Hangin with Jennie Finch – Olympian, Marathoner, & My New BFF

Over the weekend I was shooting video (I’m a TV Producer) at a Jennie Finch Softball Camp in town.  If you aren’t familiar – she is the face of fast-pitch softball.  She is a wicked good pitcher and has an Olympic gold medal to show for it.

See, told ya we were new BFF's.

I asked if she could fill in on my coed rec softball team.  I’m still waiting for her response.

Obviously she’s an incredible athlete.  And before I interviewed, her we were chatting.  I asked her about the New York Marathon (which she ran for charity).  She finished in 4:05 despite having a baby 14 or so weeks before the race!  She said it was a blast, but that she also did a triathlon in NYC that she loved too.  And she seemed quite amazed at my Dopey Challenge tale.  So we bonded long distance race stories and became instant BFF’s!   😉

And B to the W, she was very nice and told the girls at the camp some very inspirational stories.  Everyone at the camp was getting some great knowledge and having an amazing experience!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty good exercise-wise.  I got in an 8 mile run, yard work, a long kiddie/doggie walk, and a very good yoga sesh.

Two feets, one mat.

Two feets, one mat.

And since the kiddos spent the night at their Auntie/Uncle’s house, the wife (who is also named Jennie) and I got to actually go out to eat!  What?  A dinner out?  It’s been so long!  Hahaha!

How bout you?  Good weekend?  Hang with any Olympians recently?  If you have kids, ever get to go out to eat (children birthday parties don’t count)?


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40 thoughts on “Hangin with Jennie Finch – Olympian, Marathoner, & My New BFF

  1. Love Jennie! She’s a Wildcat (boo!) but I’ll support any woman athlete from Arizona 🙂 Yay for getting in a date night dinner! Those are rare here too but we relish them when we can

    • Yes she is! She moves around apparently…from Cali, AZ college, and now lives in Louisiana! Yes a night out is rare with toddlers. We learned a while back it’s pretty much pointless to go out to eat with them…they don’t sit down. Haha

  2. Really good looking! That was nice of you to let her take a picture with you.

    • You’re sweet, thanks! I thought I was just looking ok that day. 😉 Ha, yes, I’ve used that joke before when I meet a celeb and ask if they want a picture with me. Usually gets a chuckle.

  3. That’s so cool that you got to meet Jennie Finch, and that she was awesome in person. I had a pretty good weekend – ran a half marathon Saturday and had lovely weather all weekend (minus some rain Saturday night, but to me that’s still lovely weather haha). Glad you and your wife got to enjoy a night out.

    • Yes, it was a fun experience! She was pretty nice! Yay! Congrats on the 13.1! I can’t wait to read about it! Enjoy the weather when you can! Ha, yes, it was nice to have a rare night out!

  4. TartanJogger

    Sounds like a great chat! Having no kids has it’s plus sides – eating out (and having a wee drinkie with it) are definite ups! 😉

    • Yes, she was pretty interesting! Yes, I remember well the pre kids night outs, disposable cash, and sleeping in! Ha!

  5. Ahhhhhh too freaking cool!!! How much did you charge her for that photo? Love to hear that she is nice. It’s always such a bummer to me when I find out that famous athletes are douches. Last year I actually got to meet Luke Walton and Scott Frandsen (Olympic rowers) and they taught us how to row! Glad you and the Mrs. got to go out on a date night!

  6. We were supposed to have a baseball date night on Saturday, but our sitter cancelled so I had a date with my best friend instead. It was the first time I’ve been to a baseball game this year without Betty in tow and it was definitely interesting to be able to sit in my seat and watch the game!

    I am not familiar with softball at all and I actually know who she is! That’s so cool you got to meet and talk with her! Your job is fun. And yay run twinners, but I’m jealous of your yoga sesh.

    • Oh bummer. But I’m sure you made the most of it with your bestie! I bet it was a different experience when you don’t have to keep an eye on someone and make sure they’re entertained, fed, and pottied!

      Same here, she’s by far the most famous softball player that I can think of. Yeah, the job had it’s perks at times! The yoga was much needed!!!

  7. Cool!!! Glad to here you had a great weekend and awesome interview!!! XOXO!!! Happy Monday!!!

  8. That’s pretty awesome. Sounds like you had a good weekend. We’ve only had one night out sans kiddos since they’ve been home. I think we are due for another but I’m not so sure one is in our near future.

    • Ha, yes, it was pretty awesome! I hear you on the nights out. They’re hard to come by. Even yesterday the aunt and uncle were bringing them home and I was only manage to get 5 mins of free time at home before they showed up. Ahhh well.

  9. She sounds very cool and down to earth.

  10. So cool! Meeting Olympians is always fun! Simon Whitfield was the latest Olympian I’ve met – and only Olympian.

    • Very cool for you! Yes, I’ve been lucky, I was thinking about it and I’ve met a good amount. I might need to write a post about it!

  11. So great to meet an Olympian and realize how down to earth they are!!
    I met Simon Whitfield at Ironman Canada last year and was star struck! One of my good friends did bobsled in the Olympics in Sochi!

    • Ya know, all the Olympians I’ve ever met have been pretty cool actually. Very cool about your meeting! You’re the 2nd person co comment about meeting him!
      Very cool about your friend!!!! I have a friend who just qualified for the US Olympic trials in the marathon, but decided to quit running competitively the other day. I’m still trying to figure that out.

  12. That’s so cool that you had the chance to meet her. And Dopey is kind of crazy so I can understand her amazement 🙂

  13. No mention of the fact that she is freakin’ GORGEOUS?!

  14. We had a good weekend too! Funny story, I grew up with the Olympic swimmer Ricky Berens! Haven’t seen him in about a year because he lives in Texas now, but we have plenty of good childhood stories. Jennie is beautiful and sounds like a great person! Glad you got to hang out with her!

    • Ha, very cool! Whenever you come run a race in Texas you’ll have to meet up with the both of us! Yes, Jennie is pretty pretty. I was definitely happy to get that assignment!

  15. Totally awesome, she has always seemed like a genuinely nice person so it’s good to see her live up to that perception. I hope she fills in on your rec softball team lol.

    Yeah had a few Olympians over to the house this weekend…yeah right lol. Yes we have kids and it’s really tough to get out on dates. But we make the effort to make it happen here and there. Otherwise you just go nutz.

    • Yes, she was very nice and took time with each of the campers. Ha, I doubt she’s going to show for the game.

      I hear ya on the dates. It’s tough getting free time. I think I may have already gone nutz. Hahah!

  16. missadventuresinrunning

    That is awesome! She seems like a really great person. She ran a marathon that soon after having a baby? She is a beast!

  17. Oh wow! That must have been awesome to talk to her and pick at her brain for some fitness wisdom. My weekend was super awesome, even though it didn’t go according to the plan… oooppss lol! xoxo

    • Yes, it was definitely a good opportunity! Glad you had a super weekend! Ha, sometimes you just need to go with the flow! XOXOXO

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