Track Work Makes You Sexy (Except for the Gnats)

I got back on the track this morning for some lappage.  I did 400’s and 200’s.  It was fun to go short and fast.  Only problems were the clouds of gnats I had to plow through.

It was gross, but luckily I’ve been through this before and I was careful to keep my mouth closed and my eyes shielded with shades…Unlike my buddy Salt who had one burrow into her brain the other day.

Afterwards I was stretching and realized how hawt I must look.  So I snapped a pic…

Yes, track work makes you sexy.  Here's the proof!

My wife called this picture creepy and I’m pretty sure I weirded out the maintenance dudes who were mowing the grass near by.  Whatever haters!  Hahaha!

Go back and look at the photo closely – See the black dots on my face and neck – GNATS!  They were stuck to my sweaty glistening skin from head to ankle.

I really don’t get why they hover over sidewalks and tracks.  What’s the benefit…For them or me????  I’m sure it will go down in gnat lore as the ‘Great Massacre of 2014’.

Either way, I enjoyed the workout.  I’m trying to transition my track sessions to the mornings now due to the heat of day, and since school is out I had it all to myself!  Yuppers!  Hopefully gnat season will end soon!

How bout you?  Do your workouts make you foxy?  Ever been part of a gnat massacre?  Be honest, that photo is hawt, isn’t it?  😉



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51 thoughts on “Track Work Makes You Sexy (Except for the Gnats)

  1. I joke that I’m going to get black lung disease from running in the summer because the insides of my lugs will be coated with inhaled gnats by the end of the season. So gross! But they’re better than deer flies.

    • Haha, well let’s hope that doesn’t come true. One time I was on my bike and went through like a qtr mile of gnats. It was gnarly. I looked like I was wearing a black sweater. Ugh

  2. Hahaha. I was thinking if Salt as you started to talk about gnats.

  3. Yeah…that is pretty gross. lol! They are driving me nuts this season!

  4. Haha, yes, my workouts definitely make me foxy baby and hehe, lovin’ the picture!!! XOXO!!! Great speed work!!!

  5. That is an awesome hawt photo! I have been part of a gnat massacre. Starting fairly soon the massacre will begin again. It feels great to have small flying insects stuck all over you.

    • Haha, thanks! I thought so too. Good luck with your upcoming gnatpocolypse. Yeah, it’s gnarly to have them stuck all over you. I almost went to get some breakfast after, but decided to just go home. Glad I did!

  6. That is pretty gross – the gnats obviously! I haven’t come across them here in Utah…..yet. But I avoid the track so maybe they’re all hanging out over there.

    • Oh, whew, for a minute there I thought you meant me! Haha! You’re lucky not to have any. I thought only coastal areas were gnat free.

  7. That picture is kick ass and maybe just a little creepy. Before I got to the part where you talked about being able to see gnats on your skin I was sitting here like…OMG are those gnats on his skin!?

    You’ll be glad to know that nothing has hatched inside my head yet.

    • Haha, thank you! That’s what I was going for. Ha, yeah, I didn’t even realize they were there until I saw the photo. It was pretty gnarly!

      Nothing has hatched YET. I’m not sure what the gestation period is. Haha, seriously, I think my teasing of you about that is why karma came to bite me with my own gnats the very next day!

  8. I am with your wife…slightly creepy.

  9. Haha somehow they only like to fly directly into my eyes, I think I would happily trade you for them sticking to my sweaty skin. My husband inhaled a horse fly on his last attempt at running though…that’s gotta be worse, right?

    • Ha, yeah, sticking to skin is better than sticking to eyeball. It’s still pretty gnarly. Took me a while to get them all off of me in the shower. A horse fly?!?!? Yowza!

  10. I can’t stop itching. And I’ve already lit a candle for Salt’s brain.

  11. Ugh that’s nasty. I hate gnats, they are annoyingly small and persistent. Glad you had a good track workout and hope you were able to get all the gnats off!

  12. I think I single-handedly swallowed half the mosquitoes in the woods last night on our trail run. I just wrote it off as protein. I’m sure they’re loaded with it, right?

  13. To be perfectly honest, one of the main reasons I love running where I live so much is the incredible lack of insects. Although we still have those gosh darn gnats… Getting one stuck inside one’s head is terrifying, but having them fly into your mouth and accidentally swallowing them is still not ideal. I have to think to myself, “Protein… right?” Ew.

    • You’re lucky. We’ve got plenty of skeeters here too. And each year we get some West Nile infections around town from them. Haha, yes, totally – protein is important no matter how you get it. 😉

  14. Can’t say I’m concerned with gnats when running – more black flies and mosquitoes. Yuck!
    I think I sweat more then a human could when running… but that’s a sign of a good workout, right?

    • Yes, mosquitoes are awful! Ahh, you’re a sweater too eh? I sweat BUCKETS. Yes, it has to be good – detox, right?

  15. Your wife is right…totally creepy, BUT funny as hell! I’ve ingested a few gnats as well in recent weeks. Protein.

    • Haha, thanks! I’m just lucky the school was closed or else they might be calling authorities. Ha, good luck with your protein gnat diet. Maybe you can just use them in place of Gu.

  16. Not going to lie, loaded up the post on my phone and nearly jumped out of my seat. The Great Massacre of 2014 had me rolling, good one.

    Yeah there are times on the trails, glistening with sweat….oh um no I never feel sexy on my runs lol

    • hahaha, thanks bud! I try to keep it silly.

      Ha, just be careful on those trails when you get sweaty – the spiderwebs are pretty sticky too! I’ve run into my share of them – yuck!

  17. Ha, I definitely massacred some gnats on my bike recently. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing sunglasses and almost had to stop because they were in my eyes. Yuck!

  18. I don’t sweat a lot and that doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard. 🙂

    I would rather run in the morning or do any workout in the morning instead of the evening. I feel heavy and tired at the end of a day!

    Great job!

    • Ha, well you’re lucky! I sweat like a mutha!
      I’m with you! I’m to the point where I want to get it done early anyway. Yes, I’m tired by the end of the day too!


  19. I hate running through gnats!!! I sweat like a beast, so when I run through a cloud of them, they all end up on my face. Pretty.

    • Oh yes, I sweat like nobody’s business too! Yes, I hate coming home, looking in the mirror, and realizing I’m COVERED in them!

  20. Nice picture, but the gnats? eew… I’ve definitely run into gnats, not fun!

  21. Ok, so this shot of you IS creepy. I liked the soccer pic above and then said Nuh-Uh with this one.

  22. Uhhh, ewwwwww.
    I used to work grounds crew on a golf course – used to run into clouds of those little bugs when cutting greens. Not pleasant.

    • Oh really? Interesting! I really don’t get why they buzz around in those clouds – so easy to run into one and take half of em out.

  23. Pahaha I totally thought of Salt the other day when I ran through some gnats and I shut my eyes. Probably not the best idea to shut my eyes while running since I’m a total klutz.

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