Pneumonia, World Cup, & Don’t Eat Curry B4 a Run

I mentioned in my last post how jazzed I am for the World Cup to have started.  I am a soccer/football fanatic and this is the best time of the every four years.  But as this tournament started, I reminisced about the last one four years ago.  It was a Heaven & Hell sort of situation.  Heaven because I got to watch pretty much every single match.  Hell because I had gotten pneumonia (hence the reason I got to watch every match – I was near death on the couch).

Now while I’m happy about getting so see so much football, I gotta say, do NOT get pneumonia if you can help it.  It is an AWFUL experience.  But enough about that.

Not the World Cup trophy, but my rec league 2nd place is pretty good too, right?

Not the World Cup trophy, but my rec league 2nd place finish last year is pretty good too, right?  Right???

Other than that, it’s been a pretty good week.  Well, except for my run yesterday.  Here’s the dillyo.  I was going to run in the evening with my usual group, but the weather dudes predicted rain, hail, and end of days (BTW it never even sprinkled a little).  So I decided to sneak one in mid afternoon…in 90% humidity…after I ate my homemade curry…didn’t end well.  Haha, please learn a lesson from my mistake.  Don’t do what I did.

It’s all good though, I gotter done.  And that night I was able to finish the week off with a doggy walk slash kiddy bike ride.

He's constantly turning around to tell me some 'amazing' revelation.  Keep your eyes on the road kid!

He’s constantly turning around to tell me some ‘amazing’ revelation. Keep your eyes on the road kid!

Hope y’all had a good week and will have a great weekend!  I know mine will be full of soccer!!!!

You watchin the World Cup?  You play any other sports?  You ever eat curry before a workout (I hope not)? 


Anyway, I

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32 thoughts on “Pneumonia, World Cup, & Don’t Eat Curry B4 a Run

  1. My husband had pneumonia last month. It knocked him out for almost 2 weeks.

  2. Yeah…I’m fairly certain I will never be tempted to eat curry before a run, not only because I don’t eat it, but yeah…just no.

    I’m excited about World Cup, but I don’t know how much I’ll actually see. I’d like to see part of the first US game on Monday night (right?) but we’ll see. I know this weekend I’ll barely be home.

    • Ha, I love curry! Sometimes I just can’t help myself!

      Yes, the US game is 530 ET on Monday. I hope to be some where crowded watching it!

  3. I’m not really a sports follower, but I do remember the World Cup back in 1998 because we lived in Italy around the time and Ronoldo was big & played for Milan, which was where we were based. My son had his hair buzzed like Ronoldo then, and the Italians would come up to him and rub his head and declare him “Ronaldo!”

    Come to think, I wish my son would wear his hear like that again instead of the floppy ‘do he’s got going. Now I sound old.

  4. Didn’t you do this before? Or was it chili?

  5. I can’t decide what would be worse, the humidity or the curry before running, yikes!

  6. Curry and humidity then running sounds like the worst thing ever. I haven’t watched any World Cup games yet, but Jeremy and I went to a biergarten the other night here in Germany that had a big screen up and a World Cup-themed party happening and we watched a good bit of the opening ceremonies. So that’s something. We’re heading to Italy tomorrow for a bit, and I’m sure we’ll see some of the craziness there!

    • Oh wow, I’m jeally! I’d Loooove to watch the world cup from Europe. I bet it’s nutso! Like when I was in Ireland and saw the 6 nation rugby cup in the pubs. Or in Scotland when Celtic played Ranger. Crazy levels of fandom!

  7. Ahh post-curry run sounds awful! I try to avoid eating it even a few hours after a run…I don’t trust my stomach haha

    • Ha, I hear ya. It was not planned. They had predicted big storms, so I had to try and squeeze in the run. Wish I had more time to digest.

  8. I don’t usually eat anything before a run – and curry seems like the worst thing you could pick! Plus humidity – kudos to you for even going out the door. I’m watching a game right now! The world cup is crazy popular in Ireland even when we’re not in it (which is pretty much most of the time).

  9. I have eaten some pretty dumb things before runs. I swear I will never learn. Hey I love my food and my runs. Sometimes I just can’t figure the timing out!

  10. I try to catch the big games here and there. Now that basketball is OVER I’ll catch some baseball games too. Curry and running doesn’t sound like they would mix well, I’ll follow your recommendation. My son always watches his feet while he pedals, I yell the same thing “keep your eyes on the road kid”

    • Ha, yes it is a good time of year when there’s all the spring sports going on – soccer, baseball, nba, nfl. It was a fun time!Ha, glad I could give you some advice to follow. I hope your son stays safe! Our little one hasn’t learned – he once was running and watching his reflection in a store window and bit it hard.

  11. LOL Scott! On no planet would someone ever think eating curry and then going for a run is a good idea! I hope you didn’t ruin your shorts 😉 I guess I can’t talk though cause I’ve done some stupid things before a run!

    • Ha, Amy, my bad! No, my shorts were OK…this time. I think we all do some stoopid things before runs. We live and learn right…right?!?!

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