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Final Key West Picture Purge – Run & Relax

Thanks for everyone’s great response to my recap of the Key West Half Marathon. It really was a great time! But like most good things, this racecation had to come to an end. Not before we got all touristy though…

Reppin Torchy's Tacos

Reppin Torchy’s Tacos in the Conch Republic.

In key West you walk. A lot. According to my pedometer app, we were averaging around 9 miles a day. How that’s possible on such a small island is beyond me. Anyway, because of that, I only went on one other run while there.

A quick 3 miler.

A quick 3 miler.

Then of course, I had to shower. Why not do it publicly.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Then we had to eat (and drink).

Sure, I'll sit on the patio.

Sure, I’ll sit on the patio.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

And hang out on the beach and play with animals.

My shirt fit in there.

My shirt fit in there.

Yes we pelican.

Yes we pelican.

Iguana know what he's doing in that tree.

Iguana know what he’s doing in that tree.

And of course, hang out with the chickens.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Like a boss!

Like a boss!

And shop for a new outfit.

I think I can pull it off.

I think I can pull it off.

Eat some more.

You must take a pic at every meal.

You must take a pic at every meal.

And of course, get turnt up in da club…

What's the age restriction in Sloppy Joe's?

What’s the age restriction in Sloppy Joe’s?

Capt. Tony's was a regular spot.

Capt. Tony’s was a regular spot.

In the men's restroom - protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

In the men’s restroom – protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

Get a little churchin.

That's a pretty stain.

That’s a pretty stain.

Eat by the sea again.

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Watch more sunsets.

I'm super kewl.

I’m sewper kewl.

They're on a boat!

They’re on a boat!


So are they.

And drive back to Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Stop by Key Biscayne.

Look, an old lighthouse.

Look, an old lighthouse.

I was down there before.

I was down there before.

Before finally flying home.

We flew over New Orleans, where I tried to leave a little luck for all my friends running the Rock n Roll NOLA 1/2 & 26.2 a couple days later.

French Quarter from above.

French Quarter from above.

So there ya go kids. A crazy good time. Now back to life, back to reality. Luckily I brought some of the south Florida weather back with me to Texas. Time to run!

How bout you?

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Heat Blows and Happy World Cup Day!

First off, I am pumped!  Today is the first day of the World Cup!  Even though I am passionate about running, soccer will always be my first love.  Can’t wait to watch the beautiful game!  Happy World Cup Day everyone!  Go USA!

Bend it like Evans.  I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

Bend it like Evans. I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

OK, now on to the heat.  I used to like the weather heat, but then I got into running and now I prefer it to be less heaty.  It’s turning into summer here in Texas and that means super heat. Serious heat.  It doesn’t go away over night, but at least the sun isn’t beating on us, so that’s when I have to run – before the sun comes up.  It’s fine, I’ve made my peace with it.

The Texas sun is not forgiving.

The Texas sun is not forgiving.

There’s another kind of Heat that I’m not a big fan of – The Miami Heat.  They are an NBA basketball team and they are in the finals right now.  And my blogging buddy Helly doesn’t like them either so we decided to write about it – read hers here. 

First, I must offer my apologies to the Running Schlub.  I know he’s a fan of the Heat, so I’m sorry about this, but lemme splain.

#1 – The current Heat roster took form when free agents Lebron and Bosh decided to join Wade to for a super group.  To me, that was the coward way out.  Instead of working hard like every other NBA player to make it to the promise land, they just got a bunch of all-stars to team up.  To give you some perspective, they asked former great players like Michael Jordan if he would’ve ever joined a team of superstars so they could beat up on the rest of the league – he said, Hells no!  He wanted to beat the best in the league.  He wanted to beat Bird, Magic, etc.  He didn’t want to team up with them for an easy way out.

#2 – They show a lack of respect.  From their first circus like press conference announcing the new superstars.  To Lebron changed his number from 23 to 6 because he said he had too much respect for Jordan.  So does that mean he doesn’t respect Dr J?  And when they barely won the championship last year, they said it was the hardest finals they ever played in.  Um what?  What about the one you LOST to my Dallas Mavericks???  Speaking of which, Wade and Lebron made fun of Dirk Nowitzki when he was sick, but still played in the finals.  Really?  Then when Lebron gets sick he tells everyone how hard he’s fighting through the illness to be able to play.  Really?

#3 – Their fans.  I’m not talking about the hardcore legit fans.  I’m talking about most of them who are bandwagon and obnoxious.

#4 – Who gets a tattoo that says ‘Chosen One”?  Really?

#5 – I was born and raised in Ohio – if you know anything about Lebron, then you know how despised he is now in his/my home state.

Ha, I know Helly and I could go on about this, but I’ll stop it there.  That all said though, I do respect some of their players and I do understand Lebron is a beast.  He’s a dominant player no matter what you think of him. But it doesn’t mean I can’t root against him. 😉  They are playing the Spurs, who are Maverick rivals, but I’m pulling for them anyways.  Go Spurs Go!

I’m just glad my Mavericks were able to beat them in the finals a couple years ago.  Yes, we slayed the giants!

My old school Mavericks jersey.  Taken right after they won the title!

My old school Mavericks jersey. Taken right after they won the title!

Funny story, after the Mavericks won, the governor of Ohio made a proclamation naming the Dallas Mavericks Honorary Ohioans.  Hahahaha!

Anyways, there ya go.  Sorry about the rant.  Helly and I were joking about it on Twitter and decided pull the trigger on these posts.

How bout you?  Excited about the World Cup?  Got any opinions about the Heat?  What time do you get up to run?  What’s your favorite pro sports team?


PS – In case you’re wondering, I became a Dallas Mavericks fan while I still lived in Ohio.  They drafted a player from Ohio and that’s when I started following them.  It’s a coincidence that I ended up moving here.


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Runner Who Can’t Run

To anyone who likes to follow along with my silly posts, I apologize that I’ve been MIA (that stands for Missing in Action, but it also is short for Miami, I wish I was using it for the latter definition, but I’m not).  I’ve just been out of sorts since I hurt my knee.

The good news is that it is feeling better each day and I think I’ll be back on the roads soon, but as of right now I am still not running.  It’s been two weeks, which I know isn’t that long, but when you’re used to being active almost every day, it feels like an eternity.

Whenever I’m driving and I see someone running along the side of the road, I feel an insane jealousy.  They don’t know how lucky they are!  If you are healthy, please remember that it is a gift.  Every run is a gift.  Every workout is a gift.  And it’s a good kind of gift, not a crappy one that your friend picked up at CVS at the last minute.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is just the universe giving my body some rest.  I must need it.  Must keep reminding myself.  Must.

It’s funny, most people get upset at the fact that they are hurt.  But runners don’t get upset that they’re hurt, they get upset because they can’t run.

But staying positive.  The good news is I took the thumb sucker on a doggy walk yesterday, and I didn’t think about my knee at all.  That’s a good sign.

Sorry we don't match, I tried, but my hair wouldn't reach.

Sorry we don’t match. I tried, but my hair wouldn’t reach.

Anykitandkaboodle, we finally got some sunshine, and the weather is warming here.  Hopefully that’s another sign that it’s almost time to hit the reset button.

How’s everyone else doing?  Anyone else on a “break”?  Do all little girls like the taste of their own hair?  Any good or bad gifts recently?

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