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Running Frozen, New Ambassadorship &Soccer Season Ends

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently…well, actually I wish I was in MIA as it would be a lot warmer than it is here in Texas this week. But I digress…

Yes, we also got that Arctic Blast that blasted much of the USA. It went from 80 degrees on Monday, to below freezing for the rest of the week. Let’s just say that my transition to cold running hasn’t been so pretty. I still ran each day, but I wasn’t loving it.

So cold a snowflake formed on my shirt.

So cold that a snowflake formed on my shirt.

Now I know that it could be much worse, and it is much worse up North, but I feel Frozen. Ah well, I just need to let it go. (See what I did there)

Before the cold snap blasted our backsides, we were able to sneak in a season’s end party for the Landsharks. I guess we had a decent enough season because they renewed my coaching contract for next season.

We couldn't get one picture all season with all eyes open.

We couldn’t get one picture all season with all eyes open.

And now for some other cold cool news. I’ve been named an ambassador for Ramblen! You can see my Ramblen profile HERE!!!

ramblenBADGE_Ambassador_GREEN_120x120What is Ramblen? Basically they’re for folks who like to take their workout gear with them when they travel. It helps you find places to run, workout, etc. when visiting a city…or even finding new places in your own hometown. Pretty cool.

I like this because I always take my running shoes when I travel. Like in North Crackalaka…

Running in OBX, NC, USA.

Running in OBX, NC, USA.

Or in sunny Orlando…

Running at Disney World.

Running at Disney World.

Or on the open sea…

Runnin during an Alaskan cruise.

Runnin during an Alaskan cruise.

I gotta tell you about that last photo. I need to write a post on it someday, but let me just say that the miles fly by when the views are like this…


Mountains & icebergs.

Or like this…


Mountains & glaciers.

I’ve been to Alaska a couple times. It.Is.Uhmaizing. I can’t even describe the views there. Maybe someday I’ll get to run a race there (that’s not on a cruise ship). We’ll see!

How bout you? Do you workout when you travel? Did you get arctic blasted? What’s the most amazing place you’ve seen?


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National Running Day #NRD

They say the first Wednesday in June in the United States is National Running Day.  Honestly, who invents this stuff?  Congress?  Some random dude?  And how does it become “official”?  Does some politician make a proclamation?  Or does the crazy shut-in lady down the street start a Go Daddy page declaring Oct. 29th as National Cat Day?

According to this site, so far in June we’ve had:

June 1st

June 2nd

June 3rd

June 4th

Quite a varied list. And get ready, because tomorrow is….

June 5th

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not poo-pooing the idea.  I’m just curious how this randomness comes about.

I do believe it is a good thing.  If it gets more people running, then yes!!!  And I also see a lot of running stores have sales going, as well as race registrations have discounts today.

And yes, I participated of course!  I met a group at Luke’s Locker for a steamy run in the early morning.  Afterwards they had some snacks and refreshments and give-a-ways.

Dang.  Failed again to go one day without creeping people out.

Dang. Failed again to go one day without creeping people out.

And what about our friends who live abroad?  Do they have their own National Running Days?  I’m guessing that in some countries (Kenya, I’m looking at you), every day is National Running Day.

Been seein this all up on social media.  You're supposed to fill in the blank as to why you run.

Been seein this all up on social media. You’re supposed to fill in the blank as to why you run.

But is there a Day we can all come together in the spirit of running?  Well, according to Dr. Google – November 9th is World Run Day.  So hang in there a few months everyone on the planet.  Our day is coming!  Until then, enjoy your gingerbread, folks.

How bout you?  Did you participate in National Running Day?  If you’re a foreigner – do you have a running day in your country?  How would you fill in the blank of “I run …”?



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Dopey Challenge Training Big Weekend Day 1

The upcoming Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2) will be four fun days of racing. For my training, today was supposed to be 2.5 miles of running to represent the 5k.  I accidentally on purpose went 3.  Didn’t see the harm.

I also went to the gym for an hour of strength training.  I had thought about skipping it to rest as much as possible for the coming 3 days of miles and miles.  But I did not skip, and here’s why.

He's leading the pack!  I'm right behind him.

He’s leading the pack! I’m right behind him.

Like I said, the race I was supposed to be “simulating” today is the 5k.  But what happens after that race is what I also want to be prepared for.  The boy has the Disney Kid’s race.  It’s only a 200 on the track, but I will most likely have to run it with him.  Add that to the walking we’ll also have to do that day getting to the track and such, I figured I might as well do some extra workout to prepare for it.

I can't believe he has better form than I do.  He also has better race photos.

I can’t believe he has better form than I do. He also has better race photos.

Last year Grif won his heat!  Hopefully he can repeat this year, but he’s running with bigger kids this time.

Showing off his medal.  He's as serious around a camera as his pops is.

Showing off his medal. He’s as serious around a camera as his pops is.

So that’s why I did some extra running/working out today.  I know I’ll need it for the Kid’s race!  BTW, after the race last year, I had to chase him about another qtr mile down the road.  When I finally caught him, I asked why he was running.  He said he was getting ready for his next race.  Yes!  Get em hooked while they’re young!

Photo op with the mouse.

Photo op with the mouse.

How bout you?  Ever do a little extra workout than the plan calls for?  Ever been to a kid’s race?


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Disney Dopey Run Training Week 3

So week three Dopey Challenge training is in the books!  And people who run around here really lucked out cause the weather dropped for a couple days.  Instead of being 85% humidity combined with the extreme Texas heat, we had a stretch of 60 degree temps in the mornings!!!  It was still humid, but man did it feel great to be out there in cooler temps.  I felt like a whole new runner!

The weekday runs and workouts were still hot, but I got through them no problemo.  In fact, I ran one of my evening runs at near my 5k pace of 7:00 min miles – cooler temps + being around some fast runners were the reasons me thinks.  The weekend came though and I was glad for the cooler temps.  My schedule called for a short 3 miles on Saturday and 11 miles on Sunday.  3 sounded silly, so I did 4, then went to an hour of yoga.  Afterwards a group of old friends got together for a mini reunion of sorts, where I did enjoy their company and also a few Guinnesseseses.

I guess some of my friends were glad to see me.

I guess some of my friends were glad to see me.

I’m glad to report that the health benefits claims of Guinness must be true, because I woke up early for my 11 miler and handled it pretty well.  Like I said, the cooler temps helped too!

Anyway, that’s all I got right now.  More than enjoying this rest day and get back at it tomorrow!

Peace out internet!

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Hot Runs: Track Work, Social Run, Weekend Fun

So it’s hot outside.  Like, devil fart hot.  That makes for tough times running.  I’m getting somewhat acclimatized, but there’s only so much you can adjust to.  I tried to get up early and run before work hoping the small clock hour would mean cooler temps.  Didn’t help much – sure the sun wasn’t baking, but for some reason the dawn hours around here are extremely humid.  I did my run, sweated, took a shower, kept sweating, drove to work, sweated at my desk – I’m quite sure my co-workers think I’m up to something.  “Why’s that guy sweating? What’s he looking at on his computer?”

But then on Wed, I met some peeps for a track workout…at 5.  PM!  Holy horse it was blazing.  Trying to sprint 400’s when it’s 102, no clouds, and heat radiating off the black track ain’t easy.  But I got through it (mostly).

Then comes the Thursday social run.  What’s this?  Rain clouds?  Sure it was just a quick downpour that sopped, but at least the clouds will provide relief from the sun that seems to normally be leaning against my face.  Not so much.  The sun that was shining through cooked the wet ground and turned it into rather thick humidity.  But I got through it again.  It helps when there’s 50 other people running with you.  One of which was a Boston Marathon qualifier for this coming year (She told me she qualified with a 3:30’s marathon!).  She kept my pace up by nipping at my heels the whole 2nd half of the run.  We ended up doing a rather decent 7:30 pace – pretty good for a hot casual social run!  And she had a great point – if you can get through these crazy hot runs, as soon as the temps drop, it’s going to feel like you were let out of a cage.  ‘Tis true.  I’ve gone through it before. Running Texas summers = easier fall/winter runs.

Anyhow, we were able to cool off on the fantastic patio at the Katy Trail Icehouse Outpost in Plano.

Only part of our group that was there.  We like the mister fans!

Only part of our group that was there. We like the mister fans!

I'm not making duck lips, they always look like that.

I’m not making duck lips, they always look like that.

Anyway, we got no choice.  Gotta train through it.  This weekend will bring more.  I’m thinking long run again on Saturday, possibly followed by yoga.  Then another trail run Sunday, followed by a secret run group meeting.  Stay tuned for info on that last part.

Gotta keep at it!  179 days till the Disney World Marathon Weekend and the Dopey Challenge (3.1, 6.2, 13.1, &26.2)!!!

Peace out internet!


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Running Rules

So I came across this article and thought it had a lot of good points.  I may not agree with every little thing, but for the most part, I’m on board with it.  Check it out if you want, it’s called The 25 Golden Rules of Running

Since I gave you an assignment to read, then that means I don’t have to write much more here.  Good thing cause it’s Friday quitting time and my brain is about fried.  I’ll just record for posterity here that last nights sweaty 4 miler was tough.  Right now Thursday evening runs are the culmination of 6 straight days of working out – usually twice a day.  It didn’t help any that it was windy and part of my course ran through Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  As you can tell by the name, there are hills in that park.  Yes, there are hills.

No matter, today is rest day, and I need it.  Back on the streets in the early AM.  Hope to see you out there.

200 days till the Disney Dopey Challenge!


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Track Work & Rain Runnin

So it’s been heck-a-humid ’round here recently.  That’s made for some really sweaty runs.  But the other morning the humidity finally broke out into some rain.  Instead of using that as an excuse not to run, I gladly laced em up and got out there.  I’ve always liked running in the rain, playing soccer in the rain, whatever in the rain.  Now don’t get me wrong…if it’s a downpour, that can be a problem, but if it’s just kind of drizzling, that’s cool…literally.  It helps keep me cool and it’s just something different.  Since we live in what is becoming an arid state, I’ll take any rain we get.  Give running in the rain a try sometime…just not if there is thunder and/or lightning…that’s just plain reckless…hit the treadmill instead in that case…unless you keep your treadmill outdoors…which is also different…and reckless…

Other than that, last night I kept up the weekly track workouts.  We did more 400’s.  It was hot and humid like normal, but at least we had some cloud cover.  I felt pretty good.  Turned in some decent splits.  We’ve also been making new running friends on the track.  It’s like becoming a regular at a bar, but our bar is an oval that we run around.  Anyway, we keep seeing the same faces at our oval bar.  Pretty cool.  Like I’ve said, track work hurts, but it’s nice to see other people toughening out the pain so they can be healthier and faster.  Everyone’s training for a different race, but they all know the same means to get them there.

That said, today I’ve got weights again followed by an evening run.  I usually run with Thursday Night Social Run, but I think tonight I might check out a new run – PlayTri is a new triathlon shop in town and I hear they have a Thurs eve social run.  It starts at 6pm and is on the way home for me, so I might check it out.  Always good to have running options.

201 days till the Dopey Challenge.  Gonna keep at it!

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Dopey and Goofy Training: 202 Days to go

I keep forgetting that part of the Dopey Challenge includes the Goofy Challenge, which is the Half and Full Marathons on back to back days.  For most people, the Goofy would be challenge enough, and I agree.  Shoot, I think every distance you race is a challenge in itself.  But when I think about the Dopey and four straight days of racing with increasing distances, I’ve kind of been glancing over the first few days as no big deal.  Yes, my plan is to take it easy and go for PW (personal worsts), the miles will still be there and they’ll end up on my legs.  Gotta remember that in my training.  Can’t overlook a single day.  Anyways, that’s the random thought I have today.

As for my workout today, I’m planning on hitting the gym (sorry gym) and then later doing another hawt track workout.  Not sure what’s planned for the track work, but I do know this…it will hurt, like it always does.  But I’ll be glad after I do it, I know that much.  Tired, but glad.

After the run, I’ve got a quick video shoot for an upcoming race.  I’ll fill you in on that soon.  Stay tuned…literally.

Peace out internet.


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