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Back 2 Runnin, Birthday Boy, Makin TV & a Bummer, man.

Bummer, man…I’m not in South Florida anymore.

(If you did miss my recap of the Key West Half Marathon, see it HERE)

But it’s good to be home too. Especially to celebrate the boy’s 6th berfday!

We're just a group of mouth-breathers.

We’re just a group of mouth-breathers.

With the hat and shirt, there’s no mistaking who’s day it is.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play - bundt.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play – bundt.

To burn off the birthday cake, I got back into my running groove after taking a couple days off after the race. The highlights were my weekend runs with friends.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

The next day we tried to run trails, but they were too muddy. Another round of pavement pounding it is!

I see a bunny wabbit...I think.

A bunny wabbit run with Serene. Funny cause we actually saw a coyote on our run.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. If you don’t know, when I’m not running, I’m making TV shows. And this week I got to go to a fun little training thingy to help keep my skills razor sharp.

Movies aren't as glamorous behind the scenes.

Movies aren’t as glamorous behind the scenes.

So there ya go. And now I go. More miles in the morning!!!

How bout you? Do you see any animals on your runs? Celebrate a birthday recently (aka join a new age group)? What kind of videos would you guess that I make?

PS – Again, if you missed it, you can see here my Key West Half Marathon Recap & my Key West Photo Purge.


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Cool Run, Coyote, & More Tacos

OK, let me get the obligatory taco shot over-with first.  Boom, here you go!

Time to veg out.

Time to veg out.

The tacos were so good, that I even got a little emotional.  I made a 6 second video to portray that…

OK, part II.

Deep in the heart of Texas, we’re deep in the armpit of a drought.  But yesterday we finally got some rain…Wet stormy rain!  And when the rain left, it took some of the humidity with it.  So I was able to get in a somewhat cooler Texas Summer run!  We won’t get many of these, so I was sure to take advantage.  I was actually excited for my early morning wake up call.  What have I become?!?!

Besides us runners, the cooler temps also brought out some wildlife.  Running down a fairly busy street I came upon a coyote.

Stolen from a friend. He took this from his house.

Stolen from a friend. He took this from his house recently.

This happens kind of frequently here.  I’ve written before about what to do when you come across one.  Basically, you want to scare them off so they don’t get any ideas (or lose their fear of humans).

So I took a split second to be startled, then a second to admire it’s beauty, then I started waving my arms and yelling like a madman (crazy person, not 1960’s ad exec).  It ran off scared into a wheat field and I could see it’s tail sticking up like a shark fin as it darted off.

So not a bad start to the week.  Let’s keep the ball rollin rollin rollin.

How bout you?  Get emotional over your food?  Ever look forward to a wake up alarm?  Do you think coyote pretty or coyote ugly?


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Runner vs. Coyote

I’ve written before about my run ins with dogs and such on my runs.  In fact, it almost happened again this morning.  A man was walking his dog without a leash.  He didn’t see me, so I made some loud coughing noises to get his attention.  When he heard me, he ran over to his dog to grab the collar.  It’s disappointing how much I have to use that trick.

Anyway, after that I got back to my neighborhood and there was a beautiful coyote that was also going on a jogabout.  Unfortunately, when most people here come across coyotes or bobcats, they bust out their phones to take photos for Instabook.  This is wrong as it teaches them not to be scurred of humans.  Ya heard?

Stolen from a friend. He took this near his place here in Dallas recently.

Stolen from a friend. He took this near his place here in Dallas recently.

What I was told to do by an urban wildlife expert is “haze” them.  This doesn’t mean you strip them to their undies and make them drink a bunch of beer at the frat house kegger. What it means is you try to scare the animal with loud noises and motions.

Stolen from another friend here in Dallas who saw these guys in his yard.

Stolen from another friend here in Dallas who saw these guys in his yard.

The coyote was about 30 yards away and it seemed like it wanted nothing to do with me, and would’ve jogged off on it’s own, but I decided to take this chance to teach him a little sumthin sumthin.  I turned towards him and chased after him while yelling very loudly with a deep voice and flailing my arms about.

This accomplished a couple things.  1.)  My neighbors surely now have confirmed their suspicions that I belong in a tree…because I’m a nut.  and 2.)  It spooked the coyote something fierce, and it took off sprinting without looking back!!!

So there ya go.

What about you?  What do you do when you encounter wildlife – take a selfie?  Do you ever cough or give some other warn people you’re coming up (when you’re too far away to say “on your left”)?

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