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Meeting Pentatonix, Yard Work Workout & 1st Bike Ride

So the other day I was working (I’m a TV Producer) all day at an early 4th of July festival. It was pretty fun. The headlining music act was Pentatonix.

And being that I had an all access pass, I checked out a bit of their performance from the stage in front of an estimated 100,000 festival-goers!

I liked to imagine they were all cheering for me (they may have been).

Notice how the female band member is totally checking me out.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about them going into this event. But since we were interviewing them, I needed to research them. I came to find out that they are very popular and pretty talented. They were also super nice in person.

They asked me to join the group based on some of my youtube karaoke videos.

They asked me to join the group based on some of my sweet youtube karaoke videos.

And they put on a pretty good show to boot.

Front row joe.

Front row Joe.

Between the festival and that morning’s run/boot camp, I was pretty exhausted. The next day I took a rare unscheduled ‘rest’ day. However, I ended up doing 5 hours of yard work. That is a workout in itself. I was left noodle-armed from all the mowing, edging, etc. Imagine how much more tired I’d be if I got around to the manscaping.

Later on we took a doggy walk and the boy was anxious to try his bike out sans assistance – I had taken off the training wheels earlier in the day.  I was shocked that the first ride without the training wheels, he did pretty good!  You can watch the video HERE.

So he can now bike.

He can run.

He's flying (literally).

He gets it from me.

And he can swim.

In da pool.

He gets it from me.

We may have a budding triathlete on our hands!

 How bout you? Are you a fan of Pentatonix? Yard work ever double as a workout for ya? Anyone else see a lil triathlete?



PS – Sorry I’ve been a little MIA – WordPress was giving me issues.

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Weekend Recap: Rest, Yardwork & Yoga

Despite a setback, I will come back strong!

Despite a setback, I will come back strong!

I mentioned last week about how I tweaked my knee on a Disney Dopey Challenge training run.  As a result, I had to miss my first two workouts in 3 months!  It was frustrating, but I think it was the smart thing to do.  I just had to keep reminding myself that missing two runs will not hurt my fitness very much.  I have not run since Wed.  I have rested my knee and had a couple sessions with my chiropractor, in addition to some RICE.

I did take the dogs on a short walk on Saturday and it felt fine.  So on Sunday I went to see my yoga instructor.  That was exactly what the metaphorical doctor ordered!  I was worried the knee might feel it in some of the squats or lunges, but nope, it felt great!

Unfortunately, I had to do about 4 hours of yard work afterwards instead of rest it, but I had no choice.  I’ve left the yard neglected for over a month now, so had to take care of it.  I also had to take advantage of the 85 degree weather.  Yes, it’s mid November here and still quite warm.  But I’m hoping this was my last mow as the grass around these parts is going dormant now, so hopefully no more growing until spring.

But anyways, I’m glad to report that the yoga/yardwork combo has left me very sore.  So even though I couldn’t run, I still feel like I got a good workout in!  I’m going to test the knee on a run tomorrow, but I’m hoping it’s all good in the hood.

How was your weekend?  Is it still Birkenstock weather where you are?  Have you ever been sore from house/yard work?

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Disney Dopey Training Week 4

So I finished week 4 of my unofficial Dopey training, and it was supposed to be an easy “off” weekend.  The plan called for rest on Friday, 5 miles on Saturday, and cross train on Sunday.  I handled the rest day like a champ!  Ha.  Saturday I met with some peeps and we ran 5.5 in the early morn humid heat.  I felt pretty good though and wanted to do more, but I figured the plan was there for a reason, and I should stick to it.  Plus I knew I was doing yard work when I got home, and that would be a workout in itself.  And it WAS.  5-6 straight hours of mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, and dog poop picking upping.  Speaking of which – I have a question:  The dogs are fed the exact same thing every single day, so why is every single land mine they drop completely different from the others.  I won’t get into details, but there is a huge difference in shape, color, consistency, texture, etc.  What gives?  Anyway, by the end of the day, I. Was. Exhausted.  To give you an idea of how hawt and schwetty I was, I had to go inside and change clothes and rinse off halfway through the yard work because I was that disgusting.

Sunday I was going to get up and go for a trail run, but my entire body was sore and aching.  I decided to stick to yoga for my cross training.  And let me say, it was not an easy class.  That difficulty and variety is why I go to this particular class, but man we were workin it!  I had puddles of sweat surrounding my mat, and my mat was completely soaked as well.  I had to stretch it out in the trunk on the way home hoping it would dry out.  That was followed by a long doggy walk and a little more yard work.

Doesn't seem so bad on paper...right?

Doesn’t include the cross training I also do during the week.

So my “easy” “off” weekend had left me completely sore and wiped out.  I know this because I heading to the shower last evening around 7 or 8pm and decided to just lay on the bed for a quick minute.  I didn’t wake up until this morning.  Guess I needed that!

On to week 5 of my unofficial training.  It culminates with a weekend back to back of 3 and 12 miles.  Bring it!

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