Sunrise Runner, Burning Barns & The Avocado Killer!

Woo to the hoo! Another week of Chicago Marathon training! About 300 miles in so far – ya know, that’s the part that nobody ever sees – the miles that you put in just to be able to run 26.2 on race day. But there we are, each morning before the sun comes up. Running empty streets and trails. We do get little rewards though…Like seeing shooting stars and sunrises!

Thinking about riding off into the sunrise.

Thinking about riding off into the sunrise.

Most days I get done before da sun, but if I time it right, I can just catch the big star as it climbs the horizon.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are orange.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are orange.

Longer runs the sun will come up along the way. Makes for a nice view…until it decides to start cooking your body. Texas is hot, y’all.

Tanning the inside of my mouth. I heard mouth tans are so hot right now.

Tanning the inside of my mouth. I heard mouth tans are so hot right now.

We got another reward this week when our training plan called for the shortest run in a couple months – 3.3 miles of intervals. Decided to visit old friend, Mr. Stripey Oval.


The race tag helps me run faster. Either that or I’m too lazy to cut it off. I forget which.

But it was a short reward, as we’re now back to more miles. This weekend’s long run is 18 big ones. Should be…fun?


No more horsing around.

Either way, I know I’ll reward myself with more TACOS! Just watch out for the spicy ones!!!!

Tried the "Barn Burner". It did burn, and I didn't even know I had a barn!

Tried the “Barn Burner”. It did burn, and I didn’t even know I had a barn!

Luckily there’s guac around to calm the heat down. I really do want to eat ALL the guac.

I've killed so many avocados lately.

I’ve killed so many avocados lately.

Oh, and yoga. Yes, it can be tough, but it’s also a reward, right? Ohmmmmmmmmmm.

Can you spot me? Hint - I'm one of only like two dudes.

Can you spot me? Hint – I’m one of only like two dudes.

There ya go, another quick update. See ya on the streetz…or the internetz!

How bout you? Morning or Night runner? Are you gonna eat your guac, or can I have it? What should I name those horses?


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20 thoughts on “Sunrise Runner, Burning Barns & The Avocado Killer!

  1. All the tacos and all the guac! Good luck with that 18 miler–hope it’s not too hot this weekend.

    • YESSS! I agree! Thank you – it did end up being miserably hot, but I eventually got through it. 20 miles this weekend! Hoping for some cooler temps!

  2. I’ll use some of my guac, but you can have most of it! K? And I would name the horse after mine when I was a kid, Misti. She was awesome – I could jump onto her back from the back and she never kicked me nor bucked me off. Score.
    Great job training in Texas heat. It just takes the life out of you! And all your water. I swear sweating MUST be good for us or we wouldn’t do it, right??

    • LOL, thank you! I’m serious – I save my guac for desert – that’s how much I heart it. Misti – that’s a good name, I’ll use it! That’s awesome you had a horse like that! I used to work on a horse farm when I was growing up – loved it! Oh gahwd it’s been so hot. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t have all the flippin humidity. It’s gotten to the point where i have to change shoes partway through the runs, it’s gross. But yes, we are getting rid of toxins, right?

      • Who needs ankle weights when you have sweat-filled shoes that add ten lbs? Ok, no one really uses ankle weights anymore do they? Am I having Jane Fonda flashbacks??

      • LOL! I’ve had two people recommend I put sweat bands on my ankles to help keep the sweat from continuing to the shoes – or maybe some Jane Fonda leg warmers??? 😉

  3. Guac. All of it. Gimme. And the horse is BoJack Horseman. Which is a show that totally cracks me up. Well done with all of the Texas running. I seriously don’t know how you get that shit done. I’m sweating just reading this.

    • I’ll try to save you some guac, but can’t make any promises. BoJack Horseman?? I EFFING LOVE IT! It’s been a rough summer, Colbs…I haven’t missed a mile yet though!!! Bring it on Goddess Ra! Get a towel for your sweats – I keep about 6 in my car at all times – no joke.

  4. Lately I’ve been loving morning running as it’s just too hot any other time of day. Really, our temps have nothing on Texas temps so I shouldn’t complain 😉

  5. You may not have my guac. I had tacos this week….I think your love of tacos is rubbing off on me.

    I am not a morning person, so I generally don’t prefer running in the morning. However, I tend to race better in the morning. I did a night race and it was terrible for fueling and energy. When I’m training for a half, I tend to do my long runs at like 2pm- and that is a perfect time for me!

    • Awww, dang! Not even a little of your guac? Just one chip’s worth? Yesssss, glad I can spread the taco love to you!

      An afternoon runner, eh? I don’t know how you do it. I used to run at night as I’m not a morning person either. But necessity has made me a morning getter upper. Still not used to it, but it’s the only way. Ugh, I’ve only done one or two night races…didn’t go too well for me either. Keep it up at the morning races!

  6. so. hungry. right. now. Breakfast tacos anywhere??? Idk how you get up so early to run. I’m a mid-morning or mid-afternoon runner. The day job doesn’t help with that tho :-/

    • I’ll share some tacos with you any time!!!! It’s not easy when the 3:30-4 am alarm goes off, I’ll tell you that much. It does help get to bed early though! You could run on your lunch break, yes? Or does the Christmas tree get in the way of that somehow? 😉

      • yes, we usually gather the office, hold hands and sing kumbaya around the tree at lunch. Also, that whole sweat thing is kindof a turn-off for my co-workers. But lunch walks.. those I am into 100%, when we’re not around the tree of course.

      • LOL, I can picture it! I do the occasional lunch run in cooler weather – nobody’s complained about the stench yet!

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Definitely a morning runner! You live in Dallas right? My hubby is going to training down there for a month near LOVE airport…any recommendations for some trails for him to do his long runs on? He won’t have a car :/

    • Yes! Dallas! Sorry I’m just seeing this! When does he come? Love Field is down close to downtown Dallas. It’s where JFK flew into that morning way back when. He could get to the Katy Trail pretty easily, that’s very popular. I usually run at White Rock Lake, but he’d have to take a short Uber ride. Does that help?

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