Cool Run, Coyote, & More Tacos

OK, let me get the obligatory taco shot over-with first.  Boom, here you go!

Time to veg out.

Time to veg out.

The tacos were so good, that I even got a little emotional.  I made a 6 second video to portray that…

OK, part II.

Deep in the heart of Texas, we’re deep in the armpit of a drought.  But yesterday we finally got some rain…Wet stormy rain!  And when the rain left, it took some of the humidity with it.  So I was able to get in a somewhat cooler Texas Summer run!  We won’t get many of these, so I was sure to take advantage.  I was actually excited for my early morning wake up call.  What have I become?!?!

Besides us runners, the cooler temps also brought out some wildlife.  Running down a fairly busy street I came upon a coyote.

Stolen from a friend. He took this from his house.

Stolen from a friend. He took this from his house recently.

This happens kind of frequently here.  I’ve written before about what to do when you come across one.  Basically, you want to scare them off so they don’t get any ideas (or lose their fear of humans).

So I took a split second to be startled, then a second to admire it’s beauty, then I started waving my arms and yelling like a madman (crazy person, not 1960’s ad exec).  It ran off scared into a wheat field and I could see it’s tail sticking up like a shark fin as it darted off.

So not a bad start to the week.  Let’s keep the ball rollin rollin rollin.

How bout you?  Get emotional over your food?  Ever look forward to a wake up alarm?  Do you think coyote pretty or coyote ugly?


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45 thoughts on “Cool Run, Coyote, & More Tacos

  1. Wow, cool picture!!! What a beautiful coyote!!! I’m definitely going with coyote pretty!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. I love the taco Vine.

    We recently saw a woodchuck in our backyard and then my wife actually saw a coyote in the neighborhood where she works (which is NOT common for RI).

    • Ha, thank you!

      A woodchuck??? I don’t think I’ve seen one of those…Oh wait, maybe they were around in my childhood in Ohio. That sounds right. Wow, I didn’t know coyotes got that far north!!!!! Crazy!!

  3. We have coyotes here too but they are way scrawnier than that one! That guy must have eaten some of your tacos!

    • Haha, yeah, maybe they have gotten into the tacos! I like to joke on our group runs whenever we hear a pack of them howling that I don’t want to be the last runner cause that’s the one they’ll pick off!

  4. I’m kind of looking forward to getting up early tomorrow morning. New running routes do that to me.

    There is this one place I eat lunch frequently and the food is so good that I just don’t ever want it to end while I’m eating it. Obviously it does end though and sometimes I feel a little like crying. Those tacos look delicious and that is a very cool shot your friend took! If I saw a coyote on a run, I would probably have a heart attack.

    • Oh yes, new routes always are exciting! Today I ran on a new (to me) track and it was the same thing! Wheeee!

      Haha, yeah, I know what you mean. When the food is so good that you can’t help but scarf it down, but then regret that I didn’t savor it more.

      I’ve seen coyotes quite frequently the past year. There seems to be more and more of them. Part of the problem is they keep bulldozing their habitats to build more houses, apartments, and chain fast food joints. Kinda sad.

  5. I can get pretty darned excited over food! I don’t usually look forward to my wake-up alarm. I’m not a good sleeper. I tend to wake a lot during the night so I never feel fully rested. (Even before becoming a parent.)

    I think coyote pretty. That is a beautiful picture. I’d also be startled and probably run off screaming. I LOVE foxes but one night while we were out walking dogs a couple of years ago one came darting out of the bushes right behind me. My husband was looking back at me and gave me a warning. I scared the crizap out of me. But I could tell it was just as scared of me because as soon as I shot around to look at it, it stopped dead in its tracks. I think I made some kind of movement to scare it off but my heart and stomach were in my throat. Glad it didn’t get ya!

    • Ha, good food is so exciting! I hear ya on the alarm…I am NOT a morning person. But I couldn’t help get giddy when I saw the morning temps forecast.

      They are quite a site to see in person. Hahaha, I can picture you running off with your arms flailing. That’s a crazy story about the fox. But I’m curious…what did it say? 😉

  6. Coyote pretty! And oh gosh, how I miss tacos… 😀

  7. Thank you for the taco video. Now I can really enjoy tacos vicariously through you. And that was coyote cool. I have a cool coyote story. I nearly collided with one. Neither one of us saw each other as he/she was bolting across a road I was running beside on a trail (hidden by tall brush). We missed crashing by inches and we both screamed and carried on our ways. I tell everyone this story so I may have already told you too.

    • Glad I could help!
      Hahaha, I’m picturing the screams. I hope they were both high pitched! That’s a crazy story!

  8. You really do love rubbing your delicious Mexican in, don’t you?! It looks SO good all. the. time!
    That coyote photo is gorgeous! I’m nervous of them when I walk my dog early in the morning though.

    • Ha, I can’t help it! I just have to share!
      Yes, they are stunning to see. They should be scared of us, so that’s why I always make sure to wave my arms and yell at them. You should do the same!

  9. I really like that picture of the coyote, he (she?) looks so content. I haven’t set a morning alarm in a while, but even when I used to, I never actually needed it. I have an extremely fine-tuned internal alarm clock.

    • Yeah, it’s just chillin and breathin in the fresh air. I’m the SAME way! I don’t actually need one. I just wrote that cause it would take to long to explain the internal alarm clock. Even when I have to get up at 4 am to get ready to run – I seem to do it naturally. Yay for us!

  10. I always get emotional over food. Before I cry with glee and then after I cry with, “Why did I do that?!” I once was out on a morning walk and came across a coyote in the woods. Took me a second to figure out what it was. After the initial thought I found it to be pretty cool.

    • Hahaha, yes, sometimes we cry with regret, don’t we. Yeah, coyotes are pretty cool to see in person. Cool that you got to see one!

  11. I’ve never seen a coyote but I know they are around here – my in-laws can hear them howling in the nearby woods by their house at night. Beautiful picture. The most wildlife I see are the variety of birds in my backyard – finches, cardinals, robins, even the occasional hummingbird. My dog encountered a skunk last summer. Bad news!

    • Very cool! I’ve heard them on my early morning pre-sun runs too, pretty neat. Aren’t hummingbirds neat too? I saw some on a dog walk recently and tried to get video, but it was kind of dark. Oh no, skunks scare me the most! Whenever I come across one on a run, I always stop and give them the right of way.

  12. OMG those tacos look amazing. I just got emotional looking at those tacos. Oh man a nice cool temp run would be amazing right now. Sat was 75 when I ran and I felt like I was in heaven lol. Cool coyote, we see them out here in AZ too.

    I was dying laughing at the waving arms madman comment. Can you please make a 6 min video depicting waving your arms around and yelling like a mad man lol.

    • Hahaha, sorry to get you all worked up. But they were delish! Yes, those of us in the southern states get cool days in the summer few and far between. Gotta take advantage!

      Ha, good idea! Maybe I’ll have to do that! Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. Your nachos definitely got me emotional! Especially, the pickle. I love pickles lol! I think, I’d freak out if I saw a coyote randomly like that. But I guess, he is cute in that picture haha!

  14. Getting emotional over my Chipotle as I type, my friend!

  15. Oh no! This city girl does not like wild animals. The LVille local news just did a story about some coyotes in a downtown area. My friend said one stared her down in her neighborhood. I haven’t heard of any attacks though.

    • The problem is that people stop to take pictures of them or just watch them. That gets them used to humans. We’re supposed to make noise and scare them. That’s what I always do – same with bobcats!

  16. Those tacos look AMAZING. Now I want tacos. And I think coyotes are beautiful. 🙂

  17. Coyote pretty………in pictures. In real life not so sure. I’ve come across one hiking in Park City. Luckily, he was totally uninterested in me. We’re going to this cool fish taco place for lunch on Friday and I’ve been excited about it all week!

    • Yeah, they aren’t interested in us usually since we’re not prey. Doesn’t stop some people from freaking out though when they see them. Ooooh, I love fish tacos. Enjoy it! Can’t wait to hear about them!

  18. I’d be pretty freaked out if I came across a coyote! The tacos look yummy, I understand why you became emotional 😉

    • It is freaky at first, but then you see that they are more scared of you. Ha, yes, the tacos looked yummy but tasted even yummier!

  19. Your mexican food kills me. New York is certainly not known for their mexican.

  20. LOL the taco vid…did you get any weird looks filming that? I vote coyote pretty but scary. Good from a distance

    • Haha, I did indeed. But I don’t care. It got a little awkward when an employee started talking to me and I realized she recognized me from being a regular. Oops!
      Yes, coyote pretty from afar.

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