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Classic Me Weekend – Running & Tacos & Yoga (+ Bonus Vomit)

With just a couple weeks until the Key West Half Marathon, I gotta keep at it. So this weekend, I did my best.

Friday wasn’t so good. I didn’t run. I had some weird nausea and light headedness. I even had to pull over my car so I could vomited on the side of the road.

Fast forward to Saturday…I felt less vomity, so I met up with some friends at White Rock Lake early in the morn. The plan was 14 miles @ 8:30 pace. We ended up going a little further and a little faster than planned. Felt good.

Looped the Lake, and then some.

Looped the lake, and then some.

After the run, a small group of us went for tacos…duh!

The devil made me do it.

The devil made me do it.

While Saturday was chilly, it was nothing compared to the 30 or so degrees it dropped over night thanks to the Arctic air sent down from Canada. Yes, I blame Canada (can you please fix the Texas weather Mrs. Outdoor Running Adventures?).

I do.

I do.

I had put a call out to some of my Sunday Runday buds to join me for some chilly miles, but all I heard back was cricket creeks. I guess a 25mph constant wind that causes a 16 degree wind chill wasn’t up their alley.

Anyway, I decided that since the conditions were tough, that I should say ‘screw it’ and make my run even tougher. So I did 7 miles with a series of nasty hill repeats. My cheeks were frozen by the end.

After, I warmed up with some yoga…

So what, I'm in a yoga class in a Lululemon - I can still keep it old school gangsta.

So what, I’m in a yoga class in a Lululemon – I can still keep it old school gangsta.

So there ya go. Pretty much what you’d expect from me, right? Running, tacos, yoga, misguided blame…Just a typical weekend in PirateBobcat’s world. Love it!

How bout you? Did you get Arctic blasted? Do you blame Canada? Ever make a tough workout tougher just to spite the weather gods?


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