. I used to watch the Bulls when Jordan played – so amazing! Ha, I hadn’t noticed the B phenom before!

  17. Lol I’m pathetic and know nothing about the World Cup. Everyone at work is super excited (it’s even on in our cafeteria) and people are even making brackets. I’m all like, “Soccer is the one with the round ball that you kick right?” 😉 But fun fact, my boyfriend knows one of the guys on the US team. Could I tell you his name? No, I completely forget.

    • Ha, you need to get on board, son! The USA has a big opportunity to move on! Oh really? You need to find out his name!

      • Lol I looked it up and it’s Chris Wondolowski. I watched the game (match?) yesterday with Kyle. Aren’t you proud?

      • Oh really?!?! He got in the MATCH yesterday. Ha, I’m always proud of you! Tell him to score some goals please and thank you.

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